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C20 Task

At this time, the other children also noticed the dried meat in Feng Zhi's hands.

Looking at the dry rations in their hands that were hard to swallow, and then looking at Feng Zhi's fragrant dried meat, these children felt depressed in their hearts.

It would have been alright if there was no comparison. However, after this comparison, they instantly felt that they could not swallow their rations anymore.

Perhaps because those eyes were just too exposed, Feng Zhi raised her head, looked around, and then chuckled as she said: "I still have a lot of jerky here ?"

Then, as if by magic, he fished out a large bag of dried meat from his sleeve.

I don't know how she managed to hold the dried meat in her seemingly empty sleeve.

Of course, at this point, no one had the time to care about this.

Under everyone's gazes, Feng Zhi slowly opened the oil paper package in her hands, revealing the dried meat inside.

These dried meat were made by Mama Li using the best of the Moo Beast Meat. This was her specialty, so not only did the dried meat taste good, it also had a fragrance that could float for ten miles.

"Gudong ?"

The sound of saliva being swallowed sounded out in unison.

If it weren't for the fact that he was worried about his face and had a teacher watching him, he was afraid that Feng Hua, who was used to bullying others, would have already rushed forward to rob them.

Feng Zhi waved the paper bag in her hands left and right, with her sharp eyes, she saw that a lot of people's eyeballs followed her movements, swaying left and right.

"I'm not giving it to you!" This was Feng Zhi's voice.

After that, Feng Zhi picked up some dried meat and gave it in a small bag to Instructor Feng Tian Xiang. She then kept the rest.

It was the first time that they regretted bullying Feng Zhi like that. If they had a good relationship with Feng Zhi, wouldn't they be eating delicious dried meat right now?

After eating a meal that caused most of the children to be conflicted, the instructor Feng Tian Xiang coughed lightly. Seeing that he had successfully attracted all the children's attention, he said, "In this family training session, besides letting everyone participate in hunting the strange beasts, all of you have also been assigned other missions."


All the children were at a loss.

Their elders had all participated in this sort of training, but they had never heard of any missions.

"These missions are not that difficult. Most of them include collecting common spirit medicines, materials for strange beasts, and so on. You can complete them just by standing at the outer perimeter of the forest. You don't have to worry too much about them." Feng Tian Xiang said again.

Only then did the children heave a sigh of relief.

After explaining the contents of this mission to the children, Feng Tian Xiang took out a stack of envelopes recording the contents of each individual mission, and distributed them to everyone using the names written on the envelopes.

The children couldn't wait to open the envelope in their hands and check their mission.

Feng Zhi was no exception.

Collect herbs, Spirit-Cleansing Grass, Ironmoney Grass, Heart-Piercing Grass...

A long list of primary spiritual medicines was listed on the paper. In order to allow the children to complete their missions, the paper also contained descriptions of each type, as well as descriptions of their medicinal properties.

After Feng Zhi finished reading the contents of the paper, she was greatly relieved. It was not because the mission was simple, but rather, she was finally able to confirm that the spirit medicines on the Profound Martial Continent were exactly the same as what she knew.

That's good, since the medicinal properties of these herbs haven't changed, then she would very soon be able to find the Seven-Petalled Flower that was lacking in refining the Foundation Establishment Pill.

She swore that after she found the Seven-eyed Flower, she would plant a large number of Seven-eyed Flower in the Spaces first!

If she missed out on this medicinal herb that could not be considered rare, she would be stuck at the great circle of the Refinement Realm for three years. Just thinking about how much improvement she could have made in these three years, Feng Zhi felt like vomiting blood.

After the meal, Feng Tian Xiang gave everyone two hours to rest. They would be staying in the dense fog for quite a long period of time, and after today, it was likely that they wouldn't have the chance to rest like this ever again.

Some of the children were resting in their tents, while others couldn't wait to start their tasks.

As long as they paid close attention, even if they didn't leave the camp they were in, they would still be able to find something.

Feng Zhi was not in a hurry to collect spirit medicine. She had already made a plan, she would leave the camp to look for the Seven-Headed Flower when she had free time. At that time, she would have plenty of time to look for spirit medicine.

An hour passed by in an instant. When it was time, Feng Tianxiang gathered everyone and said in a serious tone, "Everyone, we need to be clear about one thing first. This time, you will go against the real beasts with your lives, this is different from when you usually train in the Martial Hall. Even if there is a teacher watching you, a single negligence could cause you to be injured or even killed.

As people of the Feng Tian City, the children had grown up listening to their elders tell the story of the Misty Forest. How could they not know what was at stake?

Her intention was to tell the clan elders that Feng Zhi did not need to participate in the trial. However, she was brought out in the name of fairness by Feng Hua, who had taken the initiative to participate in the trial. Furthermore, no matter how worried she was, he could only bring Feng Zhi up to the Mist Forest.

Sigh, I'll have to take care of Feng Zhi a little.

Feng Tian Xiang thought like this.

Very quickly, Feng Tian Xiang gathered all of his thoughts and led the children into the dense fog to investigate.

According to the training schedule, the children would have to hunt for a Level 1 mutated beast every day for the past half month. Today was already half the day, if they did not hurry, it would be too late.

Although the children were young, they still knew how important it was for them to give it a try. They didn't dare to slack off in the slightest as they followed behind Feng Tian Xiang with their entire bodies on alert as they headed deeper into the Misty Forest.

The children didn't have to wait long before they met their first target.

This was a Whirlwind Pig. It had a round body, ears as big as a fan, a long nose, and round eyes. It didn't look scary, but rather cute.

Whirlwind Pork was something that people in Profound Martial Continent would often see on the dining tables. Although the Whirlwind Boar was only a level one mutated beast, and the spirit energy contained in the meat was not much, because the taste of the Whirlwind Pork was good and the most important thing was that the price was cheap, it was welcomed by the people.

This was the first time the children had seen a real mutant beast. For a moment, everyone stood rooted to the spot, not knowing what to do.

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