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Young Emperor Hao Lian snorted lightly. Without saying anything further, his fist aura shot up into the sky, instantly extinguishing that sword aura. His fist was ready to destroy Yi Cheng's camp!
Yi Zheng was shocked. The enemy's bare hands could actually suppress him. This kind of strength …
He also didn't see how these two appeared, so he thought that there was something odd about this. He casually waved his hand and a crack suddenly appeared in the sky, directly tearing apart Young Emperor Hao Lian's world of fist intent!
Li Xiao and the others were shocked. Even the Young Emperor was shocked. Although he was only a 2-star Martial Emperor, his fist intent was strong enough to reach the immortal realm. He was almost able to stabilize his fist intent to the peak. Such a powerful punch could be crushed by others, but no one could rip it apart. However, this Heng Yuan had done it!
Yi Chenfu immediately used Teleportation to hide behind Heng Yuan, his face was deathly pale as if he was afraid. He revealed a venomous look as he glared at Young Emperor Hao Lian.
At this moment, the experts at the Spirit Sea Realm had also made their moves. They immediately surrounded the three of them. Among them were three Martial Emperors with overbearing auras.
"Hmm? "Not bad, not bad, it's my turn to be the main character."
Mo Xiaochuan narrowed his eyes, the killing intent around his body suddenly rose. He coldly stared at Hengyuan, bringing with him an endless killing intent.
Hengyuan also had an ice-cold expression, looking straight at him without the slightest fear. The two of them faced each other in the sky, and the spiritual pressure from the five elements spread out, causing the surrounding people to feel waves of pressure.
The two of them were formed by their true demon qi, causing the demonic shadows in the sky to be unable to distinguish who was who. Li Xiao Yun only felt that it was extremely tragic and that it was time to take advantage of this situation.
He looked at the crowd and said: "Ladies and gentlemen, although I do not know what your goal is, but you should not be planning to be the slave of these two devils right?" "Why don't we just turn the conflict into friendship and wait for the two devils to finish their magic battles before we settle our grievances after we destroy them?"
"How dare you!"
Hengyuan revealed a cold expression and mocked: "You actually dare to talk about annihilating the Demon Lord. You are truly ignorant, and you are reckless. What we cultivate is our Devil Arts, and the Demon Lord is a god that we serve! "
Qing Yunxiao chuckled, "Don't joke around. It's true that you guys are cultivating a demonic art, but there is a fundamental difference between you and the slaves of those two devils." Do you want to lose consciousness like that? "
Everyone at the Spirit Sea Realm felt a chill run down their spines. A few of their companions had already become bedeviled. That state made them tremble with fear. Each and every one of them revealed a terrified expression.
Hengyuan suddenly shouted: "Stop trying to sow discord. No matter what we do, we must first get rid of all of you obstructions!"
His hands moved in front of his body, and one by one, the seals of devilish arts started to appear in front of him. They were indeed very similar to the seals displayed by the Great Devil.
Mo Xiaochuan harrumphed coldly. Placing his right hand in front of his forehead, his sword qi began to disperse.
The battle between the two was going to start soon, and just at that moment, a loud roar rang out from the sky. It was the unreconciled roar of Di Jun.
Everyone was shocked, looking up to the sky and only saw the demonic shadow fighting intensely, but the strength of it was slowly being judged. Since Di Jun's injuries were too severe, even the ancient god's battlefield could not be used, and it became weaker and weaker as the battle went on.
"Haha, hahaha, we have finally obtained it. You scum, I will spare your life today. You just have to wait for my arrival!"
After getting rid of the clone, he no longer had any desire to continue battling, and so he quickly grabbed the clone, preparing to leave. The doppelganger had an indifferent expression the entire time they were fighting. It was as though he had not fully awakened after years of suppression.
"Bastard!" "You're not allowed to leave!"
Di Jun roared, both his eyes were bloodshot as he chased up to Qing Shui with a loud roar.
Di Jia sneered, his face suddenly changed, and he said in shock: "Hmm?" "What's going on?!"
His gaze landed on the doppelganger. He saw that the face was exactly the same as his. It was incomparably cold and there seemed to be a trace of a sneer on the corner of his mouth!
This feeling made his whole body shudder, and an uncontrollable fear arose in his heart. It uncontrollably spread throughout his body!
"This is …"
A drop of cold sweat the size of beans trickled down from Di Jia's forehead. Swallowing sounds came out from his throat as he suddenly tore apart the clone's shirt. His eyes suddenly widened!
Di Jun, who was standing far away, roared out. She wanted to use a mouthful of demonic Qi to attack, but was attracted by the weird movements of Di Jia. She looked at Di Jia's body and couldn't help but shout out, "Empty shell?!"
He saw that the body's chest was empty. Not only that, but there were also black lines where the clothes were. The black lines intertwined together to form a formation that was emitting a bright black light.
