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C4 Party

Sapphire Walter.

The alarm woke me up from my dream as I try to turn it off without waking up and most importantly not opening my eyes because I have a zoom call with a patient today at one pm Andrew who tried commiting suicide due post trauma disease he had because of his parents when hearing his story I cried because I'm emotional some times it's a lie Everytime.

I finally turn off that damn alarm clock as I cuddled more with my fluffy lavender scented pillow as I sigh in relief closing my eyes again.

"Fire!".Emily and Ethan yelled as I was startled as I tumbled on the floor with my blanket wrapped all over me like a trap.

See why I say this two animals belong to each other, they're crazy as I groaned because my butt just kissed the cold floor good morning as I looked at this two animals.

"You know you have a talent of falling down".Emily said helping me up.

"Now what do you want?".

They exchanged looks with each other as I ran my hands through my darkish brown blonde hair waiting for them to leave.

"Do you want to attend a party with us at the club".Emily asked.

I looked at my brother like he wants me to go to a party well this will be fun"Sure, I'll love too".

Emily squealed as Ethan rolled his eyes"But no over the top clothes".

"Yeah sure, what time?".


It's time for me and Andrew to talk as I wore my doctor uniform which is blue saggy big shirt with my name with and matching pants and my coat,I have my zoom call on my study room where I keep my book.

"Hey Andrew!".I said as his face popped up.

"Hello sapphire".

"Now how have your week been?".

He hesitated then gulped alittle "I think I'm in love".He said as smile curcled on my face.

"Andrew, that's awesome. See you were like you can't fall in love but look at you blushing".

"But like I'm in love with two women's Sapphire".

My smile faced away as I looked at him again squirming my eyes as he looked confused" Okay, do you want to talk about it now".


I smiled at him again"Andrew, it's fine okay. When you're ready I'm here okay, remember I'm like a big sister to you and I'm pretty sure that those women are lucky for you falling in love with them".I said wiggling my eyebrows at him.

"I know what's doing on in that pretty mind of yours sapphire".

"Andrew who told you that it's pretty inside of my mind".

He looked at me with a smile on his face as she shakes his head at me"You made me smile, that's your plan right?".

"I know right, I'm not the best therapist ever".

"Yeah you're, thanks you sapphire it means a lot to me ".

"You welcome, see you on Wednesday at my office okay? Bye".

"Sure bye".

I smiled as i change into my brothers's shirt that way too big for me since Ethan even being a the baboon he's kinda of handsome with his masculine body and curly blackish golden tips hair but I wonder why did Emily fall in love with him.

I get downstairs because my stomach is grumbling for food as my mother is not around and I'm too lazy to cook now, I take some water to calm my stomach down but my stomach is defiant about the food and I can't go and meet Emily or Ethan because I learnt from the last time that I entered their room without knocking.

I shrugged off the thought about it as I take my keys to maybe get a snack from somewhere like the supermarket dumbass, I walk to the supermarket which it's two blocks away.

The air conditioner hit my face as I looked around for something to eat as I chose a cup of spicy ramen with some Doritos to go with my KitKats at home with a can coke and some sour patch as I go to the counter to pay.

I began to skip as I took a bite from the Doritos as I began to walk back home munching my snack without a care in the world, I get back home to prepare for the party.

Okay, I'm not the party person like Emily. She's so wild when she's drunk not giving to fuck about anything as Ethan is the responsible one.

I plan on reading maybe Wattpad or a physical book when I get bored as I pick out blue SheIn cut out the tie ruffle trim wrap hem slip dress with some black combat boots.

"It's time to go Fire".Ethan said.

I looked at myself in the mirror as I looked beautiful with the dress highlighting my tiny waist with my name necklace dangling on my name with my hair dancing with the wind and my lips shiny from the lipgloss with my makeup less fave as I take my backpack and head out.

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