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Originally, Xiahou Jian was just a clown in their eyes, but now that he wanted to command them, they naturally wouldn't. However, with the Blood God Palace's command medallion in his hands, he did not dare to openly defy them. One by one, they stood there with ice-cold gazes, while many turned their heads and did not utter a single word.
Xiahou Jian laughed coldly, "You've already made your move against the Xiahou Family today. Do you think that if you don't make a move against them now, you will be let off?" There are at least a hundred people lying in ambush around here, if you don't act now, you will die! "
Everyone frowned, and sure enough, there were loud noises coming from all directions. A large number of warriors rushed out from all directions, and one after another, they attacked towards the two families.
The two families felt bitter and helpless. Since the Blood God Palace had interfered, they could not gain anything from this trip. They had wanted to retreat a long time ago under these circumstances.
The people sent by these two families were elites, and their combined strength was greater than that of the Xiahou Family. However, at this time, no one was willing to become a mantis, allowing the yellow sparrow from the Blood God Palace to reap the benefits.
Xiahou Ye's energy was focused on the battle between Xiahou Cheng and the two experts from the Blood God Palace. All three of them were 9-star Martial Saints, and under the Blood God Palace's strange blood sacrifice, Xiahou City was struggling to hold on, but was still being pushed back bit by bit.
With a battle of this level, anyone who got involved with a nine star Martial Saint would die on the spot. Xiahou Ye was extremely anxious as he shouted, "Big brother, stop fighting. Just give them the jade tablet!"
The silhouette of Xiahou City flashed in the bloody light as he shouted, "Second brother, father has always said that I was naive. Now the heavens are with you!" Even if we hand over the jade tablet, would they let us go? "
"Tsk tsk, you sure are enlightened!" If you violate the Blood God's Palace command and bring a treasure out without permission, you'll be doomed! "
A blood god palace man laughed sinisterly as he cut a Blood Burst Blade into two. He took the opportunity to break through Xiahou Cheng's defenses and stabbed a sharp blade into his shoulder.
Xiahou Cheng suddenly felt a stabbing pain in his shoulder. In his fury, he pushed the sword into his body and instead slammed his palm down on the man's forehead. A large amount of blood spurted out of his shoulder.
The enemy was shocked. He did not expect Xiahou Cheng to be so brave and ferocious. He could not dodge in time, and the wind from his palm blew. He gritted his teeth and his body suddenly exploded into a cloud of bloody mist, causing his opponent's palm to miss.
At the same time, he grabbed onto the bloody blade on his shoulder and pulled it out. Immediately, a large amount of flesh was revealed, revealing the dense white bones. What made him even angrier was that the large chunk of flesh had turned pitch-black and was actually highly toxic.
The person who had turned into the blood mist turned back into a human again. However, his vitality was greatly damaged. With a pale face, he retreated to the side to rest and watched coldly from the side.
The other person sneered. Seeing that Xiahou Cheng had been poisoned, he was in no hurry to attack. He was just wasting time, causing the poison in the other person's blood to act up more quickly.
Xiahou Ye was greatly saddened as he exclaimed, "How do you plan to let go of my Xiahou Family? If I give you the jade tablet and my life, would that still not be enough? "
The man from the Blood God Palace sneered, "Of course not enough. If you defy the Blood God's Token, you must prepare to be removed from the continent!"
He drew his sword and rushed forward. A sword light swept across the area, but it was no match for the members of the Blood God Palace. The spectator sneered and moved his body. He grabbed the sword with his bare hands and broke it with a "peng" sound.
A corrosive aura and the smell of blood filled the air. The poison this person carried was so strong that Xiahou Ye was stunned for a moment. Then, a pair of bloody hands reached out to grab him.
Xiahou Cheng cried out in alarm as he hastily pushed aside the people around him and rushed over to rescue him. The man from the Blood God Palace smiled coldly and changed the direction of his attack in midair, striking Xiahou City from the east to the west!
Xiahou Cheng was shocked. As soon as the bloody palm descended, the aura of the person behind him skyrocketed, and he unleashed an extremely powerful attack as well.
He hurriedly increased his defenses to the maximum to defend against the attack, but in an instant, his defenses were broken. Two tyrannical forces rushed into his body, shattered all the meridians in his body, and sent him flying as he vomited a large mouthful of blood.
"Phew, the problem has been solved!"
One of the two suddenly extended his hand and a giant bloody hand materialized in the air. It grabbed hold of the completely berserk Xiahou Cheng and lifted him up. His gaze swept around him and he said coldly, "Both of you, stop."
With this, all of the Xiahou Family members stopped in shock and didn't dare to move.
"Haha, Dad, going against the Blood God Palace will not end well!"
Xiahou Jian laughed loudly as he came forward and said, "Please hand over the restrictive spell of this treasury."
Xiahou Cheng opened his eyes weakly and cursed, "Bastard!" "I wish I could have been more straightforward and not shot you on the wall!"
"Haha, that old thing sure has a tough tongue!"
