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C5 Five

Sapphire Walter.

Going to the party with Emily and Ethan was a bad idea because it was just filled with drinking, smoking and some shameless people doing the deed in front of us like dude we don't want see how you're doing it with her as I sat on the counter and read this book my perfect man, imperfect by Madinah_Writes. It was so fucking good guys but what made it worst that Stephanie a chick from the party was like hitting on my brother and Emily disfigured her face for her claiming her soon to be husband to be hers.

Emily was been ranting about it since we started to walk home and I'm pity Ethan because this what he has to enjoy for the rest of his life awesome.

"C'mon Emily, you have taught her a lesson already can we have silence now please?".I asked putting my earpods on to block her words but she grabbed them from me.

"Fire, you don't know how it feels when you see a plastic bimbo slut flirting with the man you and he's too nice".

I mentally laughed because she looked like a barbie doll with the over coloured blonde hair with the glow in the dark tight outfit.

"You can't expect me to actually hit a woman Emily".Ethan argued here we go again.

"Why not? Maybe just a tight slap or shove her away".Emily said again.

"Look Emily,she's probably in the hospital in pains so let's forget".

"No, I won't like Fire you are should to have my back here like c'mon help me knock some sense into your brother because she was aiming to kiss him".

"I don't know what to say since you know I don't have a man and _".

"Yes you don't have a man and kissing is too far because I won't let any piece of shit hit on my sister talking about trying to kiss her with his diseased mouth".Ethan scoffed.

Emily and I rolled our eyes"Probably that's why I'll die a virgin since I have you".

"Yes and you can be a nun".

"Ethan, back to the main discussion here".She Said pulling his ears as he groaned in pain"If you let any other except me touch you, flirt with you or even aim to kiss you. I swear to you I'll kick you where the sun doesn't shine".Emily threatened as Ethan's eyes widened.

"You know if you do that we might not have children beautiful,".Ethan flirted with a smirk on his face.

"That's why we have doctor's sweetheart and stop your flirtatious comments you sister is here".Emily scolded.

"Oh, why are you getting shy. We all know what's going to happen toni-".

"Geez, can you guys like stop please I didn't plan on hearing about what you guys do ".

I said as I slammed the door leaving them outside to talk their nonsense outside and because tomorrow I'll be adding other year to my age I'll be twenty two years old.

I look back at times when growing up as I wore glass I still do but they're not recommended because it's just blue light protector since I mostly do zoom call than physical therapy, I was such a nerd in highschool as I brought bittersweet memerioes because when I grew up I decided not to hide myself now but I was bullied by the devil Anthony like I thought deep down that he might even love me back because I had a crush on him.

I shove the thoughts away as I go take a shower to warm me up for the movie I'm going to be watching today, I wear some tie-dye sweatpants with a white shirt with a little hello kitty drawn on it with my hair in a nice messy bun as I take some snacks goodnight world

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