Arrogant and Stunning Dragon Consort/C10 Has a good father(2)
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Arrogant and Stunning Dragon Consort/C10 Has a good father(2)
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C10 Has a good father(2)

"Phoenix, it's you ?"

Feng Lai was the third young master of this family, the brother of Feng Zhi and Feng Ming. He was eleven years old this year, and was also a famous genius in Feng Family.

Not only was the name Feng Lai and Feng Zhi's names continuous, even their appearances were sixty percent similar. However, everyone in the Feng Family knew that the Third Young Master and Seventh Miss were always like water and fire. They had never seen these two people face each other peacefully.

Feng Zhi knew, it was all because of her trash.

Out of the geniuses in the family, a trash like her suddenly appeared. It was like a good pot of soup had just been boiled up ?

Cough, I accidentally connected myself to that disgusting thing.

However, her genius brother had always disliked her, and he had always ridiculed her quite a bit. He had always looked at her as if she was too much, so why would he rush over to her now?

Thinking about it this way, Feng Zhi discovered a few traces of deep concern and concern in Feng Lai's angry eyes.

This little shota was actually worried that she would suffer a loss?

Feng Zhi walked to Feng Lai's side, raised her head and said, "Feng Lai, you didn't come running over in such a hurry, did you? Are you concerned about me?"

Being asked by Feng Zhi, Feng Lai was so exasperated that she almost jumped up, "Feng Zhi you idiot, who would care about you!"

Then, as if there was a ferocious beast chasing after him, it turned and ran without saying a word to Feng Ming.

What a proud and pampered shota.

Feng Zhi lamented, and watched Feng Ming follow Housekeeper Zhang away, then turned and returned to the courtyard.

When she passed by the stone table in the courtyard that had a palm imprint slapped by Feng Ming, she paused her steps, and then, extended out her small hand that was as white as jade, and gently rubbed that palm imprint.

In the courtyard, under the bright moonlight, the stone table was as smooth as new.

Looking at the stone table, Feng Zhi smiled, then went back to her room alone.

Without the presence of an outsider, Feng Zhi retracted the lazy look on her face. The current Feng Zhi did not look like an outsider with a stupid and lazy look, her small face was carved from jade, without a single blemish. Her star-like eyes flashed with a terrifying cold light.

If someone had seen her at this time, they would definitely not have associated her with Feng Zhi, who was ridiculed and bullied by everyone.

After confirming that there was no one around, Feng Zhi's white wrist gently turned, and a few sparkling and translucent stones suddenly appeared in her hand. She placed a few of the extraordinary stones in a certain direction, and with a weak flash of light, an invisible cover separated the room from the outside world.

After laying out the barrier, Feng Zhi let out a light sigh.

Soon after, a strange transparent stone appeared in her hand. However, she didn't place the stone in her room. Instead, she held it in her hand and closed her eyes in a meditative posture.

After a long while, Feng Zhi once again opened her eyes. Her white and tender hands slowly opened, and the strange stone in her palm had already turned into a pile of fine powder.

After patting the powder on the ground, a bitter look appeared on Feng Zhi's face, "Sigh, I only have one spirit stone, two, three, four ? Eighty-seven yuan. If I continue to sit around and watch the show, I'll probably become a pauper! "

Holding a pile of Spirit Stones that flickered with luster under the light of the lamp, Feng Zhi was worried.

Even though there seemed to be a lot of 87 Spirit Stones, she needed Spirit Stones for cultivation, Spirit Stones for the formation of the formation technique, and even for alchemy!

She found a simple looking pill furnace with a few small holes on it that could be used to insert spirit stones, making Feng Zhi feel even weaker.

This was the lowest quality pill furnace in her possession, and using it once would cost 4 spirit stones. Although she wouldn't be able to drain 4 spirit stones in one go, 4 would only be enough for 5 batches of pills. How long could she sustain the 80 spirit stones in her hands for?

Not to mention that she needed spirit stones to cultivate, so she couldn't use all of her spirit stones to concoct pills.

Thinking of this, Feng Zhi, who was in extreme pain, once again hated herself for teleporting.

Yes, Feng Zhi was not someone from the Profound Martial Continent, she had accidentally transmigrated here!

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