The person from the Blood God Palace clawed at the air in his huge, bloody hand. Xiahou Cheng immediately spat out a large mouthful of blood, his aura instantly weakening along with his innumerable internal organs.
"Don't kill him!"
Xiahou Jian exclaimed, "If he were to die, then only the old man would know of this restriction!"
Ruthlessness appeared in his eyes as he said coldly, "Xiahou Cheng, since you do not consider me as your son, then I will no longer be your father!" I know you're a great hero, but are all the Xiahou Family members as good as you? Nearly all of the Xiahou Family's elites are gathered here. You don't want to see them die one by one in front of you, do you? And your second brother, Xiahou Ye, don't you want him to live any longer? "
"Don't even think about threatening Big Brother with me!"
Xiahou Ye raised his broken sword with grief and indignation, about to kill himself.
"How can the life and death of an ant be up to you!"
The man from the Blood God Palace flicked his finger and the broken sword in his hand fell to the ground. A moment later, another giant hand materialized and lifted Xiahou Ye into the air.
"Alright, alright, I'll say it!"
Xiahou Cheng said miserably. He knew that he wouldn't be able to survive today. How could he watch his family's elites and juniors die and hand over the restrictive spell?
After the people from the Blood God Palace memorized it, they began to cast spirit arts one by one. The restrictions in front of the treasury shattered like a mirror and were completely removed.
"Haha, you are indeed sensible. Once we obtain the Xuan Artifact of the Ninth Order, we will discuss how to deal with you ants!"
The Blood God Palace disciple laughed heartily and kicked open the door to the treasury. He was in the midst of rejoicing when suddenly an aura surged out like a surging sea, flashing along with the strange lights. This strange feeling was the power of a domain.
"What's going on? This was … "Become a Martial Saint?"
Everyone was shocked as they hastily rushed in. The scene in front of them stunned them. Shock and fury immediately surfaced on their faces. One of them said angrily, "What is going on!"
The entire treasury was empty; not a single primeval stone could be seen. There was only a young man sitting cross-legged, exuding the aura of the Octoterra Realm, indicating that he had just advanced to Martial Saint.
Li Yunxiao opened his eyes and turned a blind eye to everyone. He smiled and said to himself, "I have finally recovered my cultivation from the Octoterra Realm. I feel a little stronger now."
Xiahou Jian was also confused and asked in surprise, "Who are you? Why are we here? "
Li Xiao Yun laughed, "If I were to say that I don't know why I'm here, would you believe me?"
Xiahou Jian's expression was as dark as water as he said coldly, "You're truly dishonest. It seems that I'll have to make you behave yourself!" Where are the treasures in this treasury? "
Li Xiao rubbed the back of his head and said with embarrassment: "Although the treasures here aren't of high quality, you can't be so uncaring. They are all over the place and I have good intentions. I've already collected them for you."
"You …!" "A thief dares to steal from my Xiahou Family? You shall die!"
Xiahou Jian hurriedly said, "Milords, that ninth stage Xuan Artifact must have been stolen by this kid!" The aura that emerged from Li Yunxiao's body was that of an Eight Desolations realm Martial Saint, far above his own. Thus, he did not dare to make a move.
"Oh? Your treasury is so tightly guarded, and your restrictions are extraordinary as well. How did he get in? "
A person from the Blood God Palace threw Xiahou Cheng and Xiahou Ye into the ground, causing them to spit out large mouthfuls of blood. Xiahou Ye ran forward in grief to heal them, tears flowing uncontrollably down his face.
Xiahou Cheng forcefully propped himself up and looked at Li Yunxiao in shock. He also couldn't figure out how this person had entered this place!
Li Xiao Yun forced out a smile, "These days, people always think that what you say is a lie. After you say a lie, people will think that you're a joke. Only when you tell a joke will people take it as the truth."
A person from the Blood God Palace coldly said, "This brat is quite humorous. However, I hate people who are crafty and dishonest." He raised his hand and made a grabbing motion in the air. Just like before, a big hand made of blood appeared in the air. He suddenly grabbed down and grabbed Li Yunxiao's upper body, lifting him into the air.
Li Yun Yun didn't resist at all, but his pupils slightly shrank as he said in shock, "This cultivation technique …. Are you people from the Blood God Palace? This is the Blood God Palace? "
Xiahou Jian laughed coldly, "Haha, only now do you recognize us and you want to beg for forgiveness? Don't you think it's a little late? "
Li Xiao Yun replied without answering the question, "So you're saying this is the Eastern Region? The Blood God's Palace seems to be one of the top sects as well. Why is there only such a small amount of treasure in the treasury? It seems pretty poor! "
Xiahou Chang shouted angrily, "Damn it!" "To think that he would feel sorry for taking all of our Xiahou Family's treasures. Milords, please directly skin him and interrogate him!"
He wasn't angry because Li Xiao Yun had taken everything, but because he said his family was poor!
No matter what, the Xiahou Family was still one of the three great families of Windraiser City. He felt humiliated, angry, and humiliated after hearing his words.
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