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C8 Trainee(2)

Feng Ming continued to nod blankly, but in his heart, he was thinking, if that was the case, then the Feng Hua trio who bullied Feng Zhi earlier today would be his enemies.

If the future generations knew that Master Feng Ming's sister control attribute would be created like this, they would cry, right?

After she finished instigating the theory that "big sister is everything", hearing the rumbling sounds coming from her stomach, Feng Zhi suddenly remembered that she had not eaten dinner yet. She pulled Feng Ming into the house.

After the two of them finished dinner, Butler Zhang who was in Feng Ming's courtyard came to pick him up.

Feng Zhi escorted the little peas to the entrance of the courtyard. Before she even had the chance to say her goodbyes, she saw a group of people aggressively walking over from afar.

That group of people came very quickly, and in a few breaths time, they had already arrived at the door to Feng Zhi's courtyard.

There were a total of nine people. A man and woman led a child, and the three children were precisely the three that had been severely punished by the instructor today, Feng Hua, Feng Gang, and Feng Qiang. Needless to say, the man and woman leading them were their parents.

Look at all of these wicked people, they have come with ill intentions.

Although Feng Zhi was famous for being trash in Feng Family, or even in terms of her entire Feng Tian City, she was not someone to be afraid of.

Seeing that this group of people had come looking for her, her gaze fell upon the three people's glowing purplish-red fingers. She lazily raised her eyebrows. "Feng Hua, why aren't you staying at home and using the Spirit Cleansing Grass to soak in the water? Why have you come here?"

After saying that, she didn't hide her sneer at all.

The adults leading the children were already furious, seeing that, they were so angry that their lungs were about to burst. The sturdy man behind Feng Hua stared, his index finger almost touching Feng Zhi's nose.

"Feng Zhi, you framed Feng Hua and the others, causing them to be punished by Instructor Tian Xiang in such a miserable manner, and even gloating over his misfortunes. You truly worthy of being our family's disciple!"

The man's appearance was somewhat similar to the chubby Feng Hua, but he still looked six or seven years old, which made him sound cute. However, this man was almost thirty years old, and the way he looked like this really made one lose interest.

The man was called Feng An, Feng Hua's father.

He did not know about Feng Zhi's mental state. At this time, he looked at Mama Li and Housekeeper Zhang who was standing beside Feng Zhi. Then, he looked at the courtyard that was independent behind Feng Zhi.

The children of Feng Family had to move away from their parents at the age of three, but only the direct descendants of the clan could live in one courtyard.

Such a trash that everyone knew about, yet lived in a courtyard by himself. How could this not cause others to feel sour in their hearts?

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