Come On, Arrogant Boss/C17 I've Already Seen It for a Long Time!
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Come On, Arrogant Boss/C17 I've Already Seen It for a Long Time!
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C17 I've Already Seen It for a Long Time!

The cold rain poured on her body, but it couldn't match the coldness in her heart. Previously, she still had a sliver of hope for Yu Liangsheng, but now, that hope had completely died down.

"Yu Qianyan!"

A giant hand suddenly wrapped around his waist and pulled him backwards. Then, his body was flipped over.

The man's berating voice pierced through the rainstorm as it rumbled overhead. It was mixed with a bit of anger. "What the hell are you doing!?"

Yu Qianyan raised her head and looked at him with a dazed expression. Her vision was soon blurred by the rain as she said in a voice as thin as silk, "Thank you."

Zhan Mushi looked at her with a complicated expression. His heart was in pain as he suddenly carried her across his arms and walked towards the car. "Don't worry, I'll look after the house for you. No one is going in."

Her eyes quivered, and she asked in a choked voice, "Really?"


Yu Qianyan couldn't hold it in any longer after receiving his affirmative answer. She sobbed, tears flowing down her face along with the rain.

In the car.

Liao Fann signaled for the temperature in the car to be raised and then self-consciously raised the isolation board.

Even so, Yu Qianyan was still trembling from head to toe. She hadn't eaten or drank for the entire day and had also been drenched by the heavy rain.

Zhan Mushi saw her trembling. He got up slightly and took out two brand-new white shirts from a box at the back of the car. "Take off your clothes."

"Huh?" Yu Qianyan looked at him with red eyes.

"If your clothes get wet, you will get sick."

"I'm fine."

"I'll give you three seconds. If you don't, I'll take it off."

Knowing that the house was fine, Yu Qianyan relaxed a little. Although this man had helped her a lot, she couldn't be so casual!

She stared at him with red eyes, "Zhan Mushi! I am a girl after all, so don't go too far! "

Unexpectedly, the man raised his eyebrows and faintly said, "I've seen it for a long time, what can't I see?"

Wait, have you already seen it?

Yu Qianyan turned her head to look at Zhan Mushi and swallowed her saliva. With a thick nasal voice, she said, "What did you say? You've already seen it? "Zhan Mushi, you're a peeping Tom, where did you see that!"

The corner of his lips curled up slightly. He did not say anything but instead quickly unbuttoned his shirt and took off his wet clothes, revealing his well-defined chest.

"You, you, you, you … Revealing Fanaticism! " Yu Qianyan hurriedly covered her eyes and cursed.

He looked at her contemptuously and said, "If I really want to expose myself, I'll just show you the most useful thing."

Cough cough, the most useful thing, it makes one's imagination run wild.

Through the gaps between her fingers, she sneaked a few glances. Un, her firm pectoral muscles, those eight abs filled with explosive strength, and below them was the Mermaid String which made one drool …

Zhan Mushi lowered his eyes and glanced at his figure. He thought, "Qianyan should be very satisfied with me, right?"

After changing clothes, Zhan Mushi saw that she didn't move and actually reached out his hand to help her take off her clothes. Yu Qianyan was so scared that she kept screaming. Finally, Yu Qianyan told him to turn his head and she took off her clothes.

However, what Yu Qianyan miscalculated was that the interior of the car was clearly marked on the window by the car lights.

What she didn't notice was that the man's deep black eyes gradually became fiery …

Moon Reflection Pool.

Zhan Mushi was busy in the kitchen while Yu Qianyan was in a dilemma in the living room.

At first, she wanted to get close to him, but when she realized that she had lost control of the situation, she started to distance herself from him.

Anyway, she had to thank him for keeping an eye on the house and bail her out of the police station.

Ten minutes later, he came out with two bowls of ginger soup. "Drink her up and then go take a bath."

Yu Qianyan wrapped her blanket tightly around her and took a sip. She was sweating profusely because she had been here once before. She walked into Zhan Mushi's bedroom familiarly.

After her body was soaked in the hot water, the pain became more intense. She didn't dare to soak in the water for too long, so she quickly put on her bathrobe and came out.

Hearing the sound, Zhan Mushi raised his head and said lightly, "Take off your clothes."

Yu Qianyan was shocked and her steps abruptly halted. Did he save her just to sleep with her?

There were still wounds on her body. She was a f * cking beast!

Did this count as her stepping out of a wolf's nest and back into a tiger's den?

She stuttered, "Show..." "Zhan Mushi, we can discuss this further. Thank you for your many solutions, I, I don't want to …"

The man raised his eyebrows and interrupted her. He then raised the ointment in his hand and mocked, "You're thinking too much. I'm saying that I'll help you apply the medicine after you take off your clothes."

Yu Qianyan's innocent face instantly turned completely red. She kept backing off, "No, no need. I can apply the medicine myself."

"Two choices. A: I will forcefully flay you and then press you onto the bed. B: You will obediently lie down on the bed." Zhan Mushi glanced at her and threw her a sentence. "Or do you want me to forcefully skin you and press you on the bed?"


The last sentence made Yu Qianyan jump up in anger. She gritted her teeth as she looked at the man who had already stood up and rolled up his sleeves.

The man was very satisfied with her reply. He suddenly smiled, causing Yu Qianyan's heart to tremble.

This man was a monster. He was too damn good-looking!

Taking a small step forward, she gestured an eye piercing gesture, "I'm warning you, you're not allowed to look elsewhere. Also, you're not allowed to touch randomly, otherwise, you'll be dead!"

In the end, he even made a gesture of wiping his neck.

Zhan Mushi glanced at her and said lightly, "I have no appetite for the four seasons dried beans."

Yu Qianyan choked and gave him a middle finger as he turned around.

He could not help but roar in his heart, "Blind! Say it again! My body is huge! "Great!"

Lying on the bed, she looked at the man who had his back to her and did not forget to threaten him, "Alright … "Alright, Zhan Mushi, if you dare to have any other thoughts, I'll definitely fight you to the death!"

Zhan Mushi turned around and his gloomy gaze fell on the bruises on her back that were tender and fair.

The coldness of the ointment mixed with the heat from the man's fingertips caused her body to tremble. Her hands gripped the bed sheets tightly as she buried her face under the blanket, red to the point that blood was about to spill out.

"Zhan Mushi, hurry up!"


After he was done wiping, his fingertips slid onto the tattoo on his back. His back was white and the phoenix's fiery red color was extremely vivid, as if it was about to lift its neck and let out a long cry.

After stroking the uneven surface of the marks for a while, his gaze shifted slightly as his vision gradually slid down. His slender fingers followed the fine lines on her back and slid down.

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