Gu Yu Chen didn't say anything else and hung up the phone. He dialed a number and left. After saying a few words, he left the room.

On the other side, after Feng Ze Xi hung up the phone, he used all of his resources to start a big search. Even if he had to turn the country upside down, he still had to find her.

Luo Yuze and Lu Yiqi had heard the news from who knows where, so they naturally wouldn't let go of an opportunity to flatter Royal Chen. Thus, they started to look for this woman called 'Ah Chou'.

For a time, the entire country was in chaos. All the Wealthy Class families seemed to be looking for this woman called 'Ah Chou'.

"Alright, I understand. I'll do it right away." Feng Zexi's voice, which was still calm, came over from the other end of the phone.


My name is Mu Xiaoxiao, and I was born in the Mu Family of A Nation. My family is a flourishing business in A Nation, and I have an outstanding father and a gentle mother. I am the little princess whom others envy, I live very happily.

Of course, my happiness isn't only limited to that. I also have two little bamboo horses that make people jealous. Others can be envious of them, but I have two!

They, one is called Gu Yuchen, one of them, the crown prince of the A Nation's Gu Clan, and they are overweeningly tyrannical. This person is a master that cannot be offended, otherwise, he will die a tragic death, but he was very good to me, he took care of me since I was young, but I have always been quarreling with him, hmm ~ He doesn't seem to be angry, but instead has a happy look about it. Growing up, every time I saw him, my heart would beat faster. Later on, I found out that this was what I called liking him, but I didn't know if he would like me too. Wu … So shy ~

The other was called Feng Zexi, the heir to the Feng Group in A Nation. He was also very handsome, but not as handsome as Gu Yu. He was a very gentle person with a very good temper, but he always called me 'little girl Xiao Xiao', hmph, he's already grown up, how can I call him that. I always treated him like a big brother, he used to tell me, "Little Xiao, just be my bride when you grow up." But she wanted to be Gu Yuchen's bride.

The two of them, one is my prince, the one I want to marry when I grow up, the other is my knight, the one who has been silently protecting me, I feel that I must be the happiest girl in the world, although I am not the real princess, but I am living a life even happier than the princess.

Gu Yu Chen and Feng Ze Xi are both one year older than me, so in order to let me study with him, Gu Yu Chen dragged me along to go to kindergarten, primary school, middle school, high school …

When I was 15 years old when I first entered high school, because of the difference in the results of the middle school exam, we weren't assigned to the same class. When I was 15 years old when I first entered high school, because of the gap in the results of the middle school exam, we weren't assigned to the same class.

As soon as they entered the school, they got to know a beautiful girl in their class. She had fair skin, fragile skin, big eyes, and she also looked very spiritual, and her figure was also very good. She also seemed to like Gu Yuchen very much, and when they saw that he was always smiling and pestering her, Gu Yuchen didn't seem to hate her, so she let her follow him whenever she liked.

Even though I had met her a few times, I wasn't very familiar with her. All I knew was that she was called 'Yue ZhiNing'.

Damn Gu Yu Chen, don't you know, if you do this, will I get jealous? Or do you like her?

Gu Yuchen was very annoying. He didn't know that the 15-year-old girl already knew how to love beauty. I always say that my face is round, and I have a lot of flesh on my body, but … but … but I don't want to be fat … I'm fat, so naturally, I can't compare to the little beauty by your side. Furthermore, I can't control myself when I see delicious food.

This girl's appearance made me realize for the first time that Gu Yuchen liked her, so I shouldn't have taken him for myself. I think … I'd better stay away from Gu Yuchen.

During these three years in high school, my relationship with Gu Yuchen underwent a series of changes, and I no longer bickered with him. No matter what he said, I agreed to keep my distance from him.

At the age of 17, we graduated from senior year of high school. Through my own hard work, I finally entered one of the key universities in the city. It was also because of the hardships of high school that I lost a lot of weight. It was really something to be happy about.

However, with Gu Yu Chen's and Feng Ze Xi's grades, they should have been able to go to a better university. I don't know why, but the two of them actually went to the same university as me.

Of course, there was also that girl called 'Yue ZhiNing'. She seemed to have made up her mind to follow Gu Yuchen, to study what he did, and to study what she did as well. It was extremely hateful. Do you want to go to college? It was really enough.

One day a week before school started, I received a text message from Gu Yuchen. He told me to come to the Autumn Maple Garden. He said he was waiting for me there. There was something very important he wanted to tell me.

What could be important? I looked for him in anticipation, but the scene that I saw made me feel like I was going to collapse. That girl called Yue ZhiNing was actually nestled in his embrace, hugging his waist tightly, even looking at him lovingly. At this moment, I feel my heart is so painful, breathing becomes so difficult.

Damn Gu Yuchen, did you call me here just to show me this? He wanted to tell me that you already have a girlfriend, telling me to stop dreaming and pestering you?

"Chen, didn't you say that you always treated Mu Xiaoxiao as a toy? Once you get tired of it, you throw it away? " When the girl's voice reached my ears, she just looked at Gu Yuchen affectionately.

"So what if I am?" Gu Yuchen also looked at her. He had his back to me, so I couldn't see his expression, but he didn't push her away. I think his eyes must also be very affectionate.

Wait, even though Yue ZhiNing had said that I was his toy, he … he actually did not deny it? Did he really treat me like a toy all along? Am I really just a toy in his heart? Aren't we childhood friends?

No, I can't stay here any longer. I want to leave, I have to leave before Gu Yuchen discovers me.

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