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C6 Six

Anthony Clemente.

Today I'm supposed to see my supposed to be wife like I'm missing a whole day at work to see some Sapphire as I slouched on the car seat as my annoying younger sister rants about she's excited to see her sister in law like it's not official and I refused to be married to someone that I have not seen since 10 or twenty years ago.

"Ant, are you worried about what she'll look like?". Camilla asked.

"Nope, like I said for the hundredth time I'm not getting married".I said loud enough to for my parents right now.

"You're getting married sweetheart now change that face upside down".My mother cheered.

I could like be killing some people right now since this Mafia group the aces has tried getting on my nerves but I kidnapped their leader and I'm going bit the living shit out of him.

"You know Anthony, Today is your wife's to be birthday so we got you something for her".My father said handing me a small wrapped parcel.

I looked at their mansion as my stomach starts to give me a churning feeling as we knocked on the door, I tapped my foot as it took them like ten seconds to open the fucking door.

We entered the house and the house looked exotic with the chandeliers with the family photos and everything but my house is better.

"Hello Grace".My mother hugged a woman her age with a smile on her face.

"Nathan, looking as young as ever I see ".A man teased my father.

I sat down looking for a way to like get the fuck out of here already, my sister said she wants to look around but we all know she wants to snoop around looking for her sister in law.

"You must be our son in law, welcome Grace and this Keaton".My mother in law squeezing me into a hug as her scent engulfed my nose.

"Thank you".

"Emily, where's Fire?".My father in law asked.

"She's still asleep since after work yesterday mom".

Imagine my wife is asleep at one in the afternoon fantastic right as my father chuckled"She still doesn't want to join the family business ?".

"You know fire, she makes up her mind and it's impossible to not support her".

"Will you wake her up already please?".my mother said again.

Emily had an evil smirk on her face as she looked up the upstairs"I'll love to mom".

She goes upstairs as my mother in-law counted numbers with her fingers as I looked upstairs like who calls their child fire and why.

"Emily!!".Someone screamed with frustration linked in her voice,as we hear hurried footsteps as Emily rushes near my mother in law again gosh it's so weird to say that.

"I fudging promise I'm going to kill your wife today Ethan".Someone whined.

"Calm down or you're going to fall_". As someone rolls to the second floor step as I couldn't get a glimpse of her face as her legs were showing her father rushes to help her and her mother hit her head on the floor.

"Fire, are you okay?. You didn't break a bone did you? Someone call an ambulance! I tell you all the time watch where you're going ".Her after said helping her up.

"Good morning to your to papa and is that how you wish your only daughter happy birthday now,".

"Happy birthday fire, now I'll like you to meet some people".

"Hm, okay".

I rolled my eyes as I drank some water in a cup waiting for their lovey dovey to finish as she comes downstairs as I averted my attention to my phone "Anthony?".She Said looking up.

I chocked on the water I was drinking as I coughed making my mother pat my back" Sapphire?".

"Fire, meet Mr and Mrs Jones ".Mr Walter said.

"Good morning ". Sapphire said with a smile on her face as my parents and sister clutched her into a hug.

I looked her from head to toe, she looked different from back in highschool as she just rolled her eyes.

"Now, Anthony and Sapphire go to the garden to get some catching up".My mother suggested.

She looked at me as she took her laptop as she leads me to the garden, I follow her to the garden as I sat on the chair as she sat on the swings looking at her computer.

I tried breaking the silence as she typed on her laptop as I worked on my one laptop for my business as I took occasionally glanced at her as her phone rang.

"Ted!".she yelled making me roll her eyes, she has not stopped her childishness since highschool but that's was the qualities I loved from here.

"Hello Crazy!".Ted screamed from the phone making my blood boil a little bit as I wish I could take that phone from her hands.

They finish discussing somethings as she looked at me with her eyebrows furrowed as she drops her phone.

"What're you doing here Anthony ?". She asked me with her cheeks reddened from anger.

"My parents are here and I'm here unfortunately".

"Yeah sure, I know you have one dirty motive in your mind so spill it out already okay".

"Look I don't have time for your childish games okay? Can you leave me to work already woman".

She scoffed"Well don't forget Anthony that you're in my house and you can't come talking abosolute bullshit to me".

I ignore her as I continued to work on my laptop as she smiled going inside as I smirk finally some peace as I felt some liquid being dumped on me. I looked up to see sapphire pouring milk on me as anger subsides as I grab her hand and push her in the fountain.

"I'm definitely going to get back at you for all those years you made me feel like crap mark my words Anthony".

I walk back inside as my clothes became to give me an itchy sensation as I removed my suit dumping it on the floor itching my hands as sapphire smirked at me heading upstairs.

"Hey son, what's going on". Sapphire's parents asked me.

"Well your fire dumped something in me and I feel so itchy right now".

"Milk with itching powder her oldest tricks".Emily said not looking away from the book.

"That's why we call her fire, she likes to play with fire anyways go to the second room on the left to change and I'll give you clothes".

I groaned as I went to the room according to the instructions of Sapphire's parents instructions as I opened the door to see Sapphire with a towel wrapped around her chest and her hair dripping wet as she sang to some song.

"What the fudge are you doing in my room?" She said using her hands to cover her chest as she looked angry.

"Oh sorry, your parents sent me here".I said going to the bathroom not giving two ducks about what's going to happen.

I entered the bathroom as I looked at the bathroom which was neat and tidy as i entered the bathroom to take a shower.

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