Arrogant and Stunning Dragon Consort/C2 Lying kid i don't like it!(2)
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Arrogant and Stunning Dragon Consort/C2 Lying kid i don't like it!(2)
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C2 Lying kid i don't like it!(2)

"You have already practiced the Phoenix's Cry Finger for some time, and today is the time to examine the results. Five hundred years ago, the genius ancestor of our Feng Family was able to pierce through the entire Green Hellish Stone with a single finger strike. Feng Tian Xiang's tone rose, carrying with it an encouraging force.

When they heard Feng Tian Xiang mention the ancestor from five hundred years ago, many of the children looked forward to it. Their originally exhausted bodies instantly became much stronger.

These kids practiced the Phoenix Cry Finger for three years, then half a year. Their progress was naturally different, but even the worst could leave a finger hole of one inch in the Green Hellish Stone. The results were very good.

Of course, he still had to exclude that lazy little girl.

The little girl was the last one to check. She poked the Green Stone with a slender finger that was like white jade for a long time, but there were no changes to it. On the contrary, her finger turned red.

Feng Tian Xiang was helpless, but in the end, he could only wave his hand for her to stop.

"Alright, today's training ends here. After everyone returns, don't forget to continue cultivating. Only by working tirelessly will we be able to become a useful person to Feng Family!"

But today, he did not do so. Instead, he paced around the crowd, using his sharp eyes to size up the children as he asked, "Last night, which one of you came to the Martial Hall again?"

The children shook their heads, wondering what the instructor was asking about.

Feng Tian Xiang walked up to the girl who was napping and asked indifferently, "Feng Zhi, what did you do last night?"

Feng Zhi raised her head blankly, "Of course I'm sleeping in the courtyard."

The moment she finished speaking, the child who had said she wanted to push something onto Feng Zhi immediately shouted: "Instructor, she's lying. Last night, when Feng Gang and Feng Gang and I were out walking, we saw her sneakily returning from the martial hall!"

This child was called Feng Hua, Feng Gang and Feng Qiang were his two little followers.

As if to increase their persuasion, the simple-minded Feng Gang and Feng Qiang nodded their heads repeatedly.

Feng Tian Xiang's face instantly darkened. "Feng Zhi, are they telling the truth?"

Facing the interrogations of the instructor, Feng Zhi's cute little face revealed a rather strange smile. She lowered her head and her lips lightly moved a few times.

If someone put their ear to her mouth, they would definitely hear it. She was saying ?

"Liar child, I don't like it!"

With a slight flick of her delicate finger, a few powdery objects were ejected out, landing precisely on Feng Hua's body from a great distance away.

Then, Feng Zhi raised her head and looked at Feng Tian Xiang innocently, "Instructor, who doesn't know that once I enter the courtyard, I will not come out again. I don't even have enough time to sleep, why would I come to the Martial Hall at night?"

With regards to Feng Zhi's words, it was clear that many people agreed with them. Someone immediately followed up: "Haha, instructor, who doesn't know that Feng Zhi is even lazier than a pig? She wants to sleep on the bed all the time!"

"That's right, that's right ?"

Another round of laughter.

Among them, the one who laughed the most was Feng Hua.

Feng Tian Xiang frowned as he turned to look at Feng Hua, "Feng Hua, didn't you say you saw Feng Zhi returning from the Martial Hall? What exactly happened?"

Feng Hua stopped smiling and opened his mouth to say the excuse he had come up with a long time ago. However, when the words were about to reach his mouth, his face suddenly revealed fear.

This was because what he said and what he was thinking were two completely different things.

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