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Not only did Feng Zhi's admission of her mistakes not quell his anger, it instead made his anger burn even hotter.

"Shameless! Shameless!"

He struggled free from Feng Zhi and cursed out loud. In the end, he still could not vent his anger as he raised his little fat claw and smashed it onto the stone table beside him. The hard stone table was left with a deep handprint.

Basic palm technique for Feng Family, Phoenix Flame Palm.

Feng Zhi's gaze swept across the palm imprint, and then secretly stuck out her tongue. It seemed like her little brother was really angry this time, but then again, her little brother had indeed lived up to his reputation of being that genius, to the point where she had already displayed talent that surpassed even their biological father at the age of three.

Who knows, maybe the next person to awaken their Heavenly Phoenix bloodline would be the little Dou Ding in front of her?

Thinking of how she would have such a beautiful scene in the future where his little brother could do whatever he wanted, Feng Zhi almost laughed out loud.

Cough, I've gone off topic again.

Realizing that the most important thing to do now was to pacify his angry little brother, Feng Zhi immediately revealed a smile that was like a dog's leg. She grabbed onto Feng Ming's little fat hand and touched it a few times, then said awkwardly under Feng Ming's gaze: "Little brother, why are you angry over what others are saying?

If one were to describe Feng Ming's current state of mind, it would definitely mean that he was disappointed.

He did not understand, his parents were all heroes in the world, his big brother had outstanding talent, and he was even called a genius rarely seen in a hundred years, so why did his family produce a Feng Zhi who not only lacked talent, but had no face at all?

Listen to what she's saying, and tell him not to be angry with her for the nonsensical gossip?

The more he thought about it, the angrier he got. Feng Ming hated that he couldn't get two holes on Feng Zhi's body.

Seeing this scene, Feng Zhi blinked his eyes, as tears welled up in his eyes. She looked at Feng Ming pitifully and said: "I know that I don't have talent, and don't work hard enough, so father and mother do not like me, and brother does not like me either. Now, even little brother despises me?"

Seeing that, Feng Ming was a little confused. He reached out his hand and awkwardly patted Feng Zhi's shoulder, "It's not that Father and Mother does not like you, it's just that they are too busy, Big Brother ? Big brother is not very sensible, I did not dislike you. "

Feng Zhi was almost amused by Feng Ming. Her little brother had always been precocious and always acted serious with his little face straight. When had he ever been so helpless?

As she thought about this, Feng Zhi blinked down a single tear that was sparkling and translucent at the same time, "You really don't mind me?"

The three year old child was so frightened by her tears that he did not dare to move, only repeatedly nodding his head.

Feng Zhi wiped off her tears and then, with both hands on Feng Ming's shoulders, said sincerely: "Little brother, you know this too, I have never had any talent since I was young, and can't even make a name for myself in the future. So big sister will count on you all my life, you must cultivate well, and become a famous and powerful person in the future.

Feng Ming was still shaken by Feng Zhi's tear drop, after hearing it, he did not care what Feng Zhi said, and only reflexively nodded.

"V" in his heart, Feng Zhi took the opportunity when Feng Ming had yet to react to her situation to continue making requests, "Remember, your sister is trash, and trash is very, very, very miserable. So you have to keep your sister in your heart at all times, and you have to protect her from being bullied by outsiders, and treat anyone who dares to bully your sister as an enemy, and kill them when you have the chance, do you understand?"

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