Arrogant CEO and His Beloved Wife/C1 There Are Some Things You Really Can't Talk about
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Arrogant CEO and His Beloved Wife/C1 There Are Some Things You Really Can't Talk about
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C1 There Are Some Things You Really Can't Talk about

Bai Yin was standing at the bedroom door with her arms crossed and a smile on her face.

She took a few seconds to think it over before coming to the conclusion that she had spent the entire morning discussing with her colleagues how she would react if the other half were to commit adultery. Perhaps she had already simulated that scene in her mind in advance, and now that she was facing such a situation, she could easily bear it.

The two people inside had obviously just done their business. Just now, when she was at the foot of the stairs, she had heard the two people panting emotionally. Now, Gu Zhangning was leaning on the bed, taking out a cigarette and putting it in his mouth, but before he could light it, he saw Bai Yin push open the door.

His waist was covered with a blanket, revealing his strong upper body.

However, the woman beside Gu Zhangning was obviously unable to cultivate. She screamed in fear and hid herself in the blanket, not daring to show her face.

Gu Zhangning saw Bai Yin's eyes fall on a small lump on the bed. He slightly moved his body and let go of the quilt, revealing more naked skin on his waist.

Bai Yin retracted the smile on her face, leaving a mocking arc in the air. She lowered her gaze and looked at the messy clothes on the ground. Her eyes swept over a pair of sexy underwear.

He didn't know what to feel.

Gu Zhangning was beginning to like this divination now?

Finally, her eyes landed on Gu Zhangning. Her gaze was cold and didn't have the expression of a woman that should have caught her husband cheating.

"You didn't pick up the phone when I called you. I just wanted to let you know that my uncle's family will be coming back tonight for the Gu family's banquet. Don't forget about it."

Gu Zhangning opened the lighter with a "ding" and lit up the cigarette in his mouth. He took a deep breath and blew out a smoke ring with a mocking tone: "Luckily, you still remember."

But then, his tone was full of impatience, "Are you done speaking? If you are, close the door from the outside."

Bai Yin's body paused for a moment. She shrugged indifferently, turned around, straightened her back and walked out. As he wished, she gently closed the door.

She didn't want to know what was going to happen next in the room.

However, after she closed the door, all the calmness in her eyes was removed and it was filled with despair. She then quickly ran down the stairs. Her chest ached. Although it was not life-threatening, she still couldn't bear it.

When she reached the sofa in the living room, she stumbled and almost fell.

He quickly supported himself on the arm rest of the sofa and steadied himself.

Bai Yin bent over and began to breathe slowly.

When the pain in her chest subsided a little, Bai Yin supported herself and sat down on the sofa. Her eyes were empty.

How did she and Gu Zhangning come to this?

He had clearly been faithful to love, which was why they had gotten married. But three years had passed, and seven years hadn't even passed, so how could he have broken his marriage into pieces?

Bai Yin didn't sit for more than a few minutes before the nanny, Sister Qing, came in from outside. She was holding onto Big White's lead rope; it was obvious that she had just taken him for a walk.

Sister Qing was surprised to see Bai Yin sitting in the living room, "Madam, why are you sitting here? Aren't we going on a business trip? "

Bai Yin lowered her head and rubbed her temples.

That's right, she was going on a business trip, and it was only because she thought that it was the day the third branch of the Gu family would return that she cancelled her trip.

Seeing that Bai Yin did not answer, Sister Qing said to herself, "Then I'll call Mister and ask him to come back and pick you up. It's been a long time since the two of you went back to your old home together."

Bai Yin waved her hand tiredly. "No need for the phone call, he's upstairs."

Sister Qing was surprised for a moment, but she didn't take it seriously. She mumbled, "Oh, I think you came back when I was out."

Bai Yin didn't say anything else and just stared at Gu Zhangning's crystal glass on the tea table in front of her in a daze.

Her heartache was mixed with helplessness.

There are some things that cannot be said.

He had just discussed the problem of men cheating with his colleagues in the morning and caught his husband in bed in the afternoon.

Look, it's not ironic.

… ….

Gu Zhangning came down an hour later. The woman didn't come down with him. It was unknown if she just fell asleep from exhaustion or if Gu Zhangning was afraid that she would use force, so he settled her down upstairs.

