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C9 Nine

Fact: men fall in love faster than women, and men are 48% more likely to fall in love at first sight. Men wait just 88 days to utter the 'L' word to their significant other, whereas women wait almost double the amount of time (132 days).

Sapphire Walter.

No, No No I'm hearing things like my dad didn't say I'm getting engaged to Anthony, he'll never do that to me like getting married to that eight eyed creepy crawly monster.

I just can't believe this engagement being called without my knowledge and fudge-like is my life a game to them, just walk outside and enter go to my room and cry like I don't want to get married to Anthony.

I know how marriage works for example my mother was a businesswoman but dropped everything for the sake of marriage like that's why I don't have a boyfriend.

Don't wear this, You're mine, Don't talk to him, kiss me, That's what they all do and even Ethan contributed making me not have a boyfriend too.

"Fire, open the door please okay?". Ethan said knocking on the door.

" No, you knew about it but you didn't tell me a damn thing about it like you're my brother".

"Fire, yes I knew about but it was like I complied not to tell you,".

" Oh, how you listen to dad? It's so shocking".

"Fire, look I love you and -".

" Just leave me alone Ethan". I said as I hear a sob come from him as my heart break down as he walked away

I opened the door to see him hugging his knees crying as I sit close to him and hug him "I'm sorry I said those things to you, I just don't want to get married".

He lifted my chin with a sad smile on his face" Look I'm your older overprotective brother imagine my reaction when dad announced you're getting married".

I smiled at the thought because I know Ethan always got my back no matter what " I'm sorry like I did everything to stop this arrangement but dad didn't listen to me and I even fought him".

"It's fine, I'll talk to dad okay? Now you know I don't like it when my superman is crying now clean those tears". I said hugging him again.

" That's my fire".

He waited for me to take a bath and come downstairs to eat as I wore his hoodie and some sweatpants with my hair just in a super messy bun as dinner was so quiet not like before that they are always something to talk about as everyone eats in peace.

"Dad, I don't want to get married".

" I know but you have to".

"No, I won't because I know Anthony does not mean I want to marry him".

My mother and my father exchange glances with each other " Look fire, it's for the best okay".

"Well, I don't want the best".

" Fire, you're getting married and that's final".

I choked on a sob as I look at my mother and father "You could have said you don't love me anymore and I would have gone far away.".

My dad looks at me with hurt in his eyes " Fire, I love you but I'm only doing this for your best interest".

"Okay, they got to be a way out like something".

" The only way is if Anthony rejects the marriage".Emily said.

I mentally do a happy dance with a small smile on my face, this will be easy because I'm going to make him say no to this marriage.

"Fire, he's not going to rejects this marriage".

" Dad, I'm in my moment and thanks for the for the dinner".

"Fire, you'll be going on a date with Anthony soon, I'll ask for a date and you'll go".

Perfect, Anthony hates clumsy and guess what I'm clumsy,

I began to run on the stairs leading to my room but I tripped on a missed step making my knees scratch the floor as I ignore the pain and tell Ted everything to help me.

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