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In addition to the fact that the Delphos company was administering and mediating a peace agreement between the dark gods and the forces of good, they were also organizing the end of year festivals.

He was being courted by the king of all monsters; the ancient god called Kurayami.

Daily, he thought that the ancient god would just try to destroy the land countless times, he would be stopped, but no, he accepted his own advances.

Being chased by a god was new to Tsuki Miki, he was trying to avoid closed places, lately it was that, or just hide.

The mediators, ambassadors, and representatives of the king of Kurayami, lord of vampires and werewolves who previously was trying to invade the human world, now that he was keeping life distant, sending chocolates, if that wasn't enough, he fought with his girlfriend, even though he was from facade.

On average and his failed relationships, this was the record 6 months of dating, until being together was an evolution, until simply, he was led to the voice of reason that said an international thief was not a good catch.

All in his life, he had more than he could say, manage, being trained as long as he remembered he could walk, so he could take control of the organization, plus he was being probed by Um-Mu's order, if not for the fact that that same order wanted to bring him and the dark lord together, this was not normal, but it was the first time, that a man even his enemy and destroyer of humanity wanted him.

It was a period when he faced the dark world, and saw something that only the other versions would see, it changed his pragmatic mind into something more interesting to see and do...

Tsuki Miki realized he had trouble connecting, his connection having a relationship with the reformed thief known as the Panther Woman, he realized it was more... sexual, not emotional, he had trouble connecting, so he went to plan to put an end to this situation between them...

Vampires and werewolves had a home with the city since ancient times, at that time, when they were resolving business in his company, he received a bouquet of forest, it was not for nothing, in addition to various gifts and chocolates in his house, which he had to store in the big freezer.

Lately, even the demons had an interest in raising the city from corruption and human decay and taking it out of the control of the mafia and crime, there was a strange interest there.

Sometime later...

Tsuki Miki had to save the world, sometimes he expected Felicity to be relatively well in the mansion, or looking around the cave, but that's not what he found...

When he arrested those villains, bound towards the police station, arriving at the cave with his limousine.

He had a number of problems, in which he was convinced by a demon to get rid of his persecutor who suddenly drugged him, slept with him, and got pregnant.

- The proof of this was that he was called to the police station, it didn't take less than six months for the scammer to be arrested in one of her robberies around the mystical city.

That afternoon.

After arriving from Delphos company.

Gerard was waiting for him.

- There's a problem, sir. - Said his faithful butler, he had barely arrived from his company at the end of a mission from the mystical dimension.

It was when he was returning from the transport center to rescue Karina that he was taken to the realm of Akropolis, between the dark dimensions and space, he felt guilty, and wanted to talk to the butler, but the air of the question, made him stop and stop your thoughts and guilt.

- What there was? – He questioned.

- Felicity was arrested. - Said Gerard, he realized that by the air of the word.

- Because Felicity was arrested...? – Tsuki Miki questioned walking towards her old friend.

- She was stealing. – Said Gerard.

- What? "That was the worst…"

Tsuki Miki was at the police station, a few hours later, he asked to enter the interrogation room, hours after she was released.

He had a plan to get rid of some of his problems.

Being able to say that what the police did not do, Tsuki Miki did, without being guilty of domestic violence of assault on women, much less femicide, he had Amasteus by his side, making it clear that nothing he did would get out of there.

Being able to say again, that she cried with pain and he with anger.

- You don't pay attention to me. - Felicity screamed.

- Women don't go out on the street to steal because their husbands don't pay attention. - Said Tsuki Miki.

- You lost our son. - He shouted.

- My body my Rules. - Said Felicity.

- Not when you have a baby inside. – Rebutted Tsuki Miki.

- Since we are talking about my body my rules. – Said Tsuki Miki, when she received a spat, after being slapped in the face.

- You want attention. - Said Tsuki Miki roared.

- So, I'll pay attention. - Said Tsuki Miki.

Then Tsuki Miki was turning her on his knee to spank her, only it didn't do more because when he took off his pants belt to hit her, which wasn't the drop, amidst Felicity kicking, and trying to get away to get punched in your face, so that in itself was the last straw.

In the end, she left there crying, at that moment, there was no evidence, bribing police, and justice to cover up her lack of control.

At that time, when she was caught red-handed, and he didn't even think about getting her out of there, the anger and betrayal were greater, in reality, he talked to Amasteus, an old lawyer from his parents' time, he helped him to cover up the beating.

In the end, no one believed her, when she screamed that she was beaten by her husband, they put in the corpus delicti examination that the injuries were all due to falling through the roofs in the middle of the escape.

He would keep them away, so, there in the middle of the prison he knew that when she fell into the media, in which she would be arrested, she would try to escape, she was burned in the middle of the thieves, in which she would have a measure of removal.

So, when those papers arrived when Felicity was still awaiting trial inside jail, this time he would make sure she stayed there for at least a year, as the reports said that Felicity had a fit and nearly ate the removal papers, that he left there in front of him, if it were possible, he would not see her for a long time.

He had his escapes, but he didn't get caught, Tsuki Miki should have known that nothing between them would work, which even what Felicity did, helped and gave an excuse to end everything that could happen, she would be the one he's a thieving thief and wouldn't give a man a whack or drug him for the next year.

It was six months of an unhappy relationship, in addition to a chase between a Stalker that made his life as bad and unhappy as possible, in general opinion, not that it was bad actually, but there were countless rumour’s, in which the divorce was quick and fell into mouth of the people, the media fell on them, all because a reporter friend of his after much blackmail and men who came to light of events with Leticia's help leaked in some way that he never came to understand.

There were those who came up there in the middle of the trial, claiming that they were Felicity's lover, from villains, to pickpockets, who had occasional deals, which in the end turned into a circus, he was the cuckold, all of that, all the secrets of what she was supposed to be. did on his back.

All her secrets that she supposedly did were unearthed, by him and Amasteus, even though Gerard travelled, practically drugged, and put on a plane with a security guard to prevent him from returning before two years.

It was, in general opinion, a quick marriage, unlike Felicity, who was caught in the middle of a robbery, along with two other villains, it was the Cat Man and the Calendar Man.

In addition to his contact with a thief and informant from the underworld, called Nightcrawler, who had a scheme of manipulations between an information network, using this to manage to escape, but were caught by Dark-Dragon in his escape, which he did along the way. back, when he arrived from Akropolis when he least expected it to happen so, so, soon.

Felicity, in turn, fell between alleys, when a policeman was shooting in her direction, even without knowing it, he could have caught her, halfway through Lovecraft County, when she was returning, so, as incredible as it seemed, they would testify against her., all for a witch hunt, of hooded thieves.

Decreasing their sentence, using her as if they knew the creator of the largest diamond in the world, and the British crown jewels, that she was the mastermind of the crime.

According to her, she shouldn't be caught, which at that point, she wore a panther outfit, to differentiate from the Cat Woman, as if another cat outfit with electric weapons, was a big change, which did not prevent her from being unmasked in the Final.

Which was a good thing, it would be a problem if they stayed married, he had new plans, and he couldn't stay married to Felicity that long if he kept it up, which he didn't tell, when he stopped paying attention to the woman and continued with the vigilantism.

Tsuki Miki had said, while hiding her identity better than she did, that somehow Felicity was taken towards the hospital, that's where she lost their baby.

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