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C11 Origin(1)

Feng Zhi was originally an ordinary little girl in the twenty-first century, but when she was young, she accidentally fell into a cave while travelling with her parents.

Maybe the young child's ability to accept immortals was outstanding, Feng Zhi didn't have any sense of crisis at all. It was as if she had obtained a new toy, and foolishly started cultivating, becoming the last cultivator on Earth.

Her inheritance was left behind by an extremely powerful sect in the cultivation world back then. Other than cultivation techniques, there were alchemy, refining, talismans, formations and many other methods.

In addition, the inheritance she had obtained left her with a space to recognize her master. Not only could this space grow all kinds of spirit herbs and herbs, it also had a large number of heavenly and earthly treasures and spirit stones.

Relying on these heavenly materials, even though it was Earth during the Age of Chaos, Feng Zhi still managed to train all the way to the late stage of the Aurous Core Stage, and started to prepare to form her Nascent Soul.

Speaking of this, Feng Zhi's heart was filled with resentment.

Her cheap teacher had left so many things for her to take care of, and he had also instructed her on many things to pay attention to. But why didn't they tell her that forming a Nascent Soul actually required ? speed, lightning, tribulation!

Then, Feng Zhi had a tragedy. Before his nascent soul could be formed, it was struck by a bolt of divine lightning that fell from the sky!

Thinking about this, Feng Zhi couldn't help but cry out.

What a great sin she was, to be struck by lightning!

Profound Martial Continent was a place with the highest level of martial arts. When Feng Zhi first arrived here, she had the thought that it would be best to be at ease if she came here.


When she came out from her mother's womb and planned to use the Xiantian Qi she had brought to throw the others at the starting line, she discovered that she actually didn't have the slightest bit of martial arts talent!

That's right, nothing at all!

In a place where martial arts were paramount, a person without martial arts talent would be a tragedy.

Unfortunately, Feng Zhi was one of them.

She could not make Feng Ming's fingers work, but she had poked her own finger until it was completely red.

Since she had no way to walk down the path of martial arts, Feng Zhi could only pick up her old practice and cultivate again. Compared to the Earth during the Age of Mages, the energy of heaven and earth in her Profound Martial Continent was undoubtedly many times richer.

However, no matter how abundant the heaven and earth origin energy was, it couldn't be used as a substitute for spirit stones, not to mention using spirit stones to cultivate was much faster than absorbing heaven and earth origin energy everyday.

Fortunately, the recognition of space as master affected her soul, and she followed Feng Zhi over. If not, she would not know how she could continue her cultivation if she lost those treasures inside the space.

As for not cultivating immortality, just being a pure worm ?

Heh, in front of a fist sized Profound Martial Continent who was speaking, if she really did not have even the slightest bit of power to protect herself, then she could only swallow her anger and be stepped on by everyone below her feet.

As the once strongest cultivator on Earth, Feng Zhi expressed that she couldn't afford to lose face for this person!

Having been in the Profound Martial Continent for six years, Feng Zhi realized that the bone root of her body was now much better than it was in the past.

Cultivating to the great circle of the Refinement Stage should have been a natural course of action for him to reach the Foundation Establishment stage.

However, that was under the premise that he had the Foundation Establishment Pill ?

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