Arrogant and Stunning Dragon Consort/C16 Come to your door(2)
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Arrogant and Stunning Dragon Consort/C16 Come to your door(2)
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C16 Come to your door(2)

Waving her hand at Feng Lai, Feng Zhi said snappily: "Alright, alright, Feng Ming will be fine. If you call me little sister nicely, I can let you pull her up a few times."

Feng Lai did not think too deeply about the meaning in Feng Zhi's words. He only heard from it that the reason why Feng Ming leaked everything was not only because of Feng Zhi, but also because Feng Zhi did not feel the slightest bit of guilt.

Before she could finish his words, because Feng Zhi had already said those words and turned around to enter the room, Feng Lai could only shut her mouth hatefully no matter how angry she was.

Once Father and Mother return, he would definitely let them take care of Feng Zhi!

Feng Lai stomped away.

After sending the phoenix away, Feng Zhi started to think about how she should not alarm the experts of the Feng Family to go out on her own.

It was said that in the Misty Forest, there were all kinds of rare medicinal herbs, and also countless different kinds of beasts. Strange beasts could be said to be treasures, and not only did the beast meat contain a lot of spirit energy that could be absorbed by martial practitioners, there were also many different kinds of beasts' bones, claws, horns, blood, skin, and other good materials for refining and refining pills.

It could be said that even though it was just a grade-1 savage beast, it was still an incredible source of income for a person.

Because of this, the Feng Tian City which was flourishing all year round could see the appearance of warriors from all over the place. These warriors' goal was naturally to enter the dense fog to search for gold.

Feng Zhi was not worried that the spirit medicine she was looking for would not exist in the Profound Martial Continent. She had already seen other spirit medicine that she was familiar with in the Feng Family before, so she believed that as long as she walked into the Misty Forest, she would be able to find all the spirit medicine she needed to refine the Foundation Establishment Pill.

However, how would one be able to walk out of the Feng Family at the tender age of six? This was a problem.

This problem had already trapped Feng Zhi for three years, so it was naturally not easy for him to think of a solution.

A few days passed in a flash under Feng Zhi's cultivation, and once again, it was time to go to the Martial Hall.

The rules of the Martial Hall stated that on the first day of every month, every child had to go to the Martial Hall to let the instructor examine the results of their recent training.

Of course, to Feng Zhi, the instructor's test results were always the same.

After finishing her breakfast, under the worried gaze of mother Li, Feng Zhi leisurely walked to the martial hall.

She first looked for Feng Hua's group of three in the crowd. When she saw that their purplish-red, swollen, and swollen fingers were still present, she nodded her head in satisfaction and even revealed a smile.

Naturally, her actions caused Feng Hua to glare at her angrily.

Ever since they returned from the Martial Hall that day, Feng Hua and Feng Gang had fried the hands of the Spirit Cleansing Grass. They thought that this would ease the injuries on their hands, but they didn't know what was wrong with it. Not only did the wounds on their hands not improve at all, the pain was even more unbearable.

Under that kind of pain, the torture Feng Hua and the other two had endured in the past ten days could be imagined.

That was why the three were so angry at Feng Zhi's schadenfreude.

Despite their rage, Feng Hua and the other two still did not dare look for Feng Zhi. It was because their instructor, Feng Tian Xiang, had walked into the Martial Hall.

Like Feng Zhi, the first thing Feng Tian Xiang did after entering the room was to look at the hands of Feng Hua's group of three. Although she was slightly surprised, she was mostly satisfied when she saw the miserable state of their hands, and the faint smile on his face was the best proof.

Feng Tian Xiang's actions caused the children in the Martial Hall to laugh in a low tone.

Feng Hua was always thinking about how he would bully others, but now it could be said that he received a lesson.

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