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The Great Devil's angry roar shook everyone's ears. They could feel the earth trembling. It was not only an extremely strong power, but also an extremely strong anger.
Both of his hands were covered in cold sweat. The Demon Origin Fruit was within his World God Stele, so he didn't know if this demon would be able to discover it. If it did, would he be able to escape?
Right now, everyone's hearts were no longer on how to kill the devil, but on how to protect their lives.
The great demon glared down as he coldly said, "There is another fruit. Have any of you ever seen it before?"
The people he looked at all shook their heads in amazement and continuously retreated backwards. Li Xiao Yun shook his head along with everyone else as his heart was covered in sweat.
The devil's face turned uglier and uglier as he said coldly, "You think I won't know if you don't tell me? The person who hid my fruit, you will implicate everyone to death, do you have the heart to do that? "
As he pointed downwards, a Divine Sea master was sent flying. He was completely controlled and revealed a terrified expression. No matter how he struggled or cried, it was all useless.
"If no one says anything, I will start killing them one by one. "Could it be that all of you are ignoring the consolation of your playmates?"
The Demon coldly looked at that martial artist and gently pinched his fingers together. The martial artist suddenly exploded in the air, letting out a miserable scream before turning into a pile of flesh and blood.
His gaze swept across everyone's faces and he couldn't help but frown slightly. He said coldly, "Looks like it really is a group of cold-blooded humans. Not a single one of you revealed any signs of grief, only fear. Forget it, I'll just search your souls one by one! "
As his gaze descended, he began to search for his target. Everyone who was being stared at felt a chill run down their spines.
Hengyuan hurriedly said, "Lord Devil Lord, I am the descendant of the devil servant Yan Xi!"
The Demon's eyes fell on Yan Xi's body, and was stunned for a moment. Then, he revealed a sneer and said: "Yan Xi's successor? What use do you have for such insignificant strength? Yan Xi is just a demonic servant, I can make as many as I want. Since you have some connections, let's search your soul first. "
He raised his hand and smashed down with his palm. A demonic light flashed in the sky and then fell down like a meteor, falling towards the earth.
Hengyuan's expression changed greatly, with a face full of fear and anger, he roared, "You're not the Demon Lord Emperor!"
He jumped up in shock and retreated backwards with incomparable speed.
Everyone scattered away like birds. With the demonic energy in the air, who would dare to take it head on!
When it finally struck the ground, it was like a clap of thunder, causing the earth to shake and the mountains to shake.
Li Yunxiao and the Origin Division people retreated in one direction, while the crowd at the Divine Sea and the demonic slaves went in another direction. They immediately split into two camps.
At that moment, several more Martial Emperors flew into the camp. They were the people who surrounded and annihilated the crocodiles. Although they were injured, they were not too injured.
Among them was Xia Yunan. His gaze fell on Li Yunxiao and he wanted to say something, but he hesitated.
In this place, only he knew that the Demon Origin Fruit had been taken by Li Xiao Yun, but with Li Xiao Yun's mysterious strength and the cold warning gaze, it caused his heart to tremble and he didn't dare to make a sound.
Great Demon King looked at the crowd that was spreading out like an ant and laughed, "Haha, Demon Emperor? He has already ceased to exist. You can call me Di Ye, I am this era's Demon Lord! "
His loud laughter suddenly stopped as a stern look flashed across his eyes. The corner of his mouth curled up and revealed a mocking smile. Haha, how sad! "With your level of intelligence, you want to absorb me? What a joke!"
Di Ye's body suddenly rushed down and chased into a hill, exploding the demonic qi.
Then, a black shadow rushed out towards the horizon. Di Ye chased after him. Both of his hands were constantly performing hand seals. He then left a spell mark in the sky to trap the fleeing black shadow inside!
"Bastard!" Let me out! "
The shadow that was imprisoned was none other than Di Jun. He wanted to use Di Ye's body to escape, but he didn't expect that he would actually be trapped by the cage.
Di Jun was already at the end of her strength, with her demonic form baring her fangs and brandishing her claws, looking extremely ferocious. However, everyone knew that she was already at the end of her strength, unable to escape this calamity.
"Let you go? As someone of my status, how could I be so foolish as to let you go out? "
Di Ye said with a cold smile, "I was just bluffing when I attacked those humans." If I wanted to kill them, who do you think would be able to dodge? The purpose is just to lure you out, but I didn't expect that there would be idiots who fell for it! "
Di Jun roared out in anger, "You want to absorb me? I would rather explode my demon essence and let you all die together!"
"Hmph, self-destruct?" You still have to have the chance! "
Di Ye instantly moved over, a fist directly punched into Di Jun's body, fiercely extracting his demon essence. Under the shackles of the powerful magic, Di Jun's face paled, her resistance was futile and her aura became weaker and weaker.
