Arrogant CEