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C13 Alchemy(1)

There were pills in the Profound Martial Continent, and those who could concoct pills were called alchemists.

Profound Martial Continent was something that almost everyone cultivated in the martial way, and it was a place that fanatically believed in the supremacy of the strong. In this kind of situation, pills refined by pill refiners could either increase one's power or heal injuries, or restore true essence, naturally garnered the support of everyone.

And it was also because of that, in terms of Profound Martial Continent, pill refiners were highly respected. Even if it was just a mediocre Tier 1 pill refiner, walking out would result in many envious gazes, not to mention those pill refiners at the top of the pyramid, even if the strongest Martial Saint were to meet them, they would still at least give some face.

Because of this, many people who were judged not to have much success in martial arts would try their luck to see if they could become a respected pill refiner.

Of course, since the pill refiner was respected, not everyone had the talent to do so.

In Feng Zhi's opinion, compared to the cultivation world, where alchemy techniques could already be used to step into the Dao, the alchemy techniques grasped by the Profound Martial Continent and other alchemists were just too shallow.

Even in the cultivation world, she was not considered a beginner in pill refining, so perhaps she would be able to arouse the admiration of those high tier pill refiners.

Looking at the neatly arranged spirit medicine in front of him, Feng Zhi strongly shook her head, shaking off the distracting thoughts in her heart, and concentrated on the Foundation Strengthening Pill that was about to be refined.

Taking out a low level Cauldron that she could currently use, and inserting four spirit stones into it, Feng Zhi took a deep breath, and then placed the spirit medicines into the Cauldron in a sequential manner. Then, carefully and carefully, she controlled the spirit medicines to slowly form into balls of medicinal liquid within the Cauldron.

Seeing that the medicinal liquid in the cauldron was gradually showing signs of forming a pill, Feng Zhi then let out a light sigh.

In the end, it was still because her current strength was too low. Once her strength was higher, she would be able to get rid of this low grade Cauldron that required spirit stones, and the possibility of forming the pill would be higher as well.

However ?

Thinking about that, Feng Zhi lowered her head dejectedly.

She had high grade medicinal cauldrons, even top grade ones. However, they could only be used after she had cultivated them to the Aurous Core stage and cultivated them to the primordial flames.

Strength, strength!

Thinking about the fact that he had stayed at the great circle of perfection of the Qi Refining stage for three years, Feng Zhi's thirst for the Foundation Establishment Pill was somewhat unquenchable.

This matter could not be delayed any longer. She had to find an opportunity to go out as soon as possible to search for the missing elixir!

As Feng Zhi was making up her mind, a burst of strange fragrance suddenly came out from the medicine cauldron. She raised her head and looked at the cauldron, only to see that the liquid medicine inside had already completely fused, and after a while, the strange fragrance immediately disappeared, and until she could no longer smell the fragrance, ten pills that were slightly larger than soybeans, glossy and lustrous appeared.

This was the Origin Strengthening Pill.

Feng Zhi placed the pill into the jade bottle, her exquisite nose moved closer to the mouth of the bottle and sniffed, confirming that the pill had perfectly locked the pill fragrance, only then did she nod her head in satisfaction.

In fact, they had even developed a branch of the pill which was specialized in studying how to improve its aroma. However, the pill that Feng Zhi refined was able to perfectly lock down any trace of the medicinal properties of the pill, so naturally there would not be any pill fragrance.

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