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C7 Seven

Sapphire Walter.

Imagine the bastard as he entered my bathroom without a fear in the world as I entered my walk-in closet as I chose the image above since like my birthday party is tomorrow so I'm free to wear what even I want as I left my hair damp and wavy because I have a therapy session with Andrew and I'm hoping that he opens up so that I can help me because I believe that he deserves better than all that has happened to him as our relationship is not like a doctor more like a friend.

I went downstairs as my mother handed me clothes to give that bastard and they and his parents are going to work as I groaned.

"Anthony". I called outside the bathroom door, I'm impatient because I've work to do.


" Okay, my mom said I should give you clothes to wear, so here they're".I said opening the door a little and stretching it to him.

"Thank you". He said as his went hands touched my hand giving me some tingles.

I was about to go when I was being dragged back as the clothes were tangled with my bracelets and that monkey keeps pulling me.

"Anthony, let go ". I said pulling away as he pulled too.

" I can't unless you want to see me naked".

"Eww, I would like to sleep at night. Thank you very much".

But he didn't stop as he pulled it so hard that I was slammed into the bathroom about to fall as he was holding my arm and my waist, I try regaining my balance but that fool let go of me making me fall butts first in the shower as the water pours on my hair to my clothes as I felt anger wash over me ps he has a towel on bad minded people.

Fire, c'mon it's too early to kill someone's child. I said to myself as I take another towel from the bathroom and walk away soaked more like drenched because of that fool, I get dried then put on my uniform and head downstairs to get some hot water because I might catch a cold before my party tomorrow.

I put the cup of water on the counter and set my laptop with some KitKat as I'm waiting for Andrew to pick up so we can get this started with as the fool ascends from downstairs with the laptop in his hands like what is he feeling like as he sat on the couch.

" Hello, Beautiful".Andrew said with a smirk on his face.

"Andrew, how're you today?".

" Awesome, how about you Fire?".

"Good, Any gist?".

" I talk about last week, okay but if you don't mind I'll be using you as an example".

"Okay, I'm ready since I have a snack and water with me so talk away".

He takes a deep breath as he looks around then sighs a little bit as he looks at me " One's my colleagues at work and my janitor's wife".

I gasp a little bit dramatic as I send him a reassuring smile like who doesn't like my smile it's mind-blowing

"Sapphire, where's my parents ". Anthony asked without looking from his laptop like he's talking to his maid as I ignore him.

" Andrew, Are you shy because of what has happened or it's because it involves women huh?".

"Both like you're awesome fire and I'm a nobody-".

"Look I know what happened as hurt you but like you're awesome from your looks to your smile and you can make any woman fall for you okay don't let the can of beans make you doubt buying them".

" Sapphire-".He was about to say when my laptop turned off to see Anthony holding the charger with anger written over his face.

"Like what's your problem Anthony? I was talking to someone".

" Well I don't care and since now I've your attention tell my family I have left okay ".

I look at him as I take deep breaths clenching and unclenching my fist as I stared at him " What the fudge is your problem".

He ignored me as he takes his laptop and heads outside the door as tears unexpectedly flowed like I didn't like the tension around us but he's such a mean person as I cried myself to sleep in my room like what have I done to deserve all this shit like I have a sprained butt from earlier.

I go wash my face in the bathroom as my mind and heart speaks only one thing revenge as I look in the mirror and smirk to myself as I cleaned my tears,I will do anything to hurt you Anthony Jones mark my words.

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