Come On, Arrogant Boss/C14 Then Do You like Me?
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Come On, Arrogant Boss/C14 Then Do You like Me?
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C14 Then Do You like Me?

However, the Zhan Mushi that she saw was extremely influential outside, but in private, he was actually so close to her. She was really curious as to why he, as the president and head of an organization, lived alone with such little desire.

"You think I'm good-looking?" Zhan Mushi's sudden words almost made Yu Qianyan spurt blood.

This man was not only a celibate maniac, a control maniac, he was also a narcissist!

Faced with the man's questioning gaze, she repeatedly nodded her head and gave him a thumbs up, "That's right, who doesn't know that you're so handsome in Jingcheng, Mr. Zhan. Your looks are first class."

"Then do you like me?"

"Puff …"

Yu Qianyan spat out the soup she had just swallowed. Fortunately, she turned her head so quickly that it didn't affect the man and the spaghetti in front of her.

Then, you, Joy, Joy, Me?

Then do you like me!?

Her words kept echoing in her mind as she turned around to look at the man in front of her. She was beginning to suspect that she was hallucinating!

She could only watch as the man stood up and walked around the table. He took a tissue and helped her wipe the leftover soup from the corner of her mouth. There was some ruthlessness in her dark pupils. "You don't like me?"

Yu Qianyan shuddered and shook her head. "No …"

Unexpectedly, the man's eyes lit up and he immediately said, "Then that means you like me?"


If she said that she didn't like it, she felt that she would fall under the hands of a man in the next second. If she said that she liked it … But I don't like you!

Zhan Mushi didn't seem to be satisfied with her silence. He frowned and asked again, "You're just silently admitting it?"

Eh … Boss, as long as you are happy.

His mood seemed to be more cheerful as he saw that she didn't speak. He turned around and went back to the opposite side of the table to sit down. He gently lifted his chin and said, "Eat. It will be cold in a moment."

After being frightened by him just a moment ago, how could he still be in the mood to eat? The instant the noodles tasted good, it felt as though he was chewing on wax.

The passionate look in the man's eyes made her feel uncomfortable all over.

Truly, she was panicking now.

After coming into contact with Zhan Mushi, he found that this man was really hard to understand. He seemed to have a lot of things to do, such as how his temper was unpredictable.

Moreover, she wasn't sure if it was just an illusion, but she felt that Zhan Mushi had fallen for her!

Logically speaking, this should have been something to be happy about, because her mission was to not get close to Zhan Mushi and successfully gain his trust.

But now that she knew this man was multiple, she began to back off.

If he were to know his true identity, he would definitely be torn to shreds … No, no, no. It could be that she was tortured to the point of suffering a fate worse than death!

After eating a few bites, she had no appetite. She pushed the plate in front of her and said, "I'm not eating anymore."

Zhan Mushi frowned and took a glance at his uneaten noodles, "Aren't you hungry?"

"Suddenly, I'm not hungry anymore." She sank back in her chair.

Zhan Mushi nodded and suddenly said, "If there's any trouble, you must give me a call. Don't try to be brave. Also, you don't need to go to the job at Golden Age Bar."

She slammed the table and stood up, "Hey, you're making a ruckus without reason, right? Why? That's my job. If I lose my job, you can let me go and drink in the northwest wind. Are you going to raise me!?"

"I'll support you."


Yu Qianyan stuttered as she was at a loss for words. She saw that this man was smiling. Although it was just a glance, it was sufficient for her to clearly see his laughter that could overturn the world.

It was almost one in the morning.

Yu Qianyan slowly followed behind him, biting her lower lip.

Were they going to sleep in the same bed as this man tonight?


"You sleep in my bedroom."

"Oh, then what about you?" Yu Qianyan almost bit her tongue when she asked.

Sure enough, the man turned around and looked at her with his deep black eyes. "I don't mind sleeping on the same bed as you and covering myself with a blanket."

"… …." "I mind."

… …

The man had been in her dreams all night, and Yu Qianyan had gotten up with two panda eyes.

Zhan Mushi was already waiting downstairs. Seeing that she went downstairs, he got up and walked in front of her. He grabbed her head and kissed on her forehead, "Good morning."


Having received such a heavy blow so early in the morning, her heart was trembling uncontrollably!

Taking two steps back, her hand was full of sweat, and she lowered her head, "Morning, can you take me home?"

At nine o'clock, Yu Qianyan arrived home.

Standing at the door, he watched as the Mu Shang drove off into the distance before entering the villa with a complicated feeling in his heart.

The moment she entered the living room, she saw Yu Chuhuan looking at her with a bad expression with her arms folded across her chest. She almost went forward to tear her up, "Qianyan, that man just now was Zhan Mushi?"

Yu Qianyan cast a sidelong glance at him and said faintly, "No."

Yu Chuhuan looked at Yu Qianyan's back as she went upstairs. Her face was filled with unwillingness. She picked up the newspaper on the tea table and stared at the photo that occupied most of the space.

Even though the woman was wearing a mask, she could still recognize Yu Qianyan!

Furthermore, the Mu Shang Che from before, was known by the entire Jingcheng, it was the car exclusive to the Third Young Master of the Zhan Family, Zhan Mushi. It was not easy for her to snatch Ji Yichen from her hands, but she actually hooked up with Zhan Mushi!

That was no ordinary man. That was Zhan Mushi, a man who stood at the peak of the Jingcheng and controlled most of the economic lifeline of the Jingcheng. In all aspects, he was thousands of times better than Ji Yichen!

How could she be willing to accept this!

"Yu Qianyan!" You are not worthy of these things, you are not worthy! "

With that, she picked up her cell phone and dialed a number, "Hello, Hello, CEO Liu. This is Yu Chuhuan, Qianyan …"

After returning to her room, Yu Qianyan called the supervisor to apologize, but the news she got was that she wouldn't be coming to work anymore in the future. The supervisor was also very envious as he said, "Qianyan, you have really hit the jackpot this time, don't forget about us then. Right, your clothes and phone bag are all here, come and pick them up another time."

After hanging up the phone, Yu Qianyan was still unable to react.

She doesn't need to go to work?

Did she achieve great things?

What the heck!

Zhan Mushi that guy really quit her job!

The blood in her entire body flowed backwards, the fire energy instantly shot up from the bottom of her feet to the top of her head. She was so angry that she wanted to tear Zhan Mushi into a thousand pieces! Who the hell was he? Why would he do that!?

Although she was angry, she knew that she wouldn't be able to go back to Sheng Shi Bar. The boss of Sheng Shi Bar, Mo Ann, and Zhan Mushi were sworn brothers. Zhan Mushi would often appear at Sheng Shi Bar.

Previously, she went to Golden Age because of this relationship, so that she could attract Zhan Mushi's attention.

Now it was done, her focus was on him and she lost her job. What was even more terrifying was that she couldn't get rid of Zhan Mushi as if she was glued to him!

Just as he sat down, the phone on the bed rang again.

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