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Jia De sneered in disdain and said, "Kill me? You're too naive. Furthermore, there is a spirit formation here. Even if we were to overturn it, it might not necessarily be able to be felt by the outside world. "
Li Yunxiao lightly smiled and said, "Are you that confident?"
Di Jia replied with a sneer, and arrogantly said, "Of course, even if you have a saint artifact, it won't be able to save you."
Li Xiao Yun smiled and stopped talking to him. He pointed with one hand and a wave of cold air seeped out. It gradually formed into two swords in front of him. He smiled and said, "Old Gao, thank you for your hard work."
The moment the two Northern Heavens Cold Swords appeared, the sky instantly turned dark. Dark clouds began to surge, changing the color of the sky.
Di Jia paused for a second, then his face turned serious as he asked, "Thunder tribulation?"
Li Yunxiao laughed, "It is the thunder tribulation of a Grade Nine Xuan Artifact. When the two bolts come down at the same time, do you think all the warriors in the Boneyard would be alarmed?"
An angry look appeared on the face of the Emperor, and he bellowed, "All of you, attack them! Tear them to shreds!"
The surrounding demons bared their fangs and brandished their claws as terrifying sounds were emitted from their throats. They transformed into streaks of black light as they charged forward. For a moment, the sky was filled with black shadows, and the sun and moon were dark.
Mo Xiaochuan was shocked. Just as he was about to draw his sword, Li Yunxiao indifferently said, "Take a rest. I will suppress these underlings!"
The power of the four realms was released and the power of the Earth, Water, Fire and Wind suddenly appeared. The power of a realm independent of the world began to surge out of the God Tablet, continuously spreading in all directions, wanting to swallow all the demons within.
Black light filled the entire sky. The demons that had charged up had all inhaled into the World God Tablet, not saying anything else.
"The power of the world!" Di Jia's expression changed greatly, exclaiming in shock, "The power of the world! With your level of cultivation, you can actually drive the power of the world! "
Li Yunxiao coldly stared at him and ridiculed, "Imperial Jia, you have never been arrogant in front of me. If you really have the guts, would you dare play around with my saint artifact?"
"If I were to really enter, that would not be a seed, but an illness!" "Since these lackeys are all useless, then let's use our last bit of energy!"
His hands began to move, and a demonic shadow appeared in front of him. Following his control, those demonic lackeys' auras suddenly soared once more, and their bodies swelled up without limits, as if they were going to self-detonate!
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One of the minions' bodies swelled to the limit. He fiercely rushed down and crashed into the World Force of the World God Tablet, transforming into demonic energy that broke apart into nothingness.
Li Xiao Yun's expression changed as he said in shock, "How is it so strong?!"
Just now, that was only a lackey at the peak of the Martial King level. His self-detonation had actually caused his World God Tablet to tremble slightly. If the remaining demons and monsters were so powerful, then his World God Tablet wouldn't be able to withstand it either.
Jia De suddenly laughed out loud, "Haha! It should not only be their bodies that will explode, it will also be their meridians and their very souls! " His expression turned malevolent, and he said coldly, "Once I become bewitched, even my soul will be under my control!"
He immediately pushed the power of the world to its limits, and at the same time, three sword beams flew out from his body once again. They formed a five sword diagram with the two swords from before, as they spread out around his body, forming an extremely strong defensive formation!
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The demons and monsters laughed loudly as they rammed into him and self-detonated. Each strike shook Li Yunxiao's vital energy and blood, causing blood to flow out from his seven orifices.
He raised his head and looked at the sky, at this moment, the lightning had already condensed and was getting stronger and stronger, the might of the heavens had not yet been released, just the pressure from that aura alone was enough to make people restless!
The lightning finally struck out and the heavenly tribulation power of the two Xuan Artifacts combined together. It was vast and boundless as it descended.
Suddenly, a green light defense appeared above everyone. It was the formation that stopped the lightning, but in a short instant, it was completely broken. The lightning finally fell towards Li Yunxiao.
Li Yunxiao shouted at the two of them, "Enter!"
A light flashed on the World God Tablet, and directly sucked the two of them into it. Then, his hands constantly formed seals, and rays of green light began to spread out from his hands.
He too was afraid of the saint artifact and did not dare to go up and try it out for himself.
Finally, Li Yunxiao reached his limit. The World Force within the World God Tablet disappeared, and the entire body of the tablet returned to his body. At this moment, the defensive power of the Five Sword Diagram also shattered.
Li Xiao Yun gave a loud shout and the last bit of energy turned his body into a bolt of lightning, welcoming the descent of the thunder tribulation!
The huge green lightning struck down, devouring all the demons and monsters within. Even Jiang Huai Shu and Yuchi Jin struggled to resist the lightning and cried out miserably, while the rest of the underlings were burnt to ashes.
When Li Xiao's Elemental Body underwent the baptism of thunder tribulation, the power of his Imperishable Gilded Body transformed into lightning and was absorbed into his body. His Elemental power was fused into the Lightning of the Heaven Calamity and was unceasingly refined just like the two Xuan Artifacts.
A barrier appeared around Di Jia, blocking all the lightning outside. He looked at everything coldly, the fire sound also revealed a look of shock.
