At the foot of the mountain, there were hundreds of families. They had moved here fifty years ago, and for the past hundred years, the Tian Yuan Continent had seen war and chaos. There were no less than a thousand people in the small mountain village's hundreds of families. They had suffered the same hardships in the past, but now, they had settled down.

The small mountain village was called the Stone Tablet Village because in the mountains behind the village, there was a huge white stone tablet. The stone tablet was over three hundred feet tall, and it emitted a terrifying pressure, yet it seemed so peaceful and peaceful. Therefore, all the elders of the village called this stone tablet the Divine Stele.

This was a lively holiday in the entire Eastern Continent. In the distant past, the legend of the Moon God had added a mysterious veil to the moon, and the Mid-Autumn Festival was the festival of the moon. On this day, the moon was the most perfect.

This normal small mountain village once again welcomed a strange scene.

In the middle of the night, a huge blue pillar of light shot from the distant sky into the huge monument behind the mountain. In the high sky, a faint Buddhist chant could be heard, as if the divine Buddha was praying for the heavens, or as if the beautiful fairy was singing.

The Stone Tablet Village was a sea of miracles.

The elder in the mountain hurriedly led the next generation of villagers to pray towards the stone monument and knelt down, praying for something in the end.

This moment continued for about an incense stick of time before the Buddhist chanting disappeared! The stone tablet began to emit a blinding light, and then it quieted down. An unimaginably large pressure was gathering from every direction of the Tian Yuan Continent. It was a gray fog that could not be seen by the naked eye. It felt like … It lacked the power of the soul. That was the remnant soul power left from the Everlasting Continent war …

It was a long night and the villagers were all asleep. A vague voice came from the direction of the stone monument, "I … What was this!? This is … "Just who am I!?"

The voice entered the nine nether regions, yet it seemed to be intangible and intangible.

Although the moonlight had retreated, and the massive light of the stone tablet had disappeared, the massive white stone still emitted a hazy light.

No one noticed that underneath the monument, there was a faint sound of breathing. Calm …. Strange!

It also seemed so harmonious and compatible with nature, as if it had existed since ancient times!

Thus, day after day, year after year!

Spring, summer, autumn came!

Eighty years had passed, and the trees in front of the small mountain village were still standing tall. The stream in front of the village was still flowing smoothly, and the small bridge was still silently dedicated to the villagers.

Everything was the same as before, but things had changed!

At that time, the elderly were already in the past, but at that time, the children had already turned into the white-haired elders of the village. For generations, they had been talking about the origins of their village, as well as the existence of the mysterious white tombstone behind the mountain.

"It's a Divine Tablet, a Divine Tablet that protects all the villagers!"

It was early summer, and the sun was shining brightly in the sky. The quiet little mountain village was as it used to be. The smell of blood spread through the air, and the village was in a mess!

The bodies of the innocent and sincere villagers laid on the ground. A sense of grief and indignation surrounded this piece of land that had been peaceful in the past.

The mounted gangsters had visited this small mountain village that had been quiet for hundreds of years, and everywhere they passed, there were no chickens or dogs.

Perhaps it was because of the bloodlust of the bandit leader, the children in the village fled towards the stone tablet behind the mountain under the lead of an old man. The group of bandits behind them clamored as they chased after them.

The one leading the children in the village was an old man in his fifties who had a gash on his back, and blood was flowing like running water all over his body. Logically speaking, his life aura had completely disappeared, and he should have died.

Behind the mountain, the white stone tablet could be seen in the distance.

A group of dozens of children stumbled and fled under the old man's lead.

Amongst the mounted bandits, a small leader clamored loudly: "Damned old man, there's no more road ahead. I want to see where you guys can escape to, obediently kill him for me! Yours Truly has left you with an intact corpse, gaga.

The mounted bandits, who numbered no less than fifty people, shouted out in agreement one after another. Hearing this, the elderly man, who was trying his best to escape, urged the children to run towards the stone monument.

There were no less than a thousand people in the village. They were all slaughtered, leaving only him, an old man, and dozens of other villagers! They had no way out, and their only hope lay in this stone stele ….

This was the village's legendary monolith!

Thump! The old man approached the stone monument! With a plop, he fell to the ground. He had no strength left in his body! His body that was lying on the ground opened his eyes as he looked at the stone tablet in front of him.

The children were so scared that they couldn't even speak as they sobbed, "Village Head Grandpa, please wake up …"

A five-year-old girl cried, "Grandfather, grandfather! Don't leave me alone … "Woo woo …"

However, the old man's eyes were wide open as he stared at the stone tablet in front of him. The shouts of the dozens of children around could not be exchanged for the gradually losing life …

The mounted gangsters finally caught up and started laughing loudly.

It was as if he was admiring the wails of the dying sheep …

Life flowed out along with his blood … At this moment, no one noticed that blood was flowing into the white monument. At this moment, a faint light was being emitted by the intense sunlight.

"Hahaha!" Old man, look at how breathless you are when you run! In the end, they were still going to be overtaken by the old men! Hahaha... Rest assured, there is no need to regret. I will send these children to accompany you on the road. You won't be lonely … "Hahahahahaha!"

