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"This is?"
Everyone instantly felt an indescribable sense of danger. Even the two Martial Emperors beside Xu Yan had a change in expression. Shocked, they suddenly attacked!
"The palm transforms into thousands upon thousands of palms, the energy of heaven and earth is one!"
"Flowing Rainbow, Heaven Shaking Divine Halberd!"
The two protectors also exploded with a powerful aura. They turned into two beams of light and attacked the ancient pagoda at the same time!
As the five of them joined forces, they covered the sky and covered the sun. Their auras spread far and wide, causing the Martial Emperors that surrounded and killed the crocodiles to tremble in amazement.
These five auras were enough to shatter his body and even suppress him. In his shock and anger, countless amounts of demon qi gushed out from his body and poured into the ancient pagoda, a beam of light shot out and the power of the world opened up. Ten thousand beams of divine light flew out!
"Immeasurable Heaven and Earth, Universal Abyss, True Magic Seal!"
Di Jun suddenly shouted, his main body also instantly created a three-headed, six-armed real body. His six arms simultaneously formed hand seals, sending countless hand seals into the ancient pagoda. The power of the world began to revolve fiercely!
Five powerful attacks rushed into the World Force. Immediately, he felt his Essence congealing, and that unbreakable Emperor's Qi slowed down. The five level nine mystical weapons vibrated even more intensely, piercing their eardrums. Blood even started to gush out from their stomachs!
"What's going on? "Just what is the background of this ancient pagoda?"
The purple-robed old man paled. He suddenly raised his sword and poured more origin energy into it, suppressing the trembling of fear. The sword energy spread throughout his world energy!
A huge force exploded out and the purple-robed elder was sent flying far away as he spat out a large mouthful of blood.
The other four also gritted their teeth as they desperately tried to resist the ancient pagoda. The power of the purple-robed old man's one strike caused the power in the ancient god battlefield to become chaotic.
Four figures were sent flying one by one, their blood splattering the sky!
Di Jun's face was also extremely ugly to behold, it was incomparably hideous. That Ancient God Battlefield had not even fully evolved before it returned to his hands, the spirit energy was already greatly damaged. This caused his heart to ache. This Xuan Artifact was already severely damaged, and every time it was used, it would be consumed. If it wasn't for the fact that the demonic energy here was much more powerful, he wouldn't have wanted to take it out.
"Om, room, mile, duo, room, mile, duo."
A series of weird words came out of Di Jun's mouth. His six arms began to form a seal, and the demon qi in his body also started to increase along with the incantation. It seemed that he absorbed endless energy from the distance and started to climb up.
"Not good, the power of this demon seems to be endless!"
The purple-robed elder flew over with his heavily injured body. His face revealed a shocked expression, and the other four people also flew back. All of them had blood on their lips and their faces were pale. It was as if the Grade Nine Xuan Artifacts in their hands had met their nemesis. They were at a disadvantage from the previous attack, losing all their energy.
"It really is a magic extraction technique!"
Xu Yan's face darkened and he said coldly, "In these nine heavens and ten earth, there is indeed an endless flow of demonic energy entering. However, inside my Small Heaven Decimating Formation, I can seal six of the five elements, completely isolating them from the outside world! "
He pointed his finger at the sky and the nine flags on the coordinates started to rotate. A strange force dispersed and the world seemed to have changed.
The five people from the Origin Division were overjoyed. One of them praised, "Lord Xu Yan's name is from the small Heaven Banishing Formation. Besides the throne, I'm afraid no one else can break it!"
As expected, Di Jun's expression changed. He opened his eyes in shock. Deep in this world, he was actually isolated from the demon spirits of the outside world. Even the demon spirit connection with the emperor was cut off!
"Demon, die!"
Xu Yan's array had already been set up. Under his control, the nine flags began to operate. Strange patterns began to form on them, shining on each other and connecting together.
Under the resonance of the nine flags, a crack suddenly appeared within the formation, dispersing the demonic clouds. As the sun rose, a bright light slowly shone in, and along with that light, a heaven-shaking might also entered everyone's heart!
Xu Yan's expression was solemn. His Small Heaven Riding Array was extremely powerful and was his strongest trump card. Not only was it an extremely strong defensive array, but it could also be used as a sealing array. Moreover, it contained a killing move that could destroy the heavens and the earth … it was as if it could fuse with the laws of the Heavenly Dao, and could completely obliterate everything in its path!
In his mind, he suddenly saw Li Xiao's figure. When the mysterious youth saw him, he recited a few verses and directly pointed out his trump cards, even trying his best to convince him to fight the Great Demon God. Perhaps at that time, the youth already realized that only with his Heavenly Dao rules could he kill the existence in front of him.
Xu Yan's heart was slightly shaken. He could not help but guess at Li Yunxiao, but at this moment, he had no time to think. His entire mind was on the formation as he carefully led the light to fall.