The lightning tribulation slowly disappeared, and Li Yun's body slowly materialized. His body was still flickering with lightning, as he slowly opened his eyes and looked at Jia De.
"This time, I will let you go!" Jia De's face was extremely gloomy, and he said with a cold voice.
Suddenly, three streams of black demon aura surged out from his body and transformed into three huge demons, biting towards Jiang Huai Shu, Yuchi Jin and the Martial Emperor. The three of them did not resist at all, and were devoured by the three demons, before returning back into Jia De's body.
After doing all that, he coldly looked at Li Yunxiao, turned into black gas, and left with the sound of fire.
Li Xiao Yun suddenly opened his mouth and spat out a large mouthful of blood. After swallowing a few pills, he began to meditate.
Very soon, a large number of martial artists rushed towards this direction. The power of thunder just now was too terrifying, and many of them recognized that it was a Xuan Artifact Tribulation. Greed surged inside their hearts.
Not only did the thunder tribulation completely destroy the defenses of the seventh region, but it had also destroyed the Nine Yin Divine Palace's Nine Yin Divine Dipper Formation in succession. "Aoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!" The people from the Divine Palace were all shocked as they rushed toward the Lightning Calamity site.
At the base camp of the core area, Xu Yan was just returning from the thirteenth region in the southwest when he saw the thunder tribulation descending from the distance. His expression changed drastically as he said in shock, "Thunder tribulation? This was … "The ninth stage Xuan Artifact Thunder Tribulation?"
The person beside him looked at Thunder in a daze and said in shock, "The ninth stage of the Xuan Artifact Thunder Tribulations? Ha, ha, ha, you must be joking, my lord! "Could it be that there is a rank 9 skill refining skill refining a Xuan Artifact?"
Xu Yan looked at him coldly and said, "I have no time to joke around with you guys! With the seal broken, the Boneyard will no longer be simple. Immediately get the Origin Division's experts to follow me there and send a group of people to the southwest to protect the thirteenth region! "
After he finished speaking, he turned into a ray of light and moved towards the lightning tribulation.
As the head of the Sage Origin Division, he was in charge of the formation's core techniques. As a rank 9 alchemist, he definitely wouldn't be wrong about that bolt of lightning! If there was a rank 9 alchemist in the Boneyard, it would definitely not be simple!
Li Yunxiao looked at the ten rays of light flying over from the sky and muttered, "I wonder if Xu Yan was disturbed?" He gradually turned his body into lightning and hid himself inside a large tree.
Lightning was originally formed from wood energy, so it didn't feel out of place when it was fused into the tree. The ground sealed everyone's consciousness, so no matter how strong the experts were, they would not be able to discover him.
"There's no one here?" "He walked so fast!"
"Look at the degree of destruction here! The power of the Tribulation Lightning is incredible! It's definitely a Ninth Order Tribulation!"
"There is really a rank 9 alchemist here; this is too astonishing!" "It's a pity I'm a step too late!"
"No matter where the rank 9 arcane refiners are, they are god-like existences. How could they come to this damn place and forge weapons?"
"We missed each other! "If I catch him, you can refine a Grade Nine Xuan Artifact for me every single day!"
Suddenly, dozens of people rushed over. Their expressions were all different, some were surprised, some were regretful, some were suspicious, and some were guessing …
The Scion stood in mid-air, staring coldly downwards. A dozen or so experts of the Blood God Palace suddenly gathered around him, quietly standing under his aura.
"Master, was that really a lightning tribulation of the ninth step? Could it be that a Grade Nine Xuan Artifact has been born? "
A disciple approached him and asked doubtfully. It was Cao Yaxing. He was the disciple of the Blood God and was thus the one who had the backing of the Blood God.
The Blood God's son looked gloomy and uncertain. He said, "I've never seen a ninth level mystical thunderbolt either. It's not easy to tell, but …" He said seriously, "I keep having the feeling that I'm very close to Master Tian Shi, but I can't pinpoint the exact location!"
Cao Yaxing was surprised and quickly said, "Master, wasn't that Heaven's Mighty Inch your destiny to cultivate a Xuan Artifact? How could it be lost? "
The Blood God's Son's face twitched, revealing a ferocious look. Normally, if he revealed such an expression, he would be trying to kill someone. Cao Yaxin was also startled and hurriedly took a few steps back.
When the Scion saw that it was his beloved disciple, he slowly retracted his vicious look. However, he still gloomily said: "In order to make it easy to control after refining the blood fiends, I have also integrated my Mighty Heaven Mask into it!"
Cao Ya Xing was at a loss for words. He asked in a daze, "So, shouldn't the blood fiend be nearby?"
The Blood God's Son's vicious gaze swept across the area below and said, "That's right. The Heavenly Master's huge ruler is intertwined with me, but why can't we pinpoint the exact location?" He looked doubtfully at the big tree that Li Yunxiao had sunk into. Then, he shifted his gaze away, revealing an irritated and confused expression.
"Look, it's a Xuan Artifact of the ninth step!"
Suddenly, a shout exploded from the crowd below. Suddenly, everyone's eyes turned towards the sound. A warrior's hand flashed as if he was hiding something. In an instant, he turned into a golden light and tried to escape.
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