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C17 Trial training

The ruckus of the children didn't last for long before it died down with Feng Tian Xiang's coughing.

As usual, Feng Tian Xiang gave a review of the children's training achievements during these ten days. When it was about time for them to disperse, he suddenly said, "Everyone knows that once the family's disciples reach a certain level of cultivation, they will be led out by the instructor, right?"

The children could no longer keep quiet and began to talk to each other in low voices.

The ancestors of Feng Family advocated learning so that it could be used, so the disciples of the Feng Family had always followed the tradition of testing and training, and the so-called training, was for the disciples of Feng Family who had not cultivated for long, to be brought by the instructors to some places with strange beasts, to organize the children, by cooperating and killing them, one was able to master all the knowledge, and two was to train the courage and insight of the disciples of Feng Family.

Of course, for the sake of safety, the instructor would not take the children to dangerous places.

After the discussion, a child asked with an excited expression: "Instructor Tian Xiang, are we going to start the test? Where is the test this time?"

Children with talent and success in training wouldn't be afraid of this type of trial and error. Moreover, the results of the trial would be determined by the trainees. A good test would definitely bring more resources to the children.

This was not a small temptation for an ambitious child.

Feng Tian Xiang nodded and waited for the children to calm down before saying: "The training trial will be held in the middle of next month. You still have a month to prepare, but this time, the training trial will be held in the Forest of Mist!"

Upon hearing the words, the children fell silent.

There were countless strange beasts and spirit medicines within the Misty Forest, making it a heaven for martial practitioners to search for gold.

However, compared to the high rewards, it was the high risk of the Dense Fog Forest.

Those strange beasts would not wait obediently for the warriors to kill them. The weak warriors were destined to become the food for the strange beasts. High level medicines were usually guarded by the high level beasts. It was not easy to harvest them.

Even these children who had never stepped out of the Feng Family knew of the dangers of the Misty Forest.

"Although the trial location is the Forest of Mist, the place we are going to is only the outskirts. We will only encounter a Level 1 strange beast with a teacher watching by the side. As long as all of you work together, you will definitely be able to successfully complete the trial."

Only after hearing Feng Tian Xiang's words did the children heave a sigh of relief. They then continued to chatter as they discussed about the journey to the next month's test.

Hearing this, Feng Zhi's heart was also filled with joy, this was really like someone handing him a pillow when she had just dozed off.

She had only planned to make a trip to the Forest of Fog in the past few days, and now that it was a trial run, she no longer needed to put in the effort.

Just as Feng Zhi was rejoicing secretly in her heart, Feng Tianxiang actually glanced at her, and said: "Feng Zhi, because of the dangers of this trial, I will advise the clan elders that you do not need to participate in the trial."

Feng Tianxiang was doing this for Feng Zhi's own good.

Everyone knew the result of Feng Zhi's cultivation. There was only that bit of inner qi for so long, and she had also thought of all sorts of ways to be lazy during this period of time.

Although the danger level of the Trial of the Misty Forest this time was not too high, for Feng Zhi who did not have any martial power, as long as Feng Tian Xiang was even the slightest bit careless, she would probably stay in the Misty Forest forever.

In this kind of situation, Feng Tianxiang naturally had to consider Feng Zhi's safety.

Feng Zhi became anxious. She had finally managed to look forward to this opportunity, and if she wasn't able to go to the Misty Forest because of Feng Tian Xiang's excessive kindness, wouldn't she have died?

He opened his mouth to refute, but no one expected that there would be someone who dared to rush in front of Feng Zhi.

"Instructor Tianxiang, this is unfair!" The one who spoke was Feng Hua, he still remembered Feng Zhi's gloating and glared at him before he continued somewhat complacently, "We are both disciples of Feng Family, everyone should be participating in the test. If Instructor Tian Xiang did not let Feng Zhi participate in the test, what would the other people who cultivate hard every day think of it?"

It was easy for a child to be incited, and amongst the children, many of them were jealous of Feng Zhi due to her family's identity, and many of them started to jeer at him.

"Unfair ?"

"Right, unfair, unfair ?"

Feng Tian Xiang glared viciously at Feng Hua, but when faced with so many children's doubts about the fairness of the test, he couldn't think of any good method in such a short amount of time.

Feng Zhi knew that it was time to speak, and immediately said: "Instructor Tian Xiang, for the sake of fairness, I am willing to participate in this training, Instructor Tian Xiang do not need to disturb the clan elders just for me."

With Feng Hua's doubt and Feng Zhi's opinion, even though Feng Tianxiang still felt that Feng Zhi was in danger, he could only shake his head and sigh as he decided to set the topic of the trial.

As a teacher, Feng Tianxiang had no choice but to consider the overall will of the children.

Therefore, under the gazes of Feng Hua and the others, who were looking at him like she was an idiot, Feng Zhi returned to her own courtyard with a smile on her face.

Feng Ming, who had received this news from who knows where, was the one welcoming her.

"Feng Zhi, you can't participate in the test!" Feng Ming puffed her cheeks and said fiercely.

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