Di Jun's heart was filled with shock and fear. He raised his head to look at the light in the sky and actually felt a sense of being destroyed. This feeling was very absurd. He was the eternal and eternal Devil Lord, how could he die?!
With a loud shout, he could no longer be bothered with the Ancient God's battlefield in his heart. He fiercely pushed forth with all his might, and the lands around the ancient pagoda began to spread out, as if a world was slowly appearing before everyone's eyes. It was as if an ingenious blacksmith was building a model of the world.
The six of them were so shocked that their eyeballs were popping out of their sockets. They had never seen such a profound artifact that could evolve the heavens and earth. They could only find some clues from legends and historical records.
Especially Xu Yan, who was a ninth level Grand Master and had a deep understanding of Xuan Artifacts. After a short moment of blankness, he came to a realization and cried out involuntarily, "A superior Xuan Artifact! Heavens, what did I see? It is actually a superior mystical weapon! "
The other five people were shocked as well. All of them were completely stunned. Suddenly, they remembered how their ninth stage Xuan Artifacts trembled when they collided with the strange forces surrounding the ancient pagoda. They finally understood what was going on.
"Superb quality Xuan Artifact!" And not Noah's boat! This is simply a historic moment! "
Xu Yan was extremely excited. At this moment, he couldn't even hold his breath. The descending divine light became a little unstable, which gave him a fright. He knew that this was not the time to be distracted.
With the legendary superior Xuan Artifact in his possession, Xu Yan, who was originally full of confidence, suddenly became a little unconfident. He no longer dared to make more clones and focused entirely on controlling the formation.
"Damn scum!" The world is vast and boundless, the four extremes are united, and all demons are one! "
All of his power was channeled into the ancient pagoda, the Ancient God Battlefield had completely evolved to its limit. Although it was incomplete, the Demon Lord and the Xuan Artifact were already one. Even though Di Jun was only a part of the avatar, he still had the power to control them, a powerful stifling force was born that caused the nine flags to tremble, as if they were about to be ejected from the coordinates!
"Everyone, help me!"
Xu Yan's face instantly turned pale. The power that evolved from the ancient god's battlefield even made his Small scale Heavenly End Array tremble in fear and suppress him. This was a situation he had never encountered before, even a peak Martial Emperor would not be able to escape easily if he was trapped inside this array.
The five of them were shocked as they channeled their power into the nine-sided formation flags to help resist the power of the superior Xuan Artifact!
"Revolving Qi, Illumination Cloud, Return of All Things to the dust, Devil Slayer!"
Xu Yan exerted his array power to the extreme, and that beam of light finally descended, blasting straight into the ancient pagoda.
The world became silent for a moment, as if it was completely silent. The entire world was silent, devoid of anything!
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The next explosion shook the earth and the sky. A massive energy swept out and the nine array flags were blasted away in all directions. Xu Yan and the other six from the Source Division were all swallowed by that power.
In the distance, Fang Zhao had already been killed, and everyone was fighting against the crocodile monster. Suddenly, they all shook and looked over in shock, only to see that a huge force had swept them all in. The Demon Cloud World had suddenly become dazzling, and the light could shine for thousands of miles!
The ten thousand kilometer light lasted for a long time, Li Yunxiao, who was rushing over from afar, suddenly stopped and looked at him in shock, muttering to himself, "This light … Was it Xu Yan's Skylight Cloud Shadow that had finally used his ultimate move? Can you kill that Di Jun? "
Within that light, it was not only blinding, but it also brought an extremely strong shock to his heart. Li Yunxiao's expression was solemn.
Although Xu Yan was famous for his array techniques, he was still an expert on the Wind and Cloud Ranking. If it weren't for the fact that he was too slow to cast his Small Heaven Priming Formation, he wouldn't have been able to play any role in this battle, otherwise, even if he couldn't enter the top ten, he would at least be ranked twenty.
"Can we kill him? You must be joking. "
The dragon's voice rang out as he said coldly, "If that's the extent of killing great devils, then are all those almighty beings from long ago all fun? Would she really be able to dismember his body and then crush him with superior Xuan Artifacts? At most, this level of power would be around the same as that skeleton's attack. "
Li Yunxiao frowned and snorted, "The times have changed, the heaven and earth have changed. These great devils had been suppressed for a long time, perhaps they had long since weakened to the point that they couldn't even be seen. Perhaps the reason why the major powers of the past suppressed them is so that they can be killed today. "
The Goblin Dragon coldly snorted and said with disdain: "Do you believe this point of view yourself?"
"No matter what, the great demon with the ancient pagoda would at least be severely injured from this one strike. Worse comes to worse, I'll take him into the World God Tablet and suppress him for eternity!"
After Li Yunxiao finished speaking, he quickly flew forward. After that shocking attack, there was no one left in the sky!
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