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C2 Jobs

Sapphire Walter.

I'm literally paid to talk to people which is good since I love talking like a lot that Emily and Ethan beg me to stop, Emily apologized to me about her outburst as I just chuckled.

"It's fine Emily,you're his fiance okay. So expect you to kick his butt once or twice when he misbehaves".

She smiled at me "Oh I'm already doing that since he's so I don't have words to describe him".

"But you love me".Ethan said

"Unfortunately yes,"Emily sighed .

He kissed her on the lips as I look at them with disgust because they're literally exchanging salivas and bacteria with each other, They laugh at my expression as she kissed his cheeks.

"You know when you're married or dating someone you'll kiss them too".Emily said

"Emily, don't put ideas in her mind".Ethan whined as I rolled my eyes.

"Okay, lovebirds are you also going to tell me how your nights together are, now I need to see dad bye".I said

I go to my father study room as he sat on his chair like does villains revealing their selves to superhero as I take a sit.

"Dad, it this about joining the family busy again?".

"Nope, but there's always room for you fire".He said

"Thanks dad but I'm a therapist and I own a bakery so I think I'm fine".

"Yeah sure, I called you here to place an order".

"Dad, I can't charge you. I make our order and Ill do them for free".

"Fire, don't mix family with business. Now twenty coconut cupcakes with your triple s'mores cookies".He said

"Okay, it will be ready by Friday.".

"Okay, here's my pay".He said handing me an envelope.

"Thanks dad,".

I entered my room as I called Ted my best friend since highschool explain I need his help to make order as he's going to help me as I put on my apron.

I started by making the batters for the cupcake and the cookies as I allow them sit for a while because the door bell rang as Emily does to answer the door.

"Ted!".I exclaimed scaring the both of them as they rolled their eyes.

"Hey crazy,".Ted said standing beside me.

"That's me, now let's get this done".

We made the cupcakes and cookies but let the kitchen messy with batter and we look like monster with batter on our faces.

"Good job Teddy".

"Good job crazy".

Ted cleaned up the kitchen as I went to take a shower then go and deliver it to dad's office before he gets there, I put on some jeans with a blue sleeveless top and my hair in two little buns.

"Okay, I'm ready teddy".I said going downstairs.

"Awesome, can I go home now?".

"Oh yeah thanks".

He hugs with his batter hands just to piss me off like he does everytime as there's now batter on my hands again as he runs to the door.

"You guys will make a good couple you know".Emily said taking the leftover cookies.

My eyes widened as the hand towel falls of my hands very dramatic of me right yeah, I'm a drama queen.

"No, we are just friends and you know what Ethan will say if he knows you're trying to hook me up".

"I'm not afraid of him, do your worst".

I take a deep breath" Ethan, Emily is trying to hook me up again".I yelled as Emily glared at me.

He rushes downstairs with pure torture in his face" Emily, we have been through this already she's way to young to date".

"Point of correction, I'm twenty one and I'm not young okay? I have not just seen my prince charming yet ".I said.

"C'mon Ethan, I was just messing around with her okay? And she's sneaks out at night to see that Jerome dude".She lied covering her mouth like she was not supposed to say that.

"What".Ethan and I shout at the same time as he faces me and Emily is holding her laughter.

"Ethan, Me with Jerome c'mon Emily is obviously trying to make you mad at me".

He looked at me then Emily with an expression that I will be watching both of you

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