Arrogant CEO and His Beloved Wife/C11 That Kind of Mediocre and Vulgar Powder
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Arrogant CEO and His Beloved Wife/C11 That Kind of Mediocre and Vulgar Powder
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C11 That Kind of Mediocre and Vulgar Powder

After Old Master Gu stayed in the ward for more than half an hour, Gu Zhangning started to mention that it was time for him to go back.

The old man was so angry that he almost cursed, "Am I standing in the way of trouble?"

Gu Zhangning wasn't embarrassed at all, "It's a bit of a hindrance. What Yin needs most now is rest. The doctor said just now that she needs rest. You guys staying here for a long time is affecting her."

The old man almost raised his walking stick, "Why do I have such a bastard grandson?"

"Bai Yin was a bit embarrassed." It's alright, I've slept for a long time today, so I'm not sleepy at this time of day. "

Gu Zhangning pulled back his face as before, "You're too embarrassed to say, I have nothing to be embarrassed about, my grandfather, I'm not afraid."

The old man's crutch was really aimed at him. "You also know that I'm your grandfather."

Gu Zhangning nimbly dodged the attack and did not mind at all. Instead, he turned his head towards the housekeeper and said, "Uncle Wu, it's getting late. Please help the old man to go back. Please help him along the way. The old man is a generous man, so you should enlighten him along the way."

The old man was infuriated. He leaned on his walking stick as he panted, "No need, I can still move. I'll walk by myself."

Bai Yin said apologetically, "Grandpa, when I'm better, I'll come back and see you."

The old man's sensitive nerves were agitated again as he muttered to himself, "What's the use of going back, I don't have a grandson in my stomach."

"Then, without waiting for the housekeeper to come over to help him, he turned and walked outside, saying," "Tomorrow, I'll have Aunt Xu make you some soup. Take care of yourself, child. After you've recovered, you can talk about it after you've recovered." "

Bai Yin's heart was a little sour. Old Master Gu actually doted on her a lot. He was much more patient with her than he was with Gu Zhangning.

After the old man left, Gu Zhangning went to the guest area and mentioned the thermal container. He sat beside the bed and said as he opened it, "Sister Qing stewed some soup. You haven't had anything to eat since the afternoon. Drink some warm food first."

With Bai Yin's current condition, she could only eat liquid food.

Bai Yin did not refuse. She was indeed hungry. Although she had made a mess with Gu Zhangning, there was no need to get into a bad state with her.

Gu Zhangning poured the chicken soup into a bowl and blew on it for a while before handing it to Bai Yin. "Drink it. It shouldn't be too hot anymore."

Bai Yin took it expressionlessly and sipped it. She didn't even bother to thank him anymore.

Gu Zhangning waited on the side for a while and the phone in his pocket buzzed. Gu Zhangning took it out and checked it out, then subconsciously frowned.

But Bai Yin's tone of voice was still good. "You eat first, I'll go out for a while."

Bai Yin glanced at him and gave a curt nod.

Gu Zhangning seemed to sigh, but he still turned around and left the ward.

"Only after closing the door did Gu Zhangning pick up the phone. The voice on the other end was very soft," "Second Young Master, are you not coming back tonight?"

Gu Zhangning walked to a window in the corridor and stood up. "You can go now."

The other side seemed to be stunned, but her tone was still very gentle. "Second Young Master, what's wrong? Didn't you say I'm staying here today?"

Gu Zhangning acted like a completely different person, he didn't have the good temper that he had in the afternoon at the mansion, his tone carried impatience, "Your mission is done, I will directly call you for the money. As for the role in the movie, I will greet you. The female lead is yours, so you can leave now."

"The other side tried their best to salvage the situation, smiling seductively," "Second Young Master, we didn't do anything today but take your money, so we feel very apologetic."

His tone was full of hints.

Gu Zhangning rubbed his temples as if he really wanted to curse, but he suppressed it in the end, "I'll say it one last time, you can leave now."

Seeing that the beautiful woman's plan didn't work, the woman on the other end of the phone faltered for a while before giving up. "Then, Second Young Master, I'll be leaving first. If you need someone to act with you in the future like today, you can always look for me. My acting skills have always been very good."

Gu Zhangning hung up with a "pa" sound.

In his heart, he was thinking that it was time to change the bed at home.

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