Feng Ze Xi also walked in the direction of Gu Yu Chen. He also looked down curiously, "What's wrong?"

Feng Ze Xi followed Gu Yu Chen's gaze and looked at the girl. With just that one glance, Feng Ze Xi's eyes suddenly widened, and he exclaimed, "Little girl Xiao Xiao?"

Gu Yu Chen tilted his head and looked at Feng Zexi. He frowned slightly with an unfathomable expression on his face. What did you say? "

Feng Ze Xi was also frightened by his own thoughts. He shook his head, "Impossible, impossible …" He continued saying, "It's not her, it's not her …"

In the years that Gu Yu Chen had left, Feng Zhe had always been by Mu Xiaoxiao's side. How could he not know what Mu Xiaoxiao was like now? Even if Gu Yu Chen admitted his wrongs after not seeing Mu Xiaoxiao for so many years, he would never admit his wrongs. But that girl … Feng Ze Xi looked at the girl downstairs with a deeper meaning in his eyes. She looked like him, she really looked too much like him, especially her eyes.

Gu Yu Chen looked at Feng Ze Xi, who had a conflicted expression on his face. He frowned deeply. It was one thing if he admitted his wrongs, but now, even Xi …

Besides, even though they hadn't met in five years, Gu Yuechan still believed that regardless of how much she, Mu Xiaoxiao, had changed in the past few years, he would be able to recognize her immediately.

The girl with the halo had fair skin and a pair of beautiful, watery blue eyes. She was slightly baby fat, but she seemed very cute. At that time, no matter how one looked at her, Mu Xiaoxiao was still a beauty. No matter how they looked at her, they couldn't connect the two of them together.

"Chen, it can't be her." Feng Ze Xi withdrew his gaze, and calmly said, "Little girl Xiao Xiao, she is the number one beauty of A Country. Look at that woman, how could she be even the slightest bit like her?" Although it was similar, it couldn't be. The current little girl Xiao Xiao was a beauty that could topple nations. As for the number one beauty of A Nation, Feng Zexi tried his best to calm his heart. He repeatedly told himself that this woman definitely wasn't Mu Xiaoxiao.

In any case, as long as he could find out what had happened to the woman, everything would become clear.

Even Feng Zexi felt that that woman was very similar to Mu Xiaoxiao. Gu Yuchen was very excited, but his expression still remained unchanged. He still had that icy face of his. Damn it, why was this Gu Yan so inefficient at critical moments?

Right now, even if Gu Yu Chen wanted to bring the woman downstairs back, he had to first confirm whether she was Mu Xiaoxiao before he would go snatch her away. If not, then … The life or death of that woman was already at five levels with him, so he wouldn't meddle in her business, and he wasn't the kind of person who liked to meddle in other people's business.

Gu Yu Chen once again shifted his gaze downstairs. He suddenly widened his eyes. That woman … He was gone. In the blink of an eye, he was gone.

Gu Yuchen clenched his fists. Damn it, how could he let her disappear right in front of his eyes? He couldn't do it, and he definitely wouldn't allow it. His eyes never moved away from the ground floor. He searched for a long time, but he couldn't find the woman.

"Young Master Gu." At some point, Gu Yan had appeared behind Gu Yuchen, and his voice didn't sound emotional at all.

"Speak." Gu Yuchen tried his best to make his voice sound calm, but the restlessness in his heart had long been uncontrollable.

Luo Yuze and Lu Yiqi had already surrounded him. They all knew that Gu Yu Chen wasn't one to get too close to women, but this Mu Xiaoxiao was one of his most outstanding disciples. Therefore, they were very curious about this Mu Xiaoxiao.

As for that woman, they also wanted to know if she was the person Gu Yuchen had been looking for.

Gu Yan raised his head and glanced at Gu Yuchen. Since Gu Yuchen had his back facing him the entire time, he couldn't see his expression. In that moment, he felt a little guilty.

"That woman is called Ah Chou. She is 21 years old this year. It is said that she was a servant bought from the Mu Clan when the Mu Clan went bankrupt." Gu Yan weakly replied, "I don't have anything else."

Could it be a coincidence that he was 21 years old and was from the Mu Clan? No, he never believed in coincidences. Even if she wasn't Mu Xiaoxiao, he still had to find her just because she was a member of the Mu Family.

"Trash, scram for this young master."

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