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Late at night at the Nightclub

As soon as he returned to his home, a certain young master with a darkened face and slightly narrowed deep eyes leaned against the sofa. His devilishly handsome face, coupled with his 1.85 meter tall perfect figure, made quite a few women in the bar stare blankly at the second floor, their eyes filled with infatuation.

However, due to the man's terrifying cold aura, these women did not have the courage to do so even if they had this kind of heart.

The man seemed to be thinking about something. His brows were slightly furrowed, and his face revealed a slightly tired expression.

This cold and handsome man was the crown prince of the Gu Clan, Gu Yuchen.

The Gu family, the largest financial group of the A Country. Its business was widespread. Not only that, but the Gu Clan had quite a reputation in other countries as well, and there were quite a few groups that wanted to curry favor with the Gu Clan. It could be said that the Gu Clan had founded its own empire.

As for Gu Yuchen, he was a rare talent in the business world. Not only was he handsome, his methods were vicious. Anyone who offended him would have a miserable ending. At just 22 years of age, he already had a large company of his own in the country of S, and in the business world, he was a terrifying character.

If not for her sudden disappearance, perhaps he would never have returned to A Nation in this lifetime.

He would not be sitting here right now.

Gu Yu Chen's brows were knitted heavily. He suddenly thought of what the girl had told him five years ago. He was in a bad mood, and his entire being seemed to be even more agitated …

"Get lost, I don't want to see you again." Never. " The girl said angrily with a determined expression.

Gu Yu Chen's expression instantly turned extremely unsightly. No one had ever dared to speak to him like that, and only she …

"Are you sure?" Gu Yu Chen asked coldly, "Never?"

"Yes, I will never see you again in this life." The girl clenched her fist and said resolutely, "From now on, I have nothing to do with you, Gu Yuchen. Even if we were to meet on the road, we would still be strangers. "

"Very good." Surprisingly, Gu Yu Chen did not get angry with her. He only said two words coldly before turning around and walking away. He did not turn around to look at the girl again, and even … There was not a trace of nostalgia.

However, a month ago, she had actually disappeared.

"Chen, where do you think this Xiao Xiao girl can go? Even with the power of our two families, we are unable to find anyone. " The person who came was Gu Yu Chen's best friend, Feng Zexi. He was also one of the fourth young masters of A Nation. His words pulled Gu Yu Chen back from his thoughts.

Gu Yu Chen didn't say anything and looked at the first floor of the bar with his cold eyes.

On the dance floor, all kinds of women were shaking their bodies. Only one girl appeared to be at odds with all of this.

Her body was covered with wounds, and there were scars on her face. It seemed like she was scalded, and she was already very inflamed.

She was being held down by a chain, as if she was holding onto a dog, and was struggling to clean up the empty bottles on the ground. Everywhere she passed, people would despise her, and there were even some people who would kick her, pull her, and when they saw her embarrassed look, they would all burst out laughing.

The girl's aquamarine eyes were very big and very beautiful. The only difference was that they lacked brightness and were a little dimmer. Her eyes seemed to be devoid of any hope, empty and hopeless.

Wait, aqua blue …

"Chen, what are you looking at? So serious? "

Luo Yuze, who was also one of the fourth young masters of A Nation, walked to Gu Yuchen's side. He looked down and was startled. "Damn, how can there be such an ugly woman?" Luo Yuze said with a disdainful look on her face, and even pretended to vomit.

Gu Yu Chen didn't say anything and just rolled his eyes.

The girl's eyes were like hers, the same watery blue.

Luo Yuze looked at Gu Yuchen and was a bit surprised. Could it be that Gu Shenwei had a fetish for women? He didn't like beauties, but he did like ugly women like them. If he had known earlier, he would have found an ugly woman for him.

Gu Yu Chen called out, "Gu Yan."

Gu Yan suddenly appeared in front of Gu Yu Chen like a phantom. "Young Master Gu."

"Go, investigate that woman for me. "Be fast."

Gu Yu Chen pointed at the woman who was locked downstairs and ordered.

Gu Yan replied, "Yes." Then he disappeared into the darkness again.

Feng Zexi understood Gu Yuchen and knew that he wasn't the type of person who would be interested in women. Of course, Mu Xiaoxiao was an exception.

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