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They were sending experts and scholars, and scientists to carry out studies, scholars, and archaeologists, who were there in the course of research.

They discovered ruins, an ancient city with temples relatively intact under the sewers of Golden Valle the entire city, there were other buildings that they were researching, among these there was an ancient civilization, mummifications, and ancient ones, prior to the year 1300.

There were tunnels that collapsed, which for more than a month or more were doing research.

Among them was organized by Luther, who were funding it out of pure interest, in addition to there being many relics and monuments, in addition to what would be an image, statues of what would be a huge Dark-Dragon.

These were three images that interspersed a reptilian man like that of a demon or dragon, there was in the center the shape of a man and at the extreme a hybrid form between the three shapes, there were inscriptions, it would give money with excursions and tourism.

It all started a few weeks ago...

Many archaeologists were hired, and he was directly involved in.

Being poor wasn't easy, and getting old wasn't easy either...

Because of Joker, he couldn't maintain the Dark-Dragon persona for long, spent his afternoon with a headache, and headed towards the cave, he was what he thought, going out for a drink, thinking about his retirement.

The man didn't say, if a miracle came along and he changed his mind, yes, then, he needed some time, the headache really got worse to the point of looking for a doctor, which was at the end of that week, he was done a few exams, the diagnosis came, as for the diagnosis of terminal brain tumours, stage 4, there was no stage 5... which would be unnecessary and all a cheap emotion.

Ali had some investigations, which would prevent that, if he told anyone they caused a commotion, which he didn't need, in which he wouldn't last long as a crime fighter, if he didn't turn up a miracle beyond the Lazarus pits, or that he would earn some money to prolong his life, but let's be frank.

Tsuki Miki didn't want to prolong her life for too long... unless he could do it in a way that would bring about the least consequences, Pits of Lazaro was out of the question.

Now, he found that it wouldn't last anyway, he needed some time away, he wouldn't live at all, his life gave what it had to give, he did his best.

Lately, he thought of sending a letter, to avoid complications, to everyone there, he needed a break, a sabbatical from the cape, which wouldn't really be a year.

It would be one more life, but he changed his mind, and simply said so, when he held an urgent meeting in the watchtower, gathering all the heroes there around the big table and meeting.

- I'm going to take a gap year for myself, at the end of the month I'm going to travel. - He said. "And if all goes well, I'll come back." - Said Tsuki Miki.

- Today will be my last day at Warriors Society of Heroes. - Said Tsuki Miki. - At least for a while. - Said Tsuki Miki.

- What are you going to do, bat? – He Green Arrow.

- I'm going on a journey of self-discovery, and training again. - Said Dark-Dragon.

- Will you come back later? – It was Hal.

– Not for now, I won't come back. - Said Tsuki Miki.

– I'm getting too old to fight. - Said Tsuki Miki.

“A lot of people stronger than me are coming along. - Said Tsuki Miki.

- I also don't want to go back for now, I have to enjoy my free time a little on my vacation. Tsuki said.

– Take a gap year. - Said Tsuki Miki.

“I have to keep the bones I have left whole. - Said Tsuki Miki.

- I want to enjoy my old age that is coming. - Said Tsuki Miki.

“I don't want to fight anymore, at least for now. - Said Tsuki Miki.

– I will leave the new generation. - Said Tsuki Miki.

- So, a year without you, dragon. Hal said.

- One year. - Said Tsuki Miki. - I'm going away at the end of the month. - Said Tsuki Miki.

So, they got out of there.

Tsuki was heading towards a bar, hidden from human eyes, in addition to gossips, paparazzi and reporters on duty.

At that time, when disguising himself, Tsuki thought that he would not be recognized by anyone, so he would not be approached or cornered, however, he was wrong.

As far as he knew they were projected, like holograms, and seen by all the televisions, only the backs of their bodies were seen.

The Presence appeared above them, accompanied by others, like Lucifer and Neron and the others who appeared beside him at the bar, which Tsuki Miki drank, he looked around.

His images appeared like mirrors of water, above the clouds and buildings of Lovecraft County City, Golden Valley, Central City, Star City, and all other superhero cities.

Astro-Star loomed above the skies and buildings of Golden Valle and tried unsuccessfully to punch The Presence's faces but passed right through him.

- We didn't come here to fight. – Said Lucifer. – But to propose a deal. - Said the angel of the morning.

- We are couriers and gamblers. Trigon said.

- Damn, I already told you, no. Tsuki said.

- Hear us out, at least. - Lucifer said.

- Your union with the king of Kurayami may be beneficial. - Lucifer said.

- Beneficial as, moreover, I know that they did not come just for that. Tsuki said.

- We are here to announce to all heroes, a way to earn money. that will be worth gold. - Said The Presence. – You bet with us, so we try to convince you of the relationship. – Each one of them said.

- We propose to all heroes, they are not obliged to do it if they don't want to. Trigon said.

- What do you think we would do that? - Asked Astro-Star. – Do you think we will do something for you? - Questioned the man of steel.

- They will not be obliged, but if they do. Trigon said. – You will receive 700 billion dollars and 30 gold bars.

- You know, we won't leave you alone. – So, he heard them say.

- When two innocent heroes of sin from each of the cities, without being obliged to do so, must if you want to kill in two weeks, 7 innocent people. Trigon said.

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