Arrogant CEO and His Beloved Wife/C12 Please Call Her Mrs Gu
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Arrogant CEO and His Beloved Wife/C12 Please Call Her Mrs Gu
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C12 Please Call Her Mrs Gu

Gu Zhangning smoked a cigarette outside before returning to the ward. Bai Yin had already finished eating, and the bowl was on the cabinet beside the bed. She was sitting against the bed and looking out the window.

Her eyelashes were very long, and she could see them clearly from the side.

Her blanket had fallen onto her waist, and her hospital gown was draped loosely over her body, revealing a scrawny collarbone. She hadn't noticed it before, but now it seemed that Bai Yin was really too thin.

Gu Zhangning didn't know what to feel. He was a bit angry, but also a bit pained.

Gu Zhangning came in after standing at the door for a while. He walked to the bed and looked at the thermos, "Why didn't you finish eating? Don't you like it?"

Bai Yin didn't say anything and remained in the same position. Gu Zhangning looked at her for a few seconds and roughly understood that she was trying to get involved with him. He didn't ask any more questions and went to the bathroom to clean himself with the thermos.

When he came out of the bathroom, Bai Yin had already laid down and laid down obediently. The blanket was covering her shoulders, not even giving him a chance to tuck her in.

Her eyes were closed. She definitely hadn't fallen asleep in such a short period of time.

Gu Zhangning thought for a moment, picked up a newspaper from the guest area, pulled over a chair and sat beside Bai Yin's bed. "Yin, are you still awake? I'll read you something. I'll just treat it as hypnotizing you."

Bai Yin's eyelashes moved slightly, but there was no reaction.

Gu Zhangning had already expected this to happen, so he just chose a short paragraph of text and read it.

His deep voice did make Bai Yin sleepy, but before she could fall asleep, the nurse on duty knocked lightly on the door, interrupting the silence in the room.

Gu Zhangning raised his head to look at Bai Yin, who still had her eyes closed, then turned around to look at the nurse who came in with the cart.

"Mr. Gu, I'm sorry to disturb you. It's time for Miss Bai's injection."

Gu Zhangning seemed to have thought of something and suddenly said: "Please call her Madam Gu."

Bai Yin opened her eyes and did not have any reaction.

The nurse, on the other hand, was embarrassed. She pursed her lips into a smile and said, "It was my mistake. I really should call you Mrs. Gu."

Bai Yin sat up and offered her hand to the nurse. "You can call me Miss Bai, but it sounds more pleasing to your ears than Mrs. Gu's."

The young nurse didn't know what was going on between the two of them and thought that Bai Yin was giving her a way out. She replied with a smile, "But Madam Gu does look young, as if she's not married yet."

Gu Zhangning's face was extremely ugly to behold.

Bai Yin smiled in a rarely seen way.

While the nurse was giving injections, Bai Yin's cell phone on the table started to vibrate.

Bai Yin tilted her body and reached for it. Gu Zhangning walked over to her quickly and handed her the phone. When he saw the name on the screen, his face darkened, but he still gave the phone to Bai Yin.

Bai Yin, of course, noticed his expression and roughly guessed who it was. She accepted it expressionlessly but immediately smiled and said, "Director Sheng."

Sheng Jinnian's gentle voice carried weight: "Is today's family banquet going to be a happy one?"

Bai Yin paused for a moment, then lowered her head and smiled. "I didn't attend the family banquet. There was a small incident."

Sheng Jinnian didn't seem to be busy, and his voice sounded very satisfied, "What's wrong? "What kind of situation can you have that would make it hard for you to stay with Miss Bai?"

Bai Yin gave a stifled laugh. "No matter how resourceful I am, I still can't withstand natural and human disasters."

Gu Zhangning clearly heard Sheng Jinnian's voice on the other end of the phone increase, "What happened? What happened? "

Bai Yin still kept her head down, "It's not a serious matter. It's just a small accident."

Sheng Jinnian followed up with a question: "How did a car accident happen? How could a car accident not be serious?"

Gu Zhangning twitched his mouth and looked annoyed.

The nurse raised her head and saw the ashen-faced Gu Zhangning. She jumped in fright, "Mr. Gu, is there something wrong?"

Gu Zhangning's gaze was still on Bai Yin as he sneered, "I feel uncomfortable all over."

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