Come On, Arrogant Boss/C3 Can You Not Make Me Nauseous!
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Come On, Arrogant Boss/C3 Can You Not Make Me Nauseous!
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C3 Can You Not Make Me Nauseous!

The Maine cat with a height of 1.2 meters stood in front of Yu Qianyan, half-bowing its robust body like a tiger about to erupt with rage. It bared its fangs and continuously mewled, "Meow, meow – meow –"

The green cat stared at her with its sharp claws.

Lan Xiuying took a step back, terrified by the cat's stare. She looked angrily at the girl who was wiping her hair, "Yu …" Yu Qianyan, quickly get your darned cat away! "

Yu Qianyan spread out her hands, a hint of playfulness on her lips. "Sorry, Auntie. Young Master has gone crazy and I don't dare to touch it."

When she saw that the young master was about to pounce on her, she shivered and turned around to leave while cursing, "A loser is a loser, what's the use of keeping you alive for so many years! You can eat whatever you use at home, and you're just like your mother, a good-for-nothing!"

She's just like your mother, a good-for-nothing …

Yu Qianyan's hand, which had been hanging by her side, suddenly clenched into a fist.

Under his half-closed eyelashes, the brutal cold desert had already become a disaster.

"Meow. Meow."

A soft feeling came from her leg. She looked down and saw her young master rubbing his head against her leg. He was crying out in worry.

She gave a faint smile and spread her arms. "Young Master, this servant wants to hug you?"

The huge young master's hind legs stomped onto her body and she hurriedly hugged him. Her face rubbed against the long hair on the young master's neck before she frowned in disdain, "Oh, young master, you're so smelly!"


You stink, you stink! This young master is very fragrant!

When she had just returned to Jingcheng to be a little beggar, she had picked up this young master from a trash heap. At that time, this young master was a small lump of dirt all over his body, and he looked like he was about to die.

However, he didn't expect that not only did this cat eat more and more food, its size was also getting bigger and bigger. It looked very majestic, just like a little tiger.

Later on, she found out that this cat was a Maine cat, one of the largest cats in the world. When it matured, its body would grow to be more than a meter long …

After getting tired of the young master for a while, she began to clean up the wet blanket and bed.

The boss was right. Hiding in seclusion for the past three years had tempered one's endurance. If she were to stay on the island, she would have long pulled out a gun and stabbed them with a knife to send them to heaven.

The cell phone beside her bed flashed twice and she reached for it.

It was a long string of strange characters, without any pattern or pattern, but Yu Qianyan extracted the information quickly and accurately.

"Second Boss, the boss was furious when he found out that you executed your plan ahead of time last night. He said that he would take care of it himself, and if the mission failed, he would personally come to catch you and throw you back to Devil Island."

Devil Island? Refine the furnace and rebuild it?

Word Heavens!

Yu Qianyan's body quivered as if she had been shocked by electricity and goosebumps rose all over her body. She rubbed her arms as she tried to force out the shocking faces that appeared in her mind.

Those people were all freaks. It wasn't easy for her to come out alive, but even if she was beaten to death, she couldn't go back!

She replied with a series of dense characters, expressing her determination, "Tell Eldest Brother that even if he has to sacrifice his life, he will still complete the quest ~"

After replying, she threw her phone to the side and collapsed onto the bed.

Ever since she was young, her young master had loved to pounce on her. He pounced on Yu Qianyan with twenty-five pounds of food, making her feel like the food she ate last night was about to be squeezed out of her body.

She stretched out her tongue and pushed the young master, roaring, "Young Master, you have to remember that you are 25 pounds right now, not 2.5 pounds! I'm going to be squashed flat by you! "

The young master narrowed his eyes and gave a very cold meow, indicating that he was enjoying the show.

I don't care, this young master is still a baby!


After a night of calmness, Yu Qianyan finally realized how stupid her actions were last night. If she was even the slightest bit careless, the plan they had been planning for the past three years might completely collapse and all their efforts would be for naught.

Zhan Mushi was no ordinary young master of a Wealthy Class family.

Aside from his identity as the CEO of the Zhan's Group, he also had another shameful identity — — The king of all the people in the Zhan's family.

He was quick-witted, meticulous, and extremely adept at studying the minds of people. No one knew what sort of unfathomable mysteries could be found beneath his pair of deep and deep black eyes.

The Zhan's family was an extremely mysterious existence, and no one knew where their headquarters was. They roamed all over the world, and were extremely disciplined.

Even they, KR, who had advanced side by side with Zhan's for so many years only knew a little about it.

To be able to manage a family like this, one could imagine how terrifying this man was.

Perhaps, the moment she appeared in front of him, she was already exposed …

She had endured humiliation for three years just to get close to Zhan Mushi.

If she had been exposed last night and her plan had failed, then the boss would not have come to arrest her. She could just find a piece of tofu and kill herself!

In the living room.

"Oh, little sister, you finally went downstairs. How was your sleep last night?" I heard that you went to the blind date last night. I'll definitely give you a big red packet! "

As soon as she stepped into the living room, she heard a voice that she loathed the most. It was not difficult to hear the mockery in the voice.

Yu Qianyan didn't even give her a stingy look as she headed straight for the dining room.

She followed Yu Qianyan into the dining room, sat across from her, and fiddled with her fingernails. "Look, Qianyan, did my new nails look good? The one Yichen went with me to make last night, and we had a candlelight dinner."

His words were full of ostentation.

Yu Qianyan slightly raised her eyes and looked at Ji Yichen coldly, "If you like Ji Yichen, you can take him as you like. Yu Qianyan slightly raised her eyes and looked coldly at Ji Yichen," If you like Ji Yichen, you can take it however you like.

A cold light flashed in her eyes. Her eyebrows were filled with mockery as she continued, "So, don't stand here in the early morning and disgust me!"

Hearing this, Yu Chuhuan's expression changed and she abruptly stood up. "Yu Qianyan, what's the meaning of this!"

Yu Qianyan tore off a small piece of bread and stuffed it into her mouth. She slowly chewed it, and her face was filled with a strong sense of ridicule.

After a moment, she smiled, looking extremely friendly and harmless. "It means that you two, you dog and your dog, how far away are you from here? Can you not make me feel disgusted?"

"You …"

"Yu Qianyan!" A furious voice abruptly interrupted Yu Chuhuan's words.

Yu Chuhuan turned her head to look and her angry expression instantly became aggrieved. She walked quickly towards Yu Liangsheng with tears in her eyes, "Dad, I cared about Qianyan's blind date with good intentions, but she mocked and ridiculed me."

Yu Liangsheng comforted his eldest daughter by patting her hand. Then, he walked in front of the dining table and pulled her up.

"Yu Qianyan, you unscrupulous thing, I've raised you for so many years and you can't even do something like that for me. Director Liu is going to withdraw the 30 million that he invested into our company!"

Yu Qianyan flung her father's hand away in disgust and looked at him coldly. Her delicate face was filled with ice. "Like father, like daughter. My ungrateful heart can do whatever you want with you."

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