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C3 Contract

Anthony Jones.

My father is spitting nonsense to me right now as I watch him talk abosolute trash like who arranges their sons marriage with some stranger.

"So you're getting married".My father said with a stern voice.

I sighed knowing this not going to end well " Dad, look I'm way to wrong to be married to anyone and even to be committed to them for the best of my life".

"You're too young to be married but you whore around with lady Everytime and if I was not committed to your mother will you be here right now".

"I don't whore around, you love mom okay but I don't even know who I'm getting married to".

"Should I show you evidence of your late night trips to room 106 Anthony? Look you know this girl because you went to the same highschool with her and you were even in the same class with her".

"Oh awesome".I said sacarasm as I could muster" Dad, look I don't want to get married because I have lots to do to this company okay?".

He looked at me adjusting his glasses" Since it has come to this, your mother and I discussed that if you don't get married to this girl all the security,shares and debuntures will go to your brother Ryan".

My eyes widened like I built this company with all my power and strength and if I don't married to this girl my life will not be the same".

"How'd you even know this girl?".

He smiled as his eyes sparked with so much joy "She's my friends daughter and she's amazing ".

I rolled my eyes" Yah, great what's her name".


"Dad, you can't be serious about this marriage right?".

He looked at me like he wants to kill me right now as I look away "Do I look like I'm joking Ezra?".

"Fine, but just know that she will divorce me after three weeks of marriage".

"I looked for someone as stubborn as you and sapphire is very stubborn so she might even kill you think about it".

He said leaving the office with a smirk on his face, as I bang my hand on the wooden table not caring the effects later, like I don't want to be married to a woman who expects me to be faith to her like who does this sapphire chuck think she's.

"Hey dude".TJ said entering the office with an annoying smirk that I wipe off right now.

"What do you want? If you came here to annoy me then I suggest you leave okay? Like I'm so pissed right now".

"Geez, I just came here to congratulate you because it looks like this player is getting married".TJ said furrowing his eyebrows towards me.

"I'm not fucking getting married like I wanna be single enjoying life and I don't have time for commitment".I said with a disgusted face " I have lots to do and I can't waste my time on a woman".

"But are you not curious about the girl since your father said you went to the same highschool as us?".

"The man probably hit his head because he's feeling a little woozie, he said her name was sapphire or I can't remember".I said glancing at the files on my table.

"Oh, do you think it could be her since she's the only one I can think that you_".He completed the sentence with some fits of cough as I throw a pillow on his face.

Sapphire was a girl in highschool that I kinda of fell in love with, she was fierce, shy and was a professional bookworm and she didn't like attracting attention to herself as she covered her beautiful curves from the world making her not popular as boys started to talk to her and to make them not look at her I bullied her.

"Earth to Anthony, What's the possibility about that?".


"C'mon so you're telling me that if that happens you will not be the happiest man of earth like you got married to someone you love?".

"Why will I be happy, I don't have time for women anymore and plus the feelings I had for her are gone".

"Yeah sure, But I can't wait to have all the ladies to myself on my bed".TJ said slouching on the chair as I rolled my eyes.

"Maybe, you should have an arranged marriage like me and maybe you'll be happy".

"I'll since I'll have someone waiting for me on the bed so marriage is not so bad".

"Until you get a child?".

"Can we stop all this petty talks TJ, like it's making me feel the urge to like okay. No get to work since I'm not paying you to sit down".

"Sure thing Ezra".He said going out of the office with one of those smirks on his face

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