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"Brat, you better not let me catch up to you, otherwise you will regret being born in this world!"
The Scion roared continuously from behind him, causing him to explode with anger. When he saw that Li Yunxiao was only a 1-star Martial Saint, he felt even more humiliated and infuriated. However, he didn't know that Li Yun had also unintentionally taken away the blood fiend, and thought that the other side had some sort of plan, so he continuously threatened: "I will skin you alive, and then cook you. While peeling you, I will cut your spine and split your back into two halves, then slowly use my blade to split apart your skin and muscles, like a butterfly spreading its wings, ripping them apart. "
A bunch of horrifying words slowly came out of his mouth along with the sound of grinding teeth. It sounded eerie and terrifying.
However, Li Xiao Yun couldn't help but laugh, and said, "Haha, after saying so much, you forgot to add salt. "How about this, my name is Li Yunxiao, I'll bring salt for myself."
"Angry, damn it!"
He saw that the other party was still very young, so he thought that just a few shocks would have an effect. Unexpectedly, he was mocked instead. He burned his blood essence in anger and rushed out even faster.
Li Yunxiao was shocked. He also desperately swallowed the pill and crazily ran. The distance between the two of them was maintained at a distance of a few thousand meters, but the gap between them was constantly shrinking.
The demon dragon scolded, "You idiot. You have pissed him off again. The area around here is mostly the territory of the Blood God Palace. Let's see how you'll run now. "As long as he has enough spirit blood, I will be able to burn him to the point where he can chase up to you."
He didn't want that blood fiend at all, so he didn't know how to explain it now. He could only slowly think of something after getting rid of the Blood God's Son.
His gaze suddenly focused on the ground in front of him. A faint and bizarre energy began to spread like smoke from the ground below, giving off a desolate aura. Li Yunxiao was slightly shocked, but he quickly stabbed down and a streak of lightning descended from the sky.
The Scion of the Blood God frowned slightly. The direction Li Yunxiao was heading towards was the Boneyard. He felt that it wasn't right, but when he thought of the blood fiend, he couldn't care that much as he quickly followed.
"Who dares to trespass into the Boneyard, do you not want to live anymore?!"
The protector below appeared and attacked Li Yunxiao's lightning bolt with a furious and shocked move. He was actually a Martial Emperor of the Nine Heavens, and the spirit energy above the Boneyard was sucked out by his palm and suddenly exploded out.
Although he dodged the attack from the front, he was still in the middle of the palm attack. The skin on his body flickered with a golden light, and the power of the ancient heavenly wind howled beside him, protecting him in the middle. However, he was still unable to block off the might of the palm strike, causing the divine light on his body to flash as he bitterly endured.
He couldn't stop right in front of him for even a moment. He had to force his way through. Otherwise, if the Scion of the Blood God appeared in the blink of an eye, he would be dead for sure.
"Zhong Rusheng, stop him!"
The Blood God's Son's roar shook, revealing a look of great joy. Although Zhong Rusheng's palm strike wasn't able to stop Li Yunxiao, it still directly broke through his Lightning Evasion, allowing him to reach a distance of a kilometer within half a breath.
"Ma-palace master!"
Zhong Rusheng was greatly alarmed. Even though he had previously seen people from his own sect chasing after them, he had never thought that it would be the Scion himself. He was overwhelmed with shock as he hastily replied, "Yes!" At the same time, his heart greatly shook. Li Yunxiao had already completely passed through the force of his palm and fell towards the boundless Boneyard.
It was unknown how many years this Boneyard had existed for and how many secrets it contained. The biggest characteristic of it was that there seemed to be a seal inside and no one was able to use their spiritual sense. If Li Yunxiao sneaked in, it would be extremely difficult to find him.
Zhong Rusheng didn't dare to delay any longer. His body turned into a streak of blood-red light as he charged towards Li Yunxiao. The Emperor's Qi on his body dispersed and a huge seal appeared in his hand, covering the surrounding space and forming a huge natural barrier.
Without saying a word, Li Yunxiao immediately smashed the World God Tablet, causing the power of three realms to spread outwards. The power of that great realm in particular instantly reached its peak, and with a 'rumble', the entire space shattered as Zhong Rusheng's seal was constantly shattered along with the power of space.
Zhong Rusheng's eyes bulged out. Although his barrier was extremely wide and had scattered his power, it was not something that a mere Martial Saint could break. The power of the World God Stele made him feel extremely oppressed and uncomfortable.
"Zhong Rusheng, well done!"
Just as Li Yunxiao broke through the barrier and was about to rush down, the Blood God's voice rang in his ears and his entire body suddenly shook. The next thing he saw was a blood-red light soaring into the sky. The boundless universe before him had completely turned into a sea of blood.
Although Zhong Rusheng only blocked Li Yunxiao for a few breaths' time, that was enough.
