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C8 Eight

So, guys, I'm going to be writing facts that go with what's happening in the book so get for facts and in the other book I wrote the arrangement, you guys complained they got married too fast so hold on for this one.

Anthony clemente

If I say I didn't feel some kinda pain in that my black heart when That Andrew guy was talking to my future wife so friendly I took the hint that she's one of the women that he's in life with the awesome right.

I'm in the office rolling my eyes at my fool of a friend as he laughs at my misery about getting married since Sapphire's parents are going to announce it during her birthday ball party as tears fall from his eyes.

"Are you done yet? Or you wanna laugh some more?".

He wiped away the tears from his eyes as he had those annoying smirks on his face that just wants to make me shoot me right in the head " I told you so that I might be her but you didn't listen".He laughed again clutching his stomach.

"It's not funny like I don't want to marry her, she'll make me suffer and like marriage is for life".

" Then marry her and divorce her".

"Haha, you know that we don't do divorces in our family".

"Oh yeah, but are you not a little bit happy that you're going to be marrying your". He paused as he coughed a little bit but I get the message" Crush."

"That was back in high school Tj like I'm a grown man with no time to be handling a woman".

" Well, you're going to learn. Now your mother said I should take you to your wife's birthday party and you must give her the gift".

"Tj, you're not going to do that me right?".

"I'm now, go inside and change man and I'll change to".

I groaned as I went to my room to pick out something to wear since it's not like I'm going to enjoy being engaged to her or something, I wear a black suit and my hair was messy but did I give a fuck hell no.

We get to the party and it was filled with people as TJ said he's going to find a hot chick for bus bed tonight as I just sit down on the chair looking at the logo of the Mafia group Ace Mafia are my biggest enemies as they tried to kill me but they end up six feet under instead, I look around to see Sapphire's family and my family talking maybe about our engagement.

I turn around as I see the birthday girl herself admiring the Aquarium of all the fishes as she giggles like a drunk person, she still behaves like a child. I scanned her as she was wearing a strapless baby blue floor-length ball dress as the dress exposed little cleavage with some of her fair glowing skin with her hairstyle picture above.

" You know it's rude to stare at my baby sister like that".Ethan said sitting close to me.

"I'm not staring and are you not supposed to Jenna?".

"It's Emily and I'm here to give you a fair warning, she's my baby sister and I'm her older brother and if you think I'm happy that a piece of shit like you is marrying my sister then you're wrong since I know everything you and what you did to my sister".

I looked at him with a smirk dancing on my face" It's like you don't know me, I'm Anthony Jones and no one threatens me or they end up like six feet underground but I'll spare you since you're going to be my in-law soon".

He was about to say something when Emily covered his mouth with her hands" Don't mind him, he's overprotective over his sister".She said sending a glare at him.

"It's fine".

She takes his hand and drags him away from the theme as they wander off to the unknown as I turn back maybe to see Sapphire talking to some guy as they did a secret handshake and laughed.

"Won't you introduce me to your future wife?".Tj asked taking my hand as we're in her presence.

"Hello". Tj said with a cocky smile on his face as I just rolled my eyes praying this event should end fast.

"Tj, Hello. How have you been?". Sapphire said with happiness in her eyes.

"I'm good like look at you, you look different from high school I don't mind having you as a treat".

She pulled a face at him with a clear sign of disgust as she removes her hand from his " I see you have not changed a bit from your flirtatious words McCain".

He bowed down"Habits die hard".

"Good evening everyone". My father in law said in the microphone.

" We're here to celebrate my daughters birthday of my last child sapphire, you know it's hard because I can remember yesterday when she was just a child but now she's twenty-two years and we're proud to announce our partnership with Jones inc to say that my daughter Sapphire and their Son Anthony will be engaged".My father in law said as everyone clapped at my problem.

I don't want to be married like I tried convicting them but they're as stubborn as me especially my dad as the last time I talk about it he like collapsed.

I look back at Sapphire as I could see tears forming from her eyes as her breathing became faster as I know that look from anywhere she's about to faint like any time she's anxious she faints as she sits down on the chair beside her as people bombarded us.

"When did you guys fall in love?".

" When did you guys meet?".

"How do you feel about the wedding?".

" How do you feel marry a mixed?".

In all the questions in the world, it's a question about her colour, Sapphire's mom is south black because she's African while her father is Italian, I hate racial slurs like why will you judge someone about their colour.

"Look here, if you say one more racial slur about my wife then you will end up on the street".

Like. Did you see what he did there my wife?

Like. Guys don't say racial slurs to anyone because they're just hurtful okay? Black lives matter and insults, slurs, mean jokes hurts someone self-esteem

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