On one side, Xia Yuannan suddenly said, "Master Xu Yan, what should we do now? If that Di Ye were to absorb that stupid demon, then his strength would increase by several times, and everyone would lose their lives. "
Xu Yan's face was still pale. He shook his head bitterly and said, "I have used up all my energy. It's impossible for me to recover in a short period of time. What else can I do?" His gaze fell on Li Yunxiao and said, "Little friend, do you have an idea?"
Now that everyone was wounded, Li Yun and the others had become the backbone of the crowd.
A trace of determination flashed through Li Xiao Yun's eyes as he said, "Why don't we escape now? Since Di Ye hasn't finished absorbing everyone, he shouldn't be able to take care of us. If he didn't leave now, he would be finished. But this demonic cloud … How should I break it? "
Xu Yan nodded and said, "That's exactly what I was thinking. I've been observing this cloud the whole time, and it seems like there's nothing that can break through it." "Now that I've opened a gap when I used the Small Destruction Array, it's just that now that my array tools have been destroyed, I no longer have the strength to use that array."
Everyone was worried when a voice suddenly rang out. It carried a bitter tone and said, "You cannot break through this demonic cloud. It is basically a world of your own, unless you can break through a world! Or... I'll help you. "
Everyone was shocked and became alert. They looked towards the direction of the voice and saw that it was the Great Demon Emperor Jia De who was sitting not far from them, recovering his breath. His aura was extremely weak.
Everyone was shocked as they drew their weapons one after another. They were ready to fight at any moment!
Li Xiao Yun shouted, "Stop!" He looked at the emperor, then suddenly smiled and said, "Lord Demon Lord, it is an honor to be here."
Jia De's face turned ashen, he weakly snorted and said, "Don't joke with me. It's only a fight between the winner and the loser. I have indeed lost this time." But now, everyone was a grasshopper on the same boat, if they didn't cooperate, everyone would die. Be it me being absorbed by the clone, or being killed by him, none of you are willing to see it, right? "
Li Xiao Yun nodded his head, "Indeed. Then how will you help me break through this cloud?"
"I don't have the power to help you guys break through the Demon Clouds. You have to rely on your own strength, but I know how to break through the Demon Clouds." As long as the devil cloud breaks, I can also easily escape, and so can you guys. "
Li Xiao Yun said, "That's good. Please tell me the method to break it. I'm afraid we don't have much time left." He worriedly glanced at the sky. Di Jun's aura was getting weaker and weaker. He was afraid that she wouldn't be able to hold on much longer.
He stood up, and a large amount of Zhen Qi poured into his hands, transforming into all kinds of devilish seals, which then struck the ground, the surroundings, the sky, and all sorts of butterfly-like devilish patterns that fluttered in the air, all of them were extremely beautiful.
Li Xiao Yun and Xu Yan's pupils constricted as they opened their eyes wide. They had never seen someone using an imprint like this before, and the instinct of a master refiner made them watch attentively without blinking.
Very quickly, a huge circular field formed with Di Jia as the center. It gave off a demonic Qi, but it was very weak.
While setting up the array, Di Jia explained, "This magic barrier of mine is the same as the magic cloud of the doppelganger. What I need to do now is to use Righteous Bestowal, but my strength is too weak. I need all of you to pour your spirit energy into it before I can accomplish anything."
Li Yunxiao asked with doubt, "Our source energy and your demon essence seem to conflict with each other, right?"
"Indeed, it is. What I need is your spirit energy to disrupt my magic barrier, and then cause a huge explosion. It won't be difficult for this magic cloud to break open a gap."
Xu Yan said, "So that's how it is. The more chaotic the power poured into it, the better."
"Right. Your elemental ki is a type, and that tainted blood is a type as well."
The expressions of the two Martial Emperors from the Blood God Palace also changed slightly as they nodded in agreement.
"The power of tainted blood should let me do it!"
A vigorous voice resounded and a bloody light descended from far away. The figure of the Blood God appeared and said indifferently. However, when his gaze fell on Li Yunxiao, he was no longer calm. He coldly said, "But I have a condition, and that is that this person must give it to me!"
Mo Xiaochuan and Young Emperor Hao Lian's faces darkened as they became alert. They had fought with the Blood God before and knew how powerful he was.
Mo Xiaochuan sneered, "If this is your condition, then you can go rest."
A baleful look appeared on the Blood God's face as he said coldly, "Then no one is to leave. Let's wait here for the devil to descend!"
Although he managed to expel the demonic energy from his body, his vitality was greatly damaged. He didn't want to fight Mo Xiaochuan head on in such a complicated situation.
However, he would rather everyone die since he had lost his blood fiend. Moreover, according to his conjecture, Li Yun still had a superior Xuan Artifact on him. This was one of the main reasons he could not let go of.
The Blood God's determined manner made the atmosphere tense up in an instant.
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