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C18 Departure(1)

He was a cute little shota in the first place, but now that he said those words with his bun like face, Feng Ming immediately exclaimed in his heart.

Bearing with Feng Ming's glare, and rubbing her head and pinching his face, Feng Zhi patted Feng Ming's little face and said: "Be good, I don't need to concern myself with the affairs of an adult."

Feng Ming slapped away Feng Zhi's claws and bellowed angrily: "Feng Zhi, when can you be more serious? That is the Misty Forest, what should we do if something happens?"

Although it was the voice of a child, the worry and concern in the voice could not be any clearer.

Normally speaking, Feng Zhi would be very moved to understand her brother's painstaking efforts and would definitely agree to not participate in this trial.

However, Feng Zhi's reaction was to cover her chest with both hands, and said with a distressed look on her face: "Ah, how sad. My dearest little brother actually said that I'm an improper person ?"

Feng Ming pursed his lips, without saying a word, he looked at Feng Zhi who was making a fuss, and his eyes started to turn red.

Seeing that, Feng Zhi immediately stopped acting, she had never before seen her brother crying, seems like this time, she was truly anxious.

She pretended to be serious, "Do you look down on me so much? You should already be able to feel the effects of the pill I gave you, don't you think I have even the slightest bit of power to protect myself?"

Feng Ming gradually revealed a suspicious look in his eyes.

Last time when Feng Zhi gave him the Origin Strengthening Pill, he only thought it was a useless pill that Feng Zhi had obtained out of nowhere due to the lack of medicinal fragrance, and thought that nothing would happen if she ate it anyway. In order to console Feng Zhi, he didn't hesitate to eat the Origin Strengthening Pill.

Later, he found out from Feng Zhi's words that the Origin Strengthening Pill might not be as useless as he thought.

Ever since he had taken that Origin Strengthening Pill, although his abdomen had constantly leaked out at the beginning, he could clearly feel that his body had become much more relaxed than before. Even the efficiency of his cultivation had increased by quite a bit.

From these, Feng Ming knew that what Feng Zhi had given him was definitely good stuff.

For Feng Zhi to take out such a good thing, could it be that she had been hiding it all along?

Just as Feng Ming was thinking about this, he suddenly heard Feng Zhi "puchi" sounds of laughter.

This kind of laughter made Feng Ming think that he was overthinking it just now. That's right, since the moment he started practicing martial arts, his older sister had already been deemed to be an absolute trash.

shouted at Feng Zhi anxiously, but Feng Ming's original worry had unknowingly disappeared. Feng Zhi always had this ability, it allowed people to calm down when she was laughing.

After taking care of Feng Ming, Feng Zhi heaved a sigh of relief in his heart.

In the following period of time, the children in the Martial Hall worked hard to cultivate. Even if it wasn't the first day of every term, many children could be seen self-consciously cultivating in the Martial Hall.

All of this was for the Trial of the Misty Forest next month.

Compared to these hardworking children, Feng Zhi who only went to the Martial Hall once every ten days and stayed indoors for the rest of the time was extremely eye-catching.

Because of this, the names "trash" and "lazy pig" became even louder and clearer.

A month passed in the blink of an eye. Soon, it was the day of departure.

This trial was estimated to take half a month. According to Feng Tian Xiang's instructions, the children had prepared a package containing dry rations, water bags, fire stones, and other essential items for traveling.

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