Come On, Arrogant Boss/C8 The House of Mushin the Night!
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Come On, Arrogant Boss/C8 The House of Mushin the Night!
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C8 The House of Mushin the Night!

Zhan Mushi didn't stay the night at the old house, instead, he waited for the old lady to sleep before leaving.

Ever since he had grown up, he hadn't stayed in his old house overnight. Every time he returned to his old house in Zhan Family, all of his already faint memories would surge in again.

He hated Zhan Guangbo!

He hated him for provoking his mother even though he had a family. He hated him for provoking her and humiliating her in such a way.

The main reason why he came back to the old house was because his mother was there …

It was already 1: 30 in the morning by the time he returned to the Moon Reflection Pool.

As soon as he stepped into the living room, he frowned slightly. His black eyes were like that of a cheetah hidden in the dark night as he stared sharply in one direction. After a while, he retracted his gaze, opened his legs, and walked straight to the counter to pour himself a glass of red wine.

He turned around and leaned against the counter, leisurely tasting the red wine.

Ling Feng's aura slowly spread in the silent living room. The man's obsidian eyes seemed to be soaked with the cold of the night, gloomy and terrifying.

Suddenly, a black shadow flashed from behind the wine rack, directly rushing towards the door.

"Who is it!"

Zhan Mushi's eyes suddenly narrowed. His eyes were as sharp as a falcon's. He calmly placed the wine cup on the counter and quickly chased after them.

He grabbed the man's shoulder and pressed down on the numbness on his wrist with his thumb. Then, with a violent shake of his hand, he removed the man's arm.

"Ka ka."

Instantly, a low, muffled grunt sounded out.

He was stunned for a moment before raising his eyes to look at that person's face. The next second, that person's leg whistled through the air as it swept over like a thunderbolt.

He slightly turned his body to the side to avoid the attack. His large palm followed the direction of the slender and straight leg and continued to swing. The man paused for a moment before he furiously swung his palm down again.

A hint of a smile flashed by his lips. He caught that person's palm and sent his other hand straight towards that person's chest. The soft touch from his palm caused a deep look to flash across his eyes.

That person didn't expect Zhan Mushi to have such an action. His body froze and his pupils suddenly contracted. In an instant, the entire atmosphere in the living room seemed to have frozen.

From half a meter away, Zhan Mushi could feel the raging anger mixed in that person's heavy breath. He slightly pushed with his palm and pushed that person a few meters away, getting closer to the door. That person glared at him, turned around and ran out.

Zhan Mushi did not give chase. His black eyes sparkled in the dimly lit living room. The curve of his lips gradually widened.

"How interesting, looks like this little thing isn't simple …"

After running for a kilometer, she slipped into a taxi and took off her mask. Yu Qianyan then panted heavily, the burning heat on her face and the numbness on her chest that had yet to subside reminded her that what happened was real.

Damn, Zhan Mushi had actually hit her in the chest! It struck the chest! "It hit my chest! Ahh!

Her face was red from anger and her expression started to twist. She gritted her teeth and cursed, "Zhan Mushi, you turtle bastard!"

"You f * cking beast!" What abstinent male god! What kind of f * cking gentleman was this! You are just a piece of trash! "One day, this old lady will give you ten strong men for you to enjoy!"

Before she could vent her anger after holding in her anger and scolding, she added, "You bastard!" "One day, I will make you kneel down and sing 'Conquest'!"

After swearing, she felt a sharp pain in her left arm. Only then did she realize that Zhan Mushi had unloaded her left arm!

His facial features immediately scrunched up as he sucked in a breath of cold air. Fog grass, what a pain!

Saner was so scared that he didn't even dare to breathe. He immediately drove towards the base camp.

At eight o'clock, Yu Qianyan sat cross-legged on the street eating breakfast at a small stall.

The intelligence personnel installed at Zhan Mushi's side should really be changed. There was not a single piece of accurate information these few times!

He had clearly received the news that Zhan Mushi had returned to the Zhan Family last night. Who would have thought that he would actually rush back in the middle of the night and catch her off guard, even not finding what he was looking for.

As he was eating the steamed bun, a gentle male voice called out, "Qianyan."

Yu Qianyan's back stiffened and her eyes trembled. She did not raise her head, but rather half-lowered her eyes and stuffed half of the steamed bun into her mouth.

"Why didn't you come home last night? You didn't answer your call. " Ji Yichen stood still in front of her with an anxious expression. He was dressed in light colored casual clothes, making his warm facial features look even more handsome.

Yu Qianyan slowly swallowed the food in her mouth. She was originally hungry and had lost her appetite, but now she opened her eyes.


Yu Qianyan's lips curled up into a mocking smile as she slightly raised her chin. "Since Yu Chuhuan is here, it's best if you don't talk to me."

Yu Chuhuan stepped on her 10-centimeter high heels and walked forward with a thud. She grabbed Ji Yichen's arm and said in a delicate voice, "Yichen, why did you leave me alone there? I'm so scared!"

Ji Yichen quietly took back his arm from her hand.

Only then did Yu Chuhuan set her gaze on Yu Qianyan, saying in surprise as if she had just seen Yu Qianyan, "Wow, Qianyan, why didn't you come home last night? Everyone in your family is very worried about you."

Yu Qianyan, who had just eaten the breakfast, almost vomited as she pretended to eat it.

Pui, you guys wish I wouldn't go home!

Yu Qianyan didn't say anything. She just took out twelve yuan from her pocket and put it under the bowl of porridge. Then, she stood up and left, leaving the two of them with a cool view.

"Qianyan, wait, I have something to say to you!"

Ji Yichen's expression changed and he hurriedly went to catch up, but Yu Chuhuan pulled him back. "Yichen, what are you doing? Let's hurry up and buy gifts for your parents. It's not good to be late!"

Then, he pulled Ji Yichen away.

After Ji Yichen got into the car, Yu Chuhuan took out her cellphone from her high-end bag and made a call …

Not far away, a black Muzhuang was parked quietly on the side of the road. A pair of black eyes watched the scene from a distance. They locked onto the girl who was strolling along the street, started the car and slowly followed her.

After walking for two hundred meters, his stomach began to growl.

She felt around her pockets and was a bit depressed. She had no money on her, and she was still a long way from the base camp of the low-rent apartment. Without money, she wouldn't be able to get there.

Just as she was thinking, she heard a ruckus behind her. She turned her head to take a look, and suddenly widened her eyes as she dashed away.

F * ck, why did Director Liu's people chase over so early in the morning?

Fortunately, this was an old city district, so it was not crowded. There were many old streets and alleys, and with Yu Qianyan's familiarity with this area, she quickly left them in the dust.

After running through five alleys, she found that it was a woman. Plus, her arm was injured, so she was able to reach the bottom. Seeing those stinking men chasing after her, she started to sweat nervously.

Just as she was about to rush into the 6th alley, a black Muzhuang stopped in front of her.

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