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C14 Alchemy(2)

In fact, they had even developed a branch of the pill which was specialized in studying how to improve its aroma. However, the pill that Feng Zhi refined was able to perfectly lock down any trace of the medicinal properties of the pill, so naturally there would not be any pill fragrance.

Putting away the fresh bottle of Origin Strengthening Pills, Feng Zhi suddenly remembered that she had stayed in the space for too long.

She hurriedly jumped up and exited the space. Then, she put away the spirit stones that she used to lay down the barrier. Pushing open the window, she looked outside and slightly heaved a sigh of relief.

Although it was already dawn, it wasn't too late.

She only needed to go to the Martial Hall once every ten days. Mother Li didn't even call her at this time, presumably understanding that she was bullied again yesterday at the Martial Hall.

Thinking about those radishes in the Martial Hall, Feng Zhi chuckled to himself. She couldn't say who bullied whom at all.

After quickly washing up and eating breakfast, Feng Zhi went to Feng Ming's courtyard.

Feng Ming's courtyard wasn't far from hers. When Feng Zhi saw her, he was bending her legs and clenching her fists, walking like a horse.

This kind of state had obviously persisted for a very long time already. Feng Zhi could even see Feng Ming's legs faintly trembling, and the sweat that seeped out from his body also soaked his loose training clothes half wet.

Strength was acquired through hard work and training, even if one had extremely high talent.

Feng Zhi did not disturb Feng Ming. Instead, she waited quietly by the side for around half an hour before Feng Ming straightened his back, his head full of sweat.

Raising her head, sshe saw Feng Zhi and smiled at her, before dragging her exhausted body back to the room to change, and when he appeared again in front of Feng Zhi, he had already recovered some of her energy.

"Feng Zhi, why are you here?" Even though her eyes were filled with the joy of seeing Feng Zhi, the words that Feng Ming said were still very disdainful.

This was a proud little friend.

Feng Zhi didn't bother with this matter anymore. She lifted her hand to stroke Feng Ming's somewhat soft and wet hair, and then pulled him back into his own courtyard amidst his smelly face.

After entering the room, Feng Zhi used the spirit stones to place down the enchantment array, and turned around to see Feng Ming looking at her with a puzzled look. As a result, she reached out and pinched Feng Ming's face, and before Feng Ming could slap her hand red, she quickly let go.

Seeing Feng Ming's pouting face filled with anger, Feng Zhi became extremely cute in her heart. She resisted the urge to pinch her again and said: "Today, I called you here because I wanted to give you something."

With that, she took out the jade bottle, and poured a Origin Strengthening Pill on her palm, placing it in front of Feng Zhi.

"Eat it." Feng Zhi said.

The sparkling white round pill lay in the palm of her white hand, which had some baby fat on it. For some unknown reason, it had an alluring feel to it.

Feng Ming picked up the Origin Strengthening Pill suspiciously, he moved it closer to his nose and took a whiff, "There's no pill fragrance."

Only then did he swallow it down with relief.

Feng Zhi could not help but roll her eyes. She was being looked down upon by the Red Fruit.

In the Profound Martial Continent, every high ranked pellet carried a medicinal fragrance, and the price was extremely expensive. Feng Ming would probably treat this pellet as a useless candy.

Without explaining anything, Feng Zhi grabbed Feng Ming's small hand and placed the jade bottle that held the Origin Consolidating Pellet into his own hands, "Remember, take one pellet every ten days. Although the process is a bit uncomfortable, it's still beneficial for you."

As she spoke, Feng Zhi shook her head in her heart.

If it was possible, she actually wanted to give Feng Ming a Bone Ablutionary Dan Bead even more. Feng Ming had an extreme innate ability in the first place, so after using the Bone Ablutionary Dan Bead to wash his muscles and marrow, his cultivation speed would definitely be faster.

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