Come On, Arrogant Boss/C1 Word Day That Is Full of Respect for Time!
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Come On, Arrogant Boss/C1 Word Day That Is Full of Respect for Time!
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C1 Word Day That Is Full of Respect for Time!

Jingcheng, 11 PM.

"I'll tell Saner and the others not to be soft-hearted later." In the taxi, Yu Qianyan, who was wearing lipstick and staring at the makeup mirror, suddenly said.

The driver smiled, "To reply to Second Boss, everything has been arranged properly, so I specifically told you to hit your face with force."

Yu Qianyan nodded her head in satisfaction as she pursed her red lips.

Soon after, a petite figure got out of the taxi.

She wore a red dress with slanted shoulders, revealing her fair and tender shoulders. As she looked at the gorgeous and dazzling Sheng Shi Bar, her red lips couldn't help but tremble.

As soon as he entered the bar, a young man came to welcome him.

"Miss Yu, are you here to make an appointment or to perform?"

"Invite someone." Her beautiful eyes surveyed her surroundings. Sure enough, this kind of noisy environment suited her the most. She raised her eyebrows and smiled. "Which floor is the Flaming Crane Room?"

"Third floor left, second floor."

Third floor...

Suddenly, Yu Qianyan's gaze turned towards the door. Although she was prepared, her eyes couldn't help but twitch when she saw the man with the strong aura.

Inside the Flustered Crane Room.

Yu Qianyan's eyes were half-lidded, her thick eyelashes casting a shadow over her eye sockets. She looked at her collar, a hint of sarcasm on her lips. She raised her hand to tug down on her clothes.

No matter what, it was a blind date that her stepmother painstakingly arranged for her.

The door was knocked. Yu Qianyan immediately became serious and replied in a delicate voice, "Please come in!"

The door was pushed open, and a middle-aged man with a shiny, oily face and a large belly walked in. He walked over to Yu Qianyan's side without saying a word and sat down beside her.

"Hello, Miss Yu. I'm Liu Yingnan."

The strong stench from her mouth made Yu Qianyan's stomach churn. She held her breath and forced a smile, "Hello, CEO Liu. I've long heard that you're extraordinary. Now that I've met you today, it really shocked Qianyan."

Shock, shock your sister!

Hearing that, Director Liu grinned.

In an instant, Yu Qianyan was disgusted by the jagged yellow teeth.

Director Liu's gaze roamed wildly over Yu Qianyan's bare shoulder. When he lowered his head, he saw a slender and elegant curve of her neck, causing his eyes to widen even further.

Boss Liu's eyes lit up with a green light as his fat hands began to move.

Yu Qianyan felt goosebumps all over her body as the heavy and greasy feeling touched her thighs.

"Miss Yu, I'm very satisfied with you. I will immediately get someone to send the betrothal gift to your home." As he spoke, his chubby mouth moved closer.

Yu Qianyan cursed in her heart as she hurriedly stood up and retreated, looking like she was about to lose her head, "CEO, CEO Liu, don't be like this, this isn't good …" "Not good."

Director Liu reached out to pull Yu Qianyan away, but she dodged his hand three times. He was instantly angered.

Pointing at Yu Qianyan's nose, he scolded her, "Don't refuse a toast only to be punished. You, Yu Qianyan, are like this … Woman, who doesn't know about Jingcheng? You have been long forgotten by others. "It's your good fortune that laozi has set his eyes on you!"

As he spoke, he rushed forward again.

Aiyaya, your sister, I, your aunt, am a pure yellow flower daughter, purer than pure milk!

Seeing a wall closing in, Yu Qianyan calmly lifted her right foot and kicked fiercely.

"Aoouuu ~ ~ ~"

The wall of flesh fell to the ground with a loud scream!

Yu Qianyan dug her ears in disgust and muttered, "True." Pitiful. Ai, it seems like I can't take it anymore. "

After she finished speaking, her own palm viciously slapped her left cheek.


