Arrogant CEO and His Beloved Wife/C10 Slightly Regretful
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Arrogant CEO and His Beloved Wife/C10 Slightly Regretful
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C10 Slightly Regretful

On the other hand, Gu Zhangning didn't have any expression on his face. It was as if doing this was the most normal thing to do.

However, after what had happened today, the knot in Bai Yin's heart was especially large, and she was no longer able to look at him as she had before.

Old Master Gu acted as if he didn't see the couple's sweet act and felt that Gu Zhangning's actions were very normal. If it was before, not to mention hugging his wife, he would even want to personally serve them when they went to the toilet.

The regret in the old man's eyes was exceptionally deep, like he was mumbling to himself, "When can I …"

Bai Yin knew what Old Man Gu was talking about, so her gaze dimmed for a split-second.

Not long after Bai Yin woke up, the attending physician came over to investigate. The old man pulled at the nurse beside the doctor and asked worriedly, "How is my wife? I heard her ribs are broken. Is it serious? The two of them have been preparing for pregnancy recently. Is it affecting her …"

The doctor raised his head and looked at Bai Yin, who was looking down with a dazed expression. Before the nurse opened her mouth, she said, "Traumatic injuries are not a small matter. Rest as much as possible."

The old man was a bit embarrassed. "So it's like this, when will I be able to carry my great-grandson?"

The nurse looked at Gu Zhangning and then looked at Bai Yin. She didn't know why, but the atmosphere in the ward was a little awkward, so she quickly relaxed, "Sir, don't worry. I can tell that Miss Bai will recover very quickly since she's so young. I believe it won't be long before her wish is fulfilled."

Gu Zhangning, who was standing to one side, added in a rare tone, "The nurse is right, I think so too."

Then he turned to Old Master Gu, "Grandpa, don't worry. Next year I'll definitely let you carry me."

The old man was instantly beaming with joy. "If what you say is true, then don't try to fool an old man like me."

An elderly butler stood beside the old man and spoke up for Gu Zhangning, "Master, since when did Second Young Master panic?"

The old man seemed to ponder for a moment, then nodded seriously, "That's true."

Bai Yin looked at Gu Zhangning at a place that no one else could see.

There was a hint of sarcasm in her eyes.

The Gu family's second young master was also a natural born actor.

The routine examination was one of those items, which was soon over. The doctor made a special request before he left.

"What the patient needs most now is rest. Give her more time to rest."

The old man was happy to be coaxed by Gu Zhangning, he was especially cooperative, "Good, good, good. I came to see you."

"Then put it down, Yin. Have a good rest."

Bai Yin tried to smile as naturally as she could. "Don't worry, grandfather, I will soon recover."

Gu Zhangning stood up to send off the old man. Before leaving, he even came over to test the temperature of the water in the cup on the cabinet beside the sickbed. He then handed it to Bai Yin. "You can drink now."

Bai Yin received it with a wooden face and covered it with her two palms. She did not drink it.

Gu Zhangning looked at her meaningfully for a moment, then turned around and left with the old man.

Bai Yin's smile lasted all the way until the old man's figure disappeared at the door of the ward.

She rolled over and put the glass back, then sat in a daze on the bed.

It was as if everything had changed over the course of a day.

Gu Zhangning came over, what about that woman? As soon as the two were done with their bed, he ran over to take care of his wife, not knowing what she would think.

Thinking of this, Bai Yin laughed at herself.

It was stupid. He knew Second Master Gu was married, so he definitely didn't care about it.

Bai Yin once again touched her ribs. With the gauze covering the wound, she didn't know what it looked like.

When the lordmaster had asked her if it affected her pregnancy preparation, she had also been anticipating the answer for a moment.

If she had a child earlier, even if she had problems with Gu Zhangning, she wouldn't have been able to reach this stage.

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