When the Scion of the Blood God made his move, he immediately entered the bloodsea world. He first put the enemy within his sea of blood, then slowly began to slaughter them himself. Along the way, he had burnt a large amount of his essence and blood. He was so angry that he was on the verge of death. Now that he took out Li Yunxiao, he did not know how to torture him. He only felt that all the methods he used in the past were too light, and could not vent the resentment in his heart.
"Mistress, this person is …"
Zhong Rusheng wiped off the cold sweat on his forehead and flew over to ask. Luckily, the Blood God had arrived in time. Otherwise, he really wouldn't be able to trap Li Yunxiao. He couldn't figure out who needed the Blood God to personally act.
"Humph, this kid …" Ah? "What's going on!?"
The Blood God's Son snorted coldly. Suddenly, a ball of sword light burst out from his Blood Sea World, and a ray of light broke through the sea of blood and headed for the Boneyard. It caused his entire body to tremble, and the unbelievable fact left him unable to react immediately.
"Young Master Yun, you go first, I'll block here!"
Mo Xiaochuan stopped in mid air and turned around. The Heaven Sword was horizontally placed in front of him. Streams of sword qi shot out and he stared expressionlessly at the body of the sword as he unsealed it bit by bit.
Just now, it was the power of his sword that had broken through the sea of blood and brought Li Yunxiao with it as it fled.
Li Yun Xiao laughed and said: "Your Heaven's Dagger Devil Slayer Sword is created by gathering the righteous energy of the world. It is the nemesis of evil methods like theirs. I'll give you another helping hand and teach this devil a lesson. Don't think that we are easy to bully! "
He opened his Primordial Heavenly Eyes and the heavenly tribulation lightning flashed in his pupils. Although Li Yunxiao could have turned into thunder himself, he was still far from being able to deal with the ninth stage heavenly tribulation. When he was in the Xiahou Clan, the power of heavenly tribulation had reached the peak of the Martial Saint Realm.
"The nurturing of thunder!"
With a slight shout, his body turned into lightning as well. The lightning in the Heaven's Eyes gathered on his right palm and gradually became stronger. There was a flash of lightning in the surroundings, lighting up the sky with a purple and azure color.
At the same time, the Archaic astral winds in his left hand transformed into a whirlpool that continuously expanded. The image of a phoenix appeared between his brows, ready to charge out at any time.
"Hm!" "That is …"
He did not understand why it suddenly became two people. The most important thing was that the auras coming from the two of them gave him a sense of danger, and although Li Yunxiao was holding onto the lightning whirlwind and seemed to be showing off, the person he valued the most was Mo Xiaochuan, who was standing by the side. Especially the sword in his hand, it made his heart palpitate!
"Good, at least I don't have to run anymore. Since you dare to confront me head on, then you have to say that you, the ignorant, are fearless!"
The Blood God's Son raised his right hand, and a blood shadow shot up into the sky, taking the form of a huge blood slave. The Blood God raised his right hand, and a blood shadow shot up, taking the form of a huge blood slave floating in the sky.
"The Red Dust is staring at Ying Haoyue!"
Mo Xiaochuan shouted lightly and brandished his sword, dissolving the sword qi.
Li Xiao Yun suddenly shouted, "With the support of the thunder, the Firestorm Wheel!"
The power of thunder in his right hand suddenly caught up to the sword beam, and at the same time, the Phoenix Primordial Flame roared out, following that, the large windmill in his left hand also rotated, and in the sea of sword energy in front of him, the power of three elements suddenly appeared.
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Zhong Rusheng, who was watching from afar, was completely dumbfounded. He could not imagine that, just like him, there were also countless other warriors who were cultivating in the Boneyard or searching for treasures. They all stared at the strange scene in the sky in shock.
"Do you think you've won?"
Just when the two of them thought that they were safe and were about to rush down, the Blood God's cold voice suddenly rang in their ears. The two of them were shocked at the same time, a sharp light flashed in Mo Xiaochuan's eyes, he turned his head and thrusted his sword towards the direction of the voice.
Li Yun had three Northern Heavens Freezing Sword appear as well. They formed a sword diagram around his body and swept in every direction.
The three swords were suppressed by a force at the same time. The formation showed signs of collapsing and a blood-red light appeared in the sea of swords.
An abnormal sense of danger appeared in his heart, uncontrollably spreading outwards. He suddenly became alarmed and wanted to teleport away, but the space in front of him had already solidified. It was difficult to even move a single inch.
"Heh, open!"
Mo Xiaochuan suddenly shouted and the sword energy turned. A sharp ear-piercing sound followed his sword energy as the Emperor's pressure around Li Yun shattered. Mo Xiaochuan suddenly released his Mental Energy and he instantly teleported away.
The instant he moved away, a blood shadow appeared in the original space. The Blood God's Son appeared, his face filled with anger. He casually shouted and sent a slap towards Mo Xiaochuan.
Mo Xiaochuan's expression turned cold. The Blood God's Child was far above the Xudan Lotus. With a palm strike, he suddenly raised his sword to block.
The bloody palm struck the sword's body, causing a large amount of sword Qi to shoot up into the air. The sound of a treasure sword made a buzzing sound in the air.
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