His arrogant laughter resounded throughout the mountains.

Just as the mounted gangsters were about to wave their butchered sabers, they suddenly felt a palpitation in their hearts. At this moment, they felt that their hands and feet weren't able to control them. It was as if a huge beast was staring at them.

Cold sweat had unknowingly flowed all over their clothes. The deathly aura made them quieten down.

In an instant, there were only the cries of dozens of children left on the field. A strange atmosphere surrounded the area.

One of the mounted gangsters glared at them. It was the mounted gangster who had bullied the weak and feared the strong, and he quietly said to the leader beside him. "Brother Ma, we … This place is very strange. I think we should go back … "The boss has been waiting for a long time."

Brother Ma swallowed his saliva and forced himself to remain calm. "I'm afraid … What was there to be afraid of! [All the lords come and go from life to death...] "Could it be that I'm afraid of those random things?"

"Yes, yes. "Yes, but we've been out for a long time!" That little mounted gangster hurriedly said yes, while giving up the reason for him to escape.

Even he himself believed in this reason.

"Heh heh …" "You want to leave …."

Just when the bandit leader was satisfied and gave the reason of not killing the "pitiful" children in front of him, and was preparing to turn around and leave, a hoarse voice seemed to come from the depths of hell.

The eerie voice was like the voice of a devil from hell. Even the blazing sun of early summer couldn't resist the eerie chill at this moment. This was pressure that came from the depths of his soul, a killing intent that came from the depths of hell.

Only the weeping children did not notice.

All the mounted gangsters chattered in fear...

The bandit leader's face turned pale and his lips became clear. For a moment, he was speechless! Instead, it was the most timid horse bandit who trembled slightly and said, "Grandpa Immortal, we … I didn't mean to disturb your cultivation... YES! I... I didn't kill anyone. The people on the hill below … They killed them all! "

The crowd of mounted gangsters began to admire this normally timid mounted gangster, but the admiration in their eyes instantly disappeared. As Yu Ren glared at him, all of them wished that they could swallow him alive …

Ye Zichen cursed in his heart. However, they couldn't muster any strength to even say a single word. The eighteen generations of their ancestors were so terrified, they couldn't even remember a single word …

"Many evil deeds have been done, he should be killed!" That sinister voice was filled with boundless killing intent. A wave of killing intent seemed to envelop the surrounding fifty or so mounted gangsters. Immediately, they felt as if the blazing sun had turned into a snowfield.

At this time, an astonishing scene appeared. The white 1000 foot stone tablet slowly began to crack! The cracks seemed to last for a long time, but then they suddenly expanded … The densely packed cracks revealed traces of fresh blood!

He could vaguely see the stream of blood that had slipped out from the old man's body.

This moment seemed to last forever, yet it seemed to last for an instant.

"Kacha …." A voice that seemed to have resonated in the minds of everyone present rang out. Finally, the massive stone monument of a thousand feet …

It split open.

What was revealed was a young man with long, black hair that reached his waist, and blue eyes. A long spear made of interweaving silver and lightning was thrust into the ground in front of him, with a pair of black wings that were several tens of feet long on his back.

A great pressure that felt like it had been teleported through time began to spread in all directions like the collapse of the heavens. This day was not destined to be peaceful, and the heaven and earth were trembling because of it.

The youth suddenly opened his eyes wide, and with a single glance, the more than 50 horse bandits that usually committed countless evil deeds instantly vanished into nothingness. This was the terrifying force field formed by the youth, crushing the horse bandits into powder …

What kind of eyes were those! Pity, coldness, coldness, indifference, but deep hidden confusion in the eyes.

"Tsk …" A violent sound echoed. It was just a few moments ago when dark clouds covered the sky... The dark clouds that filled the sky seemed as if they were descending upon the world of the apocalypse!

An enormous heavenly might spread throughout the world as a huge silver lightning bolt over a hundred zhang in length came crashing down on the young man from the sky.

The youth raised his eyes slightly and ignored the lightning. However, the long spear in front of him trembled slightly, and the lightning that contained a great power was instantly sucked dry. The lightning that interweaved with the spear became even more dazzling, with a faint red flow.

"What is this?" The youth muttered. However, no one could answer him. Dozens of children had already fainted from the lightning's pressure. If it wasn't for the young man unintentionally releasing his pressure to help them fight against the destructive force, they would have been turned to dust by the might of the heavens.

The lightning from the Divine King's Tribulation Lightning was easily absorbed, and the dark clouds in the sky began to churn even more intensely, as if it was the provocation of an ant. The overflowing lightning emitted a silver light, and a bolt of lightning several times larger than before struck down.

It wanted to punish this person who did not belong to this world and destroy him under its mighty heavenly might.

"Could it be Sky Law? I... Then who am I? "Why is Sky Law targeting me?" The youth continued to mutter to himself.

The lightning was once again easily absorbed by the spear in front of him.

The huge heavenly punishment lightning was struck down one after another. All of them were absorbed by the long spear as if they were swallowed by the ocean, not threatening the life of that beast in front of them at all.

"Ulchola? White night? "Just who am I …" Suddenly, a thought flashed through his mind. He seemed to have thought of something …

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