"Hiss —"

It hurt so much!

"Swish!" She lifted up her skirt and used her strength to rip it apart, directly tearing it into the crook of her thigh.

Ok, go home and report to your stepmother!

Those black and white eyes were instantly filled with tears. He covered his left cheek and complained with a face full of shock, "CEO Liu, no … I never thought that you would actually be this kind of person. Sob, sob, sob, I don't want to live anymore! "

Yu Qianyan's expression changed the moment she left the room.

F * ck, Director Liu had actually arranged someone in advance!

Several loud roars could be heard, "Don't run — —!"

"Stupid. Stop right there!"

Looking at the group of people around the corner, all of them pounced ferociously on her. She quickly took off her two high heels and ruthlessly smashed them on them. She immediately turned around and ran, her little head quickly spinning.

To think that things would turn out like this. The only thing they could do was advance their plans!

Out of the corner of his eyes, he constantly scanned the door numbers in the room. Suddenly, his eyes lit up as he rushed towards a beautiful door.


Unexpectedly, she used too much strength, causing Yu Qianyan to fall to the ground like a dog eating shit, her tears almost falling.

It hurt!

Her gaze quickly swept across and locked onto her target. In that instant, she seemed to have been struck by lightning as she stood frozen on the spot.

At this moment, the two men on the sofa were lying down in an extremely indecent position. Her target was the one above her!

She was dumbfounded.

Word God! The information did not say that Zhan Mushi was gay!

It was embarrassing to appear in such a childish situation and disturb her.

Glancing towards the door, she saw the group of people catching up to her. She gritted her teeth and charged forward, ignoring everything else as she grabbed onto the sturdy arm of the man standing above her.

She pitifully pleaded, her voice filled with tears, "Sir, save me! Someone is trying to force me to commit an immoral act."

The man was cold to the point that there was not even a trace of warmth in his dark eyes. His gaze swept over indifferently. It was dense and dazzling, mysterious and profound, but it was also unfathomably deep.

A faint scent of tobacco and mint wafted through her nose. Yu Qianyan was momentarily dazed. This was the first time she had seen him so close to her, and she was almost mesmerized by him.

The female hormones in his body surged like a storm, almost to the point of being unable to suppress them!

The light inside the room was dim, but it was enough for her to clearly see the contours of the man's handsome face, his exquisite facial features, his slightly restrained brows, and his tight jaw.

He's … Displeased?

That was true. Anyone who was disturbed in this kind of situation would be displeased.

The others looked at Jun Lin's nameplate, and looked at each other in dismay. They hesitated, not daring to move forward.

Zhan Mushi looked up slowly and glanced over with an indifferent gaze. His dark and deep eyes carried a hint of sharpness.

Everyone shivered at the same time. The one in the lead gritted his teeth and said with a lowered head, "Sorry, I'm sorry for disturbing Mr. Zhan, Mr. Wen."

After the door was closed, Yu Qianyan's heart trembled. Her big eyes rolled around as she sobbed her thanks, "Thank you, gentlemen, for saving me. I am unable to repay you. I am willing …"

"Let go!"

Her tone was overly cold and low, causing her to feel a chill down her spine as she quickly let go.

A pair of gloomy eyes, silent without the slightest ripple, clean and slender fingers suddenly and easily brushed against the sleeve she grabbed.

So angry!

Yu Qianyan mentally gave him a ferocious middle finger.

I still don't despise you as gay, but you despise me!

Red and swollen left cheek, bright eyes, timid soft words, I feel pity.

Little Hands tightly grasped the torn hem of her skirt. She forced herself to reveal a shaky smile, "Sir, those people definitely won't leave until they catch me. I don't dare to leave!"


Thus, Yu Qianyan got her wish and sat on Zhan Mushi's exclusive car, a luxurious, luxurious, and high class car.

The man sitting next to him was noble and handsome.

"Get out."

A low and cold voice rang out in his ears.

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