"This is the Magic Explosion Array!"
Di Jun stopped in shock, his forehead was covered in cold sweat. The demonic energy that was originally attacking Di Jia suddenly appeared in front of him, forming a defensive array. The ancient god's battlefield was once again activated by him with all his might!
He roared out, "You have held this in your hand for so long, but you still haven't found out if it's fake! "You pig!"
With an unwilling roar, he suddenly threw the empty shell away. Then, he cast an escape technique in order to travel thousands of miles in an instant!
However … It was already too late. The moment the shell was smashed out, it released a powerful black light. It shot out one after another like a black moon swallowing up all space!
The hollow shell in the shape of the Demon Lord finally exploded. The entire sky instantly turned pitch black, and not a single speck of light could be seen. Di Jia and Di Jun were instantly swallowed within it, and the entire world sank into endless black light.
Everyone below was completely stunned by this sudden change. They stood there in a daze, unable to see any light in their eyes. At this moment, not even the flames could ignite, only a black light.
This dark phenomenon lasted for the time it took to brew a cup of tea before the black gas that filled the sky gradually dissipated. The sky was already devoid of people. It was unknown what the two devils were like.
"Dead, is he dead?"
In his impression, the Demon Lord should be an invincible existence under the heavens, an existence that would last for all eternity. How could he possibly die from the explosion?!
"Mn, he shouldn't be dead, but he's definitely heavily injured. I guess he's hiding somewhere. "
Li Yun had an extremely serious expression. His gaze swept through the sky, hoping to discover something.
Hengyuan was stunned, he said: "How did you know?"
Li Yun Yun said indifferently, "Those slaves that were transformed by the Emperor Jia are not dead. This proves that their master is still alive. As for the other Great Demon, do you see that saint artifact? If the master died, then the saint artifact would become a ownerless object. It would naturally float in the sky, but the sky would not, so the two of them would have to hide. It is likely that their lives would be in danger. "
Hengyuan couldn't help but take a few more glances at Li Yunxiao. He didn't expect this person to be so cautious. The expression in his eyes became extremely complicated.
Li Xiao Yun said with a serious expression, "I never would have thought that these two devils were plotted against. Since that avatar is fake, then where is it really?"
Everyone's hearts jumped, while Xu Yan and the rest's hearts sank. They had originally been hoping for the two great devils to suffer heavy injuries. They could take advantage of this opportunity, but who would have thought that there were even more troublesome people hidden.
Suddenly, the sound of a sack loosening came from not too far away. Everyone's body shook as they looked in that direction vigilantly. At this time, no one could heave a sigh of relief.
He only saw a plant moving slowly towards him, constantly tearing apart the earth. The black fruit hanging from the plant emitted a ghostly light, which sent chills down his spine.
However, the people who were demonized all opened their eyes wide, as if they had seen the most delicious food in the world.
These demonic cultivators were no different from normal people when they weren't with the great demon. However, they all lost their minds and desperately tried to seize the fruit.
Li Yun Yun was startled and said in surprise, "Demon Origin Fruit?" He had even taken one of these from the World God Tablet. He only knew that this thing was extremely strange, but he didn't know what it was used for.
Suddenly, a crack appeared on the Demon Origin Fruit, and it started to slowly spread out. A black light shot out and completely blew the fruit apart, but what made people shocked was that a human figure walked out from the crack. His face was exactly the same as the two devils', and he had a cold smile on it!
"Zi!" Great Demon?! "
Everyone's body shook as they retreated in shock.
The great devil sneered. He suddenly transformed into a devil form several times taller than before. He opened his mouth and rushed forward. He then swallowed all of those Demonification Fighters who didn't know how to escape in fear.
He wanted to eat the fruit, but it was all eaten up by the fruit!
Everyone looked at this scene with fear in their eyes!
The Great Devil continued to chew. After eating, he glanced at Li Yunxiao and directly flew into the sky. As he stood in the air, he suddenly casted a hand seal and magnified in the air.
Several black lights flew up from different places and rushed towards the great devil. Everyone looked at each other and saw Demon Origin Fruits, some were big and some were small, quietly floating around the great devil. There was a total of seven of them!
The Demon Origin Fruits began to split open one by one, and people with the same appearance walked out from the fruits. However, depending on the size of the fruits, the Great Devil's Qi was also different. The Great Devil that walked out of the fruits had a sneer on his face.
The first Great Demon opened his mouth wide, and the seven people that came out flew into his mouth, allowing him to devour them. After devouring seven people in a row, his body gradually underwent a transformation. As he merged the power of seven people, he seemed to be in some pain.
Everyone was completely dumbstruck as they watched this scene. After the time it took to make a cup of tea, the Great Devil finally fused the seven of them into his body, and abruptly opened his eyes.
The pair of demonic eyes flashed. It actually contained an incomparable amount of anger as it roared in anger: "Why is there one missing? Where did you go?! "
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