Arrogant and Stunning Dragon Consort/C4 Be an honest child(2)
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Arrogant and Stunning Dragon Consort/C4 Be an honest child(2)
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C4 Be an honest child(2)

Looking at his ten fingers that were swollen as swollen as a carrot, Feng Hua gnashed his teeth. "If I were to find out who was the culprit ?"

Halfway through his words, he was stopped by a touch on his shoulder. Feng Hua impatiently looked at Feng Gang, who was knocking his shoulder against him. "What is it?"

Feng Gang pursed his lips, "Look."

Following Feng Gang's line of sight, he saw that the fluorescent stone had turned into a shadow under the big tree in the middle of the Martial Hall. In the shadow, a little girl in white training clothes was curled up into a ball.

Under the dim light, the little girl seemed to have a pair of wings on her back, giving off a feeling of nobility and holiness.

"..." So it turns out that Feng Zhi also had such a beautiful time! " Feng Hua's words were filled with amazement.

Feng Zhi's appearance was actually extremely delicate and cute. It's just that her usual actions would cause people to not even glance at her face, and they would naturally not notice whether she was beautiful or ugly.

Only when she was not paying attention would people notice that she was not ordinary.

Just as Feng Hua and the other two were in a daze and forgot about the pain in their hands, Feng Zhi woke up from her slumber.

She gently opened her eyes and yawned as she clenched her fists, wanting to continue. With just this one action, she had completely destroyed that beautiful scene from before.

When beautiful things are destroyed, they always make people angry.

Feng Hua glared at Feng Zhi hatefully. Was he blind just now, to actually think that this stupid pig was very beautiful?

"Why are you still here?"

Feng Zhi raised her fair and tender hands to rub her watery eyes, and said somewhat indistinctly: "Of course I'm waiting for you."

Feng Hua obviously did not expect to hear such an answer, and wanted to wave away the sudden happiness in his heart, but unexpectedly, his tired and swollen fingers once again experienced a heart-wrenching pain, so when he spoke again, he naturally did not have a good mood.

"What are you waiting for us to do?" he said gruffly.

Of course I am, I'll give you some good stuff ?

Feng Zhi's eyes flashed with a strange light as she raised her hand and touched each of the three people's hands that could be compared to a carrot's. Her face was filled with regret and seriousness as she said, "I just want to tell you all that lying is not good, you should all be honest children!"

After she finished speaking, Feng Zhi did not care about the trio's reactions, and walked away while skipping.

As she walked, she thought to herself.

The best way to stop the swelling was to soak them in the Soul-Cleansing Grass, and apply some iron coins to their hands to neutralize the pain. With the addition of the powder of the Blazing Flame Grass, they could at least increase the pain by a few days.

Being insulted and framed in such a manner only made them suffer for a few more days.

I really am a good child!

Feng Zhi was almost moved to tears.

As for Feng Hua, he was the one that made people tell the truth earlier ?

Hehehehe, who would still remember that?

As for Feng Hua and the other two, who were thrown to the ground by Feng Zhi, after looking at each other in dismay for a while, Feng Gang suddenly cried out in pain, "My hand seems to be more painful than before.

"Ah, me too ?"

"Me too ?"

Then, Feng Hua stomped his feet in hatred and scolded, "Looks like what the others said is correct. Feng Zhi is just a jinx.

Feeling the increasing pain on their hands, the three ran home with sullen faces.

I need to hurry home and fry the blisters with the Spirit Cleansing Grass.

They thought so.

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