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Tsuki Miki Delphos, the great hero of the Warriors Society has returned from a multiverse rescue mission, before everyone else, at that time, when he thought about his life, he was kidnapped by an ancient villain, a divinity, but instead of kill, he launched him on a journey towards various parts of the multiverse on various worlds.

Against all odds, he returned, and before discovering the greatest secrets of the dark creatures, he was president of a company, where he managed a city, he had an idea.

So that's how he started formulating plans, knowing the future so no one needed to know about his secrets.

Not always one was not a word that anyone accepted, the fact that they had already tried to destroy the earth, the Moon, and the universe too, all this to add up with the management of the Delphos company.

Tsuki Miki Delphos accompanied some assistants who prepared the company's monthly report.

A tall man of 1.75 cm tall, with long white hair, with a handsome and muscular body that ran around, being praised by his assistants, he was athletic and weighed over a hundred kilograms of muscle and intellect.

In the middle of arriving at the company meeting, Tsuki Miki Delphos was at the shareholders meeting solving problems in the boardroom, it was an ordinary day, if his city did not harbour the supernatural, he lived under a mystical fissure, and he was not experiencing a hard moment.

In addition to the fact that the Delphos company was administering and mediating a peace agreement between the dark gods and the forces of good, they were also organizing the end of year festivals.

He was being courted by the king of all monsters; the ancient god called Kurayami.

Daily, he thought that the ancient god would just try to destroy the earth countless times, he would be stopped, but no, he accepted his own advances.

Being chased by a god was new to Tsuki Miki, he was trying to avoid closed places, lately it was that, or just hide.

The mediators, ambassadors, and representatives of the king of Kurayami, lord of vampires and werewolves who before tried to invade the human world, now that he kept life distant, sending chocolates, if that wasn't enough, he fought with his girlfriend, even though it was a facade.

On average and his failed relationships, that was the record 6 months of dating, until being together was an evolution, until simply, he was led to the voice of reason that said an international thief was not a good match.

All his life he had more than he could say, manage, being trained as long as he remembered he could walk, so he could take over the organization, plus he was being probed on Um-Mu's orders if he wasn't. because that same order wanted to bring him and the dark lord together, this was not normal, but it was the first time, that a man, even his enemy and destroyer of humanity, wanted him.

It was a period when he faced the dark world, and saw something that only the other versions would see, changed his pragmatic mind to something more interesting to see and do...

Tsuki Miki realized he had trouble connecting, his connection having a relationship with the reformed thief known as the Panther Woman, he realized it was more...sexual, not emotional, he had trouble connecting, so he went to decide to put an end to this situation between them...

Vampires and werewolves have had a home with the city since ancient times, at that time, when they were solving business in his company, he would receive a bouquet of forest, no wonder, in addition to various gifts and chocolates in his house, which he had to keep in the big freezer.

Lately, even the demons had an interest in pulling the city out of corruption and human decay and out of the control of the mafia and crime, there was a strange interest there.

Sometime later...

Tsuki Miki had to save the world, sometimes he expected Felicity to be relatively well in the mansion, or looking around the cave, but that's not what he found...

After arresting those villains, he went to the police station, arriving at the cave with his limousine.

He had a series of problems, in which he was convinced by a demon to get rid of his stalker who suddenly drugged him, slept with him, and became pregnant.

- The proof of this was that he was called to the police station, it didn't take less than six months for the scammer to be arrested in one of his robberies around the mystical city.

That afternoon.

After arriving from the Delphis company.

Gerard was waiting for him.

At that time, knowing the secrets of all creatures, then, it was easy to know where everything could change, what he should say.

On his journey through the multiverse in which he was seeing its numerous versions of himself, he lost to an enhanced version of an ancient battle companion, but in reality, he was sent into various parts of the multiverse, then headed back towards to the moment he lost to his former allies.

So, he manipulated and forged a plan, something he could manipulate and alter so that everything could change.

At that time, he started having a troubled relationship with Felicity Kitten, at first, they broke up, then they got back together, then.

Tsuki, in turn, has a troubled relationship in which he cannot keep himself in short with nothing between them.

They went to the altar, she left him, they managed to return, then, in a miracle of fate, they got married, and then, If they regretted it, at least he regretted it, he held himself tight enough between his travels so that they could manipulate life around them as it had always been.

He was keeping a relationship going strong, but he couldn't focus on a single woman, he had his share of cheating, back and forth with his former lover.

A no wasn't always a word anyone could accept, the fact that they've already tried to destroy the earth the Moon and the universe as well, all this to add up with running the Delphos company.

When Tsuki Miki Delphos was following along with some assistants who were doing the company's monthly report, his 2-piece suit, which he wore in turquoise colour today.

Previously when everyone thought he was living in a happy relationship, which went downhill too quickly, at that time, when he was living in an unhappy relationship, which did not help or facilitate the tiredness that he was going back and forth with Felicity, at that time, he began to induce her to steal, whenever he went out to save the world.

A tall man of 1.80 in height, white and long hair, with a beautiful and muscular body who was running around, being trumpeted by his advisors and assistants, in which he was listening to reports regarding his company's data.

In the midst of arriving at the company meeting, Tsuki Miki Delphos was at the shareholders' meeting solving problems in the boardroom, it was an ordinary day, if his city wasn't home to the supernatural, lived under a mystical fissure, and he wasn't going through a difficult time.

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