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C6 Phoensis(2)

Under such intense competition, even if a branch family disciple did not have talent for cultivation, they could still bully their own direct descendant, Miss Feng Qi. What could be more satisfying than this?

Unfortunately, Feng Zhi was the one who was bullied by everyone.

With such a good background, to still be able to live like a bear cub, in the words of Feng Zhi's three year old younger brother, it was not easy at all.

When he thought of his younger brother Feng Ming, who was clearly only three years old but was always acting like an old man, Feng Zhi's lazy face couldn't help but reveal a few smiles.

The Feng Family Ancestral House was not a big house, but rather a group of houses. A large portion of the houses and hoops belonging to the Feng Family's people were connected, forming this Feng Family Ancestral House, which seemed to exist in a city within the Feng Tian City.

People of the Profound Martial Continent revered from the east, so those who lived on the east side of the Feng Family were all prominent members of the clan.

With the good fortune of a talented father, Feng Zhi was able to live in the courtyard house on the east side of the ancestral residence.

When Feng Zhi returned to her own courtyard, there was already a forty year old middle-aged woman waiting for him at the entrance. The lady's face was filled with anxiousness, and she walked back and forth while continuously looking outside.

Only when she saw Feng Zhi's figure, did the woman finally heave a sigh of relief.

"Seventh Miss, you're finally back."

Ever since Feng Zhi was three years old, he had been separated from her parents, and she had always been by her side the entire time.

In order to nurture the independence of the disciples of Feng Family, regardless of whether they were males or females, as long as they reached the age of three, they would leave their parents and live alone.

Feng Zhi waved her hand at Mother Li, "Mother Li, I am going to the Martial Hall to learn martial arts, not to some dangerous place. I have already told you many times not to worry, you just won't listen."

"And he said it wasn't a dragon, pool, or tiger cave. When did Seventh Miss ever come back from the Martial Hall without getting hurt ?" Mama Li muttered while looking over Feng Zhi a few times. It was only when she was sure that Feng Zhi was not hurt that she remembered something very important.

"Seventh Miss, the young master has come. He has been waiting for you in the yard for a long time." Mama Li said in a low voice, obviously fearful of the little young master she spoke of.

While they were talking, the two of them had already stepped into the courtyard.

Feng Zhi's eyes swept across the courtyard and saw the little young master that mother Li spoke of, who was her younger brother, Feng Ming.

Feng Ming was three years old this year, and had just moved out from his parents' courtyard.

At this time, he was standing beside a stone table in the courtyard. A three year old little Dou Ding, his height was not even as tall as the stone table, and if he stood at the side, he would easily be treated as a stone chair by the people. In the eyes of other people, such as Feng Zhi, it would always be funny.

Of course, Feng Ming didn't find himself to be funny. He tried his best to hold his young and tender face, trying to appear more serious.

Seeing Feng Zhi's expression that seemed like he was about to laugh, Feng Ming suddenly exploded like a proud and spoiled cat: "Feng Zhi, you still have a face to smile! "Don't you know that the news about the Martial Hall has already spread through the entire Feng Family? Even after practicing the Phoenix Cry Finger for half a year, you can only make your own fingers red? You ?"

At this point of time, Feng Zhi was already overwhelmed by the look of her little brother. Seeing him so angry, she hurriedly went forward and hugged him to ease his fur, cough, no, to comfort him.

"Alright, alright, alright, don't be angry, it's all my fault ?"

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