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C3 Third Chapter

In a bright coloured painted room,a boy who was very beautiful as a girl laid down playing with his toy cars. A woman walked into the room room and grabbed both his hands while glaring at him from where she stood.

* Mom? *

Hinata looked at his mom confused while she frowned looking at the toy cars in his hands.

* Ain't you an adult? *

his mom asked snatching the toy cars away. Hinata flinched nodding his head slightly.

* Now you're the step-brother of Kageyama the son of the most wealthiest man in the country, And you shouldn't be seen playing with such toys.

She voiced out as she threw the toys in the dumpster. Hinata teared up as he backed away from his mom. His mom fumed with anger.

* Baby Hinata... from now on we're going to live in luxury and you shouldn't behave pathetically, I married him because of his wealth,you shouldn't ruin this for me. *

.She forced a smile making Hinata tremble with fear,for he feared his mother,she was the type who will do anything to get what she want. At the same time Kageyama was walking over to Hinata's room and overheard their conversation. He thought they both had planned from the very beginning. He barged into the room and they all went silent,looking at each other.

* I am my father's only son and I'll inherit every assets of his. You'll get nothing from me. *

Kageyama slammed the door as he walked out of the room. Hinata's mom fumed more with anger as she looked at her son.

* This is all your doing right?, even if i have to sell you to live in luxury,I will. Giving birth to you hasn't rewarded me with anything,I don't see the meaning of your existence. From now on you're going to be a slave to me. *

Kageyama developed hatred for Hinata and his mom,He was set on driving them out of his life and that of his father. He bullied Hinata when his father wasn't around,abused him,locked him in dark basements. Hinata was always bruised but when asked he always told a different story from what actually happened to him.

Hinata never blamed Kageyama for whatever Kageyama does to him,his mom was to blame for it all,for she wanted to ruin a perfectly happy family who took them in.

* please let me go! Let Go, I don't wanna go in there. *

Hinata cried as Kageyama dragged him.

* Who are you trying to seduce by acting all weak and vulnerable?Just shut up and stay inside *

Kageyama angrily said to him

* Please let me out * Hinata begged and bang on the door till he fainted.

* Somebody come and save me...save me * Hinata thought.

Kageyama opened the door in a haste it went quiet,Hinata was taken to the hospital.Kageyama's father was very furious when he heard Kageyama has been bullying his younger brother.He made Kageyama promised not to ever do that again,from then Kageyama was to protect Hinata.

Since then Hinata and Kageyama mostly spent time together. Hinata started developing some feelings for Kageyama because of how nice he was to him,he always protected him. Hinata couldn't believe Kageyama would be this nice to him. He never blamed Kageyama for bullying him,for it was his mom who brought about the hatred. Kageyama's father became very ill and passes on. After his death, Hinata's mom became very anxious for she wasn't given any inheritance, everything was giving to Kageyama and Hinata,but Hinata hadn't taken the inheritance from Kageyama.She had to find a way to receive some inheritance. She invited Kageyama's families and convinced them to plan an arranged marriage between Kageyama and Hinata,since Kageyama was gay and he was now very closed to Hinata they didn't see it to be a problem.

She convinced Hinata saying Kageyama had agreed to the marriage, Hinata was very pleased to hear that and he agreed. Kageyama had no say in the matter since his families had already agreed and planned the marriage. Kageyama didn't spend the night after the marriage, Hinata thought he had something to take care of that's why he couldn't spend the night with him. The next morning,the maid informed Hinata of Kageyama's return.

* Knock*Knock *

Kageyama,the maid said you've returned........

* no response *

I'm coming on Kageyama. He walked in the room and found Kageyama asleep in the couch,he extended his hand to touch Kageyama's face, Kageyama suddenly opened his eyes.

* Who said you could come in? * Kageyama angrily asked him

* I...... * Kageyama cut him off before he could say anything.

* you're showing the same face as back then,as if I did something wrong to you again. *

Kageyama grabbed Hinata's hand tightly,

* It hurts *

Hinata yelped out in pain. Kageyama released his hand, Hinata fell and crashed into the framed pic of Kageyama's father.

* I... I D... Didn't mean it,it was an accident..... * Hinata quickly said to him

* Thank God it's okay *

Kageyama thought. * Smack * He slapped Hinata across the face.

* Who are you to come in here?,Who allowed you to touch my stuff? Do you really hate my so much,Your mother did really married my father for his wealth. You really are her son. *

Kageyama said and sneered at him

* N...No, I don't, I really didn't mean to break it, I don't want the inheritance. *

* Shut up * Kageyama ordered.

* Even if we're married,don't think in the slightest that I'll love you even a bit. *

Kageyama angrily said to him

* Mom said you wanted the marriage,that's why I agreed. I thought you loved me back..... *

Hinata defended himself

* ha ha ha ha ha ha a bunch of slutty liars * Kageyama thought.

* I'll make your life a living hell dear Wife

he smirked at Hinata.

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