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Forensic exams were carried out, what hurt the most was the fall, it was what the exams said, it was a miscarriage, due to the fall, not even that he said she should have stayed at home or waited for the child was born to be able to return to the supposed fight against crime, in the end...

Felicity had her secret escapades, while he faced Kurayami and returned to catch thieves from a museum, Felicity stole, all for the sake of escaping, she simply wanted to destroy his life, of everyone she could get her claws into.

At that time, Tsuki Miki made Gerard leave.

He was advised by his godfather Amasteus to keep the human away from the estate and his affairs.

- I need a year alone. - Said Tsuki Miki. – Or more than two. – He said towards Gerard.

The worried butler didn't agree, he offered a coffee towards the butler, when they drank it, the butler fell into his arms.

He paid for Gerard's extended vacation for a year, not to stay there, so he could actually put his plans into action.

Thinking about it, Tsuki Miki thought it best, two years away from him, putting a drugged Gerard towards a private plane, in short, the old man woke up in a luxury hotel.

Seeing that by the bedside, a personal friend of Tsuki Miki's would keep an eye on Gerard and not let him back so soon, so that Tsuki Miki would proceed with his plans, when the poor butler, called him enraged, about rights and kidnappings, but Tsuki Miki literally was adamant.

What that didn't coincide with his return, doing that kind of thing with a man who had treated him like a son and was a supposed father to him, Tsuki Miki laughing and saying, that life wasn't always the way they wanted.

Forcing the old butler, on a trip around the world, with everything paid, to know every part of the planet earth, he would have a guide who would keep an eye on him, to leave him in peace, and with that, not to prevent him from doing what he wanted. he had in mind....

- Like you, you can do this to me, I did everything for you. - Said the butler on the phone.

- I don't understand, what's going on? Gerard shouted.

- Gerard, you won't be able to come back before a year, it doesn't help any of that, I need you to stay out of Lovecraft County. - Said Tsuki Miki.

- I don't need any of that. - Said his butler.

- By the way. - Said Tsuki Miki. – The cards would be blocked and monitored, for looting and certain values, they would have Warriors directly to me, and you cannot return, before the established time.

- Damn it, boss, that's kidnapping. – Said Gerard.

Tsuki Miki needed to plan, and those plans didn't include Gerard, and neither did her prior knowledge of what he intended to do.

- No, it's not kidnapping, I didn't put you in false imprisonment, nor did I arrest you somewhere, I'm sending you towards various parts of the world, you can very well enjoy your time. - Said Tsuki Miki.

In Felicity's case, this year, he wouldn't have to worry about her for a long time, unless she ran away.

She would be trapped in the Black Gate for a year if she didn't escape, and if she did, she would be an outlaw by now, she would have time to plan what to do while he had neither Gerard nor Felicity to get in his way.

Keeping Dick at bay, and any of the boys, in that as well a plan to keep members of the Warriors Society of Heroes at bay.

He would have a few weeks to plan...

4 weeks later...

In between his comings and goings to and from the company and the mansion, he struck up a deal with a few partners who happened to be demons involved in a gambling ring.

Tsuki Miki dabbled in gambling, and it was a gambling house that no hero would enter, but with demons that would, that was just an invitation, which he accepted, interesting to say, that he was inspired.

Initially, he shouldn't have, but he did, it wasn't against the rules, but no one stopped him from doing it either.

4 weeks after the demons bet...

Tsuki Miki was falling towards some ruins, there was an earthquake, he fell from the crater, falling towards cracks and with a part of his trunk being pierced, vertically.

He had a sharp rock, which had pierced him vertically, its fine point, with a thick extension, pierced from his shoulder towards a lung.

As he broke his spine with the fall, at that time, Tsuki Miki didn't know if he was going to die from the haemorrhaged, or from his punctured lung, or if they stayed alive on a bed.

There were numerous buildings in ruins, in addition to sharp rocks, close to his spine, the fall itself that made him break his spine, he did not move, above him, he had seen, not counting the fact that sharp rock.

That was Astro-Star who was on top of him, a part of the sharp rock tip, had pierced Astro-Star's shoulder who was on top of him.

- Tsuki Miki... - Astro-Star tried.

- I know you're a good person, but I don't think I'll last. - Said Tsuki Miki.

- They will arrive. - Said Astro-Star.

- Do not speak. - Tried Tsuki Miki. - Stay quiet. - Said Tsuki Miki.

- It's so beautiful. - Said Tsuki Miki.

Astro-Star felt the hot blood splash and spread on that floor, her body on Tsuki Miki's, feeling the blood, there was rubble all around them.

- I don't know. - Said Tsuki Miki. “I had faith in you that you would do no wrong. - He said.

- Shut up Tsuki Miki. - He requested. – I hear your heart.

- You're heavy, Kal. - Said Tsuki Miki.

The vision of the man under him blurred, he saw a light, he was a beautiful person, he didn't know if it was a man or a woman, what mattered was that he was beautiful, and he gave his hand extending in his direction,

- Come with me. - Said the voice.

- Yes, I will go with you. – Said Tsuki Miki, he raised his hand from the arm that wasn't pierced, whose blood was spreading on the floor, he took the hands of that beautiful red-haired man.

- It's so beautiful. - Said Tsuki Miki, he's calling me, he extended his hand that caught him.

Tsuki Miki Delphos fell into unconsciousness, when, he heard a scream, followed by a light.

Three weeks ago.

There was a particularly loud earthquake that wasn't destructive because of Astro-Star and some Helionians.

Occurring in the busy streets of Golden Valley, it occurred its fracturing, where some of Luther's properties, which in the meantime, was an old building, or even what was Luther's property, were working directly for him.

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