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Ram was surprised. "Oh?" You have such high judgement of him. If this Li Yunxiao is truly a genius, try your best to rope him into the Saint realm. "
As Mo Huayuan thought of Li Yunxiao's domineering appearance, how could such a person be able to control it? He could only bitterly smile and say, "I'm afraid it would be extremely difficult."
Bai Lingyue's face was ice-cold, "I've been waiting for the results of the investigation. The management of the Sacred Domain is becoming more and more lax. Those lawless disciples of the Tianwu Continent have already forgotten about our might. "
Gong Yang was serious as he said, "That's right, we do need to establish our prestige. We'll do our best to be strict with our methods this time around!"
The hearts of everyone trembled as they echoed in agreement. After which, Gongyang Bonesmash then dispersed the crowd, each of them transforming into a streak of light as they left.
… ….
Duanmu Youyu was sitting on a throne that was made of white crystals. The throne was emitting a warm and gentle light, and as it broke through the air, the various energies in the area actually avoided his paths.
Duanmu Youyu was holding a thin suit of cards with golden edges in her hands. She kept flipping it over and over, forming a variety of patterns. Suddenly, a card shot out and was held in front of her eyes.
Golden light lingered on the card as it constantly flashed. His eyes turned purple as he concentrated on the card.
In the end, the image on top of the card formed a terrifying face with a strange smile. It was the god of death!
"Yeah, we've tried a few times. Is that all we can come up with?" What exactly does this Death God mean? "
Duanmu Youyu lightly knocked on the armrest, muttering to herself, "Death god... "Death god …" Could it be the Death God Palace? " He paused for a moment and flicked his finger. The card in his hand suddenly exploded with a bang, turning into specks of golden light and disappearing.
"I know the exact location of the Palace of Death, but it is that man's territory …"
Duanmu Youyu gently shook her head and muttered to herself, "Ah, my head hurts."
The white jade throne shuttled back and forth like it was flying and soon disappeared into the void.
… ….
In the Boneyard of the Eastern Region.
Within the flower garden, Li Yunxiao's Starlight Spirit Body had already been hidden underground for who knows how long. His original body suddenly frowned as he looked at the God Realm Monument on the imperial clock.
He saw that the evil spirit on Mo Xiaochuan's body had been burnt to exhaustion. Even the moaning sound was gone as it continued to twist its body in the air.
"Hmph, you refuse a toast only to be punished by alcohol. You are truly cheating!"
Li Yunxiao coldly said, "This is also good, it just happens to give me a chance!" With a casual slap, three golden tadpoles flew out from his palm, instantly entering into Mo Xiaochuan's body and a mouthful of blood spurted out.
The golden energy abruptly burst out from Mo Xiaochuan's body, striking straight into his spiritual altar and mind. It penetrated through the dome and entered the Evil Spirit's body.
The evil spirit revealed a terrified expression. Half of its power was still in Mo Xiaochuan's body, but it was actually heavily injured by that palm, almost to the point of being blown out.
Li Yun Yun's face lit up and laughed: "Haha, it really is useful. This move that I thought was useless against you actually had a miraculous effect! "
The evil spirit said in fear, "This technique can pierce through the soul, aren't you afraid of shattering the soul of this person?"
Li Yun Xiao coldly said, "Right now his soul is being suppressed by you and you are the one in charge. If you want to dissipate, then you'll have to first! I don't deny that it might cause some harm to Xiao Chuan, but as long as we can get rid of you, everything will be worth it! "
He raised his hand again, and the three golden symbols sparkled on his palm. These were the three tadpoles recorded in the Dragon Bone Bead, specifically used to attack the soul. After a single strike, Li Yunxiao had also gradually experienced the terror of these three words.
Originally, he was the one who had the strongest soul attack in the entire Heaven Martial Realm. However, he had to use his eye of darkness to perform a soul attack, and this attack directly entered his body and into his soul.
Moreover, only the Spiritual Force or the Emperor's Aura would be able to withstand a Spiritual Power attack. With an attack that went straight to the soul, there was no one below the Nine Heavens Martial Emperor level who could block it!
"Wait, wait!"
The evil spirit screamed in fear, but Li Yunxiao did not even bother to talk to it anymore. He threw out another palm attack and the three golden tadpoles shot into Mo Xiaochuan's body, once again attacking his spiritual sea. The evil spirit's face changed drastically, finally, it was afraid.
If it could completely control Mo Xiaochuan's body, then it could still circulate the Emperor's Qi to resist. However, within the World God Tablet, all the laws were controlled by Li Yunxiao, and the power within Mo Xiaochuan's body had long been suppressed to the point where it couldn't circulate it.
"Stop, stop! Please stop! "
The evil spirit suddenly begged for mercy. After being burned by Phoenix true essence for so long, it finally gave in.
Li Yunxiao coldly stared at it and coldly said, "You have already lost the qualifications to negotiate with me. Don't you think it's too late to beg for forgiveness?"
"Not too late, not too late!"
The evil spirit hurriedly said, "This kind of move is extremely harmful to the soul. Even if you want to kill me, this man's soul will most likely be injured by you. Why don't we discuss this properly and reach a consensus to solve the problem!"
Li Yunxiao retracted the force in his palm and coldly laughed, "When did your mind become so agile? To survive is simple, you just need to leave his body! "
The evil spirit bitterly said: "Actually, my control over this body is getting weaker and weaker. Sooner or later, he will destroy it. I have always wanted to come out, but I didn't have the chance to find a more suitable body."
Li Yun Yun coldly looked at him and said: "Physical body? You want to possess someone else? With your current condition, refining an artifact spirit is the best choice for you. I advise you to stop dreaming! "
The Evil Spirit's expression changed, and said furiously in grief: "Artifact spirit! Kill me! I won't become an artifact spirit even if I die! It would be better to die than that! "
Li Xiao Yun frowned, "Is the artifact spirit as unbearable as you think?"
Spirit Demon Dragon's indignant voice came out, and coldly snorted: "What do you think? Now you know how wronged I am as your sword spirit! "
Li Yunxiao's heart slightly moved. An idea came to his mind, and it uncontrollably spread out as his eyes lit up.
The Evil Spirit's body trembled as it said in fear, "What evil idea are you thinking of to deal with me? In any case, I would rather die than become an artifact spirit. Before I die, I will use all my strength to scatter this man's soul as far as possible, and everyone will perish together! "
Li Xiao Yun narrowed his eyes and revealed a kind expression as he softly said, "Brother Evil Spirit, don't be agitated. Since you rejected the path of the artifact spirit, I naturally won't force you. As you said, reaching a consensus is the solution to the problem! "
The evil spirit said with a puzzled expression, "Then why do I see unfriendly eyes and crazy emotions from your eyes?"
"… …." Cough, cough cough … "
Li Xiao Yun was a little embarrassed as he said, "Spirit bodies have very keen senses. That's because I've thought of a win-win solution. Would you be willing to try?"
The two of them appeared high up in the sky, where a red figure was slowly moving below. Li Xiao Yun pointed at the red figure and said, "If you can take over that thing, I won't hurt you at all, and will also be able to help your spirit body rise to a whole new level!"
The evil spirit looked down suspiciously and said in shock, "The power of that thing is so powerful!"
Li Yunxiao was referring to the blood fiend. If the evil spirit could possess the blood fiend and control it, then he would be able to obtain the Swelling Earth, and even the Xuan Artifacts within the blood fiend would be taken out.
Li Yunxiao said, "Although this thing is extremely powerful, its IQ is very low. With your intelligence, there shouldn't be a problem. As long as you can possess it for an instant, I will be able to suppress it and you will be able to come out in time. "When the time comes, I can help you find a good body."
The Evil Spirit seemed to be slightly moved, and said: "It really only took an instant? The body you gave me cannot be worse than this! "
Li Yun Yun's face sank and said unhappily, "You can't be worse than this? Do you know that Little Chuan is a four star Martial Emperor? Where do you think I should go and find a stronger person?
The Evil Spirit was silent. It said, "Then at the very least, you must have the body of a Martial Emperor. Furthermore, you must help me take over my body." You have that soul attack divine skill, which can help me destroy the soul of the original owner. It will allow me to succeed one hundred percent. "
Li Yunxiao said, "I can agree to this request, but even Martial Emperors are not that easy to find. One must wait for an opportunity."
"I understand."
The Evil Spirit seemed to agree, but there was still a deep worry in its eyes. It was unknown if it was afraid that Li Yunxiao would go back on his word or because it was shocked by the blood fiend's aura, making it somewhat afraid.
Li Yunxiao said, "You are completely dependent on that blood fiend that you possessed. I can't help you."
The body of the evil spirit began to gradually spill out from Mo Xiaochuan's body. This light red spirit body flowed out from Mo Xiaochuan's seven orifices and slowly fused together in the air.
Li Yunxiao transferred Mo Xiaochuan to Mount Innerheart. Yuan Gaohan was still helping Mo Xiaochuan with the fourth sword in secret, so it was inconvenient for him to disturb Mo Xiaochuan. Therefore, he instructed Gu Yue Sheng with a sound transmission.
At that moment, the fusion of the Evil Spirits was completed. They became a complete body, and two horns were even growing out of their foreheads. They looked completely like a Monstrous Beast.
"This …"
Li Yunxiao was shocked. He revealed an aghast expression and said, "You …. "Who was the basis for your appearance?"
The Evil Spirit was startled and said: "What? What's wrong with that? I did not take anyone as my foundation, but rather, it has been like this since it was formed. It has been like this for a long time. "
The doubt in Li Yunxiao's heart deepened as he said, "Do you know who the female statue that gave birth to you is?"
"What do you mean?"
The evil spirit shook its head and said, "I don't know. I only know that the moment I was born, I became like this. Moreover, there was an extremely strong thought in my mind, I must protect that woman …" He suddenly revealed an evil expression and shouted, "You destroyed the statue! "Ahhhh, damn it!"
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