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C4 Fourth Chapter

Hinata's eyes brimmed with tears threatening to fall down his cheeks.

* You're going to be having sleepless nights from now on. *

Kageyama said to Hinata. Hinata's tears started to fall down his cheeks as he stared up Kageyama's face, Kageyama harshly grabbed his waist and pulled him towards him. * Ughhhh * a painful yelp escaped his mouth and Kageyama suddenly licked the side of Hinata's lips.

* I'm going to f**k you *

he voiced out as he licked Hinata's lips once more. Hinata trembled and clenched his shirt tightly while nodding his head. He was so scared as he shut his eyes tightly. Kageyama rubbed his fingers on Hinata's lips and kissed him harshly, Hinata had his lips shut tightly, Kageyama bit his down lip demanding entrance. Kageyama kissed and sucked Hinata's lips and tongue till Hinata broke the kiss to catch his breath.

Kageyama roughly pushed Hinata to the bed. " Ughh" ! Hinata yelled as he felt a sharp pain, Kageyama wrapped his hands around Hinata's waist and continued to kiss him roughly and passionately. Kageyama broke the kiss staring at Hinata lustfully,

* Well, Well, Well *

He grinned darkly and slyly.

* look how ready you're for me. *

Hinata got flushed red, Kageyama chuckled while unbuttoning his shirt. He unbuckled his belt wrapping it around his palm. Hinata started to tremble with fear,

* please .. D .. Don't hit m .. m .. me ... p ... p ... please. *

Hinata started sobbing when Kageyama chuckled again.

* Hit you ? Well, I guess not really. *

Kageyama smirked while flipping Hinata over, his ass up on the bed. Hinata glanced at Kageyama who bound his hands with his belt. " Ahhh" ! He moaned and flushed red all over as Kageyama spanked his ass with his big hard erected dick. Kageyama pulled down Hinata's clothes and stared at his flushed red ass. A small sly lustful smirk formed on Kageyama's face and he licked his lips.

* Hinata's ass seemed as if it was waiting for a very hard dick to spank it till it turns redder * Kageyama thought.

* This plumped butt of yours is waiting to get spanked really hard *

Kageyama licked his lips impatiently slightly groaning. " Wh .... what "? Hinata tried to look back at Kageyama when he suddenly spanked His plumped round flushed butt!

* Aaahhhcckk ! ~ *

* Spank * !

* Spank * !

* Spank * !

* Spank * !

* Spank * !

* Spank * !

" Aaahhhc Kk ~ Angh ~ Ahh ~ "

Hinata's loud and erotic moans filled the room and Kageyama's dick twitched hearing those sinful and lecherous moans. " call me daddy " He ordered and insert a finger into Hinata's butt hole while giving it a teasing lick. Hinata's butt cheeks were red and had traces of Kageyama's hands. " Daddy "? Hinata called out feeling all flushed red looking at Kageyama with teary eyes.

* Don't look at me with such sinful and lecherous look. *

Kageyama groaned and suddenly started to tease Hinata's butt hole with the tip of his dick. It was hard and big with blue veins showing. Hinata groaned and yelped. Hinata gulped his saliva and backed off trembling.

* Th .... This is w ... w ... way too big *

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