Aren't We All Loners/C1 A loveless marriage
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Aren't We All Loners/C1 A loveless marriage
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C1 A loveless marriage

I never thought in a lifetime that I would be a loner but I guess life had a different plan, I had socialites at my feet even though I seemed like a white lotus . I was named the queen of socialites, of course because I came from one of the richest four powerful families in the country and to add I was the future Mrs wang.

But guess what that was all a facade on the outside, I never was truly happy.

In fact I would have preferred marrying a poor man who loved me, but of course I had responsibilities as the first child of the fu's family.

I was betrothed to kelvin wang who was five years older than me after I was conceived by my mother who loved me dearly but my dad only saw me as a tool who would acquire him more wealth and expand his empire.

I was really smart young lady I graduated from high school at the age of fourteen and errolled

In the university at the age of fifteen, I got married to kelvin wang at the age of eighteen who already took over wang enterprise at the age of twenty three. I then graduated out of harvard university with a degree in psychology and business management.

I then started working at wang enterprise at the age of twenty as the vice president of wang enterprise and carried out all my so called husband work while he slept around with his various mistresses.

After five years of a worthless marriage kelvin came home with an angry expression and told me he wanted to make love,

"Kelvin what is wrong with you" tamira said with a wary expression.

"Can't I make love to my wife" kelvin said while kissing tamira on the neck sheepishly .

"Are you okay" tamira asked, "shh"kelvin kissed the sensitive part of her neck making her moan loudly, he the adjusted himself on the bed separating tamira's thighs apart with his left hand while his right hand opens the buttons of tamira's night shift and swiftly open her bra causing tamira to moan louder he then left her lips, to her neck kissing, bitting, sulking ever part until he reached her breast and brought his two hands to massage her breast which made her nipples stand errect and then he started sulking her nipples making tamira to orgasms in her silk lace panties, kelvin kept bitting and sulking till her nipples became pink

and then he started moving downward till he removed her night shorts followed by her silk lace panties and inserted his index finger in her "no touchy area" and made her groan louder, he then inserted two fingers which made her clamp her legs together in shock but because of his strength she wasn't successful and the he then started pushing his fingers in and out of her sweet spot making her orgasms more than she could count then he immediately stood up and remove all his clothes and his underwear, making tamira blush heavily and the he layed on the bed and inserted his dick in her sweet spot, he figured out she was a virgin and waited for her to be accommodated with the invasion and started moving slowly and passionately, before moving faster and fierce which made her orgasms and they both reached their climax and kelvin collapsed on her and slept still inside her.

New chapter is coming soon
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