He knew her well enough to know that she had never been one to solve problems by force.

Seeing Bai Yin sitting on the sofa with a wooden face, Gu Zhangning frowned again.

Sister Qing came out of the kitchen and saw Gu Zhangning, "Sir, I've prepared the presents for Master San. If you two are going out together, please leave Old Zhang in your car."

Gu Zhangning glanced at Bai Yin and acknowledged her in a neither light nor heavy tone.

Sister Qing went out again, probably to get Old Zhang to come and carry the stuff.

The room immediately quieted down.

Gu Zhangning walked to the opposite of Bai Yin and lazily sat on the sofa. Two buttons on his white shirt were undone. His collarbone was slightly exposed, giving him an indescribably sexy look.

Gu Zhangning stared at Bai Yin's face for a few seconds. He placed one hand on the arm of the sofa and knocked on it rhythmically with his fingers. With a probing gaze, he asked, "Didn't you say you are going on a business trip? Why are you back? "

Bai Yin opened her mouth, wanting to ridicule him. "If that's not the case, how can I find out that you've actually brought another woman back home?"

But after thinking about it, he still didn't say it.

At this time, other than making him lower his price, there was no other use in taunting him.

During the long hour she had been waiting downstairs, she had been thinking and thinking about a few things.

What was she going to do when Gu Zhangning came down?

Do you want to ask who the woman upstairs is?

Was he going to get angry?

Do you want to quarrel like a bitter wife?

Do you want to throw something?

Should he go up and grab that woman?

His heart was pounding in his chest as he tried to answer the question.

But right now, when he saw Gu Zhangning walk down as if he was fine, there wasn't even the slightest bit of apology or panic on his face.

She thought.

Forget it.

So be it.

The question between her and Gu Zhangning was far more than the one about the adultery.

The past year of cold marriage and all its passion had been worn away. This kind of thing would happen sooner or later.

Or perhaps it was just that she had discovered it later, and some of it might have already happened.

A few days ago, the red lip gloss on his shirt collar already indicated something to her. At that time, it wasn't that he didn't think such a scene would appear, but he just felt that Gu Zhangning had always loved himself, so how could he be so out of place.

Now that he thought about it, she had overestimated him.

Bai Yin was wearing a small suit and didn't have time to change her clothes. However, based on the current situation, she couldn't go upstairs to change.

Therefore, she stood up and went to get her handbag while speaking. Her tone was as normal as ever, without a hint of emotion. "Go over to the old house first. I'll go buy a set of clothes. We'll go over after I change."

Gu Zhangning also thought about why she went out to buy clothes. He subconsciously looked up for a second, then agreed easily: "Okay, be careful on the way."

Bai Yin stopped when she went to get her bag. She turned around and looked at Gu Zhangning. In the past year that they had been together, he had never been nice to her, not to mention this caring reminder.

Gu Zhangning's pretty eyes also landed on her body.

Without the presence of the woman upstairs, the two of them seemed to have gone from passionate to plain. Although their quarrels were unceasing, there were no principled questions appearing between the two of them.

It was a pity …

Bai Yin opened her mouth, confused, "second brother..."

Gu Zhangning was stunned, he hadn't heard her call him that for a long time.

However, before he could react, Bai Yin suddenly smiled and said, "Forget it, there are some matters that should be settled after the feast ends."

Without waiting for Gu Zhangning's reply, Bai Yin went out with her handbag.

Coincidentally, Old Zhang came over and saw Bai Yin. He hurriedly asked, "Madam, are you going out? Do you need me to send you out?"

Bai Yin shook her head. "No need. I'll be back soon. I won't be troubling you."

Bai Yin left, but Gu Zhangning still didn't look away from the door.

There was a clatter on the stairs.

The woman with curly hair walked to the middle of the stairs. She could chase after Bai Yin's back for a long distance.

"Second Young Master, why is Miss Bai out?" The girl's coquettish voice made people's chest feel comfortable.

Gu Zhangning narrowed his eyes slightly. His expression instantly turned cold. He didn't turn around to look at her and asked, "Why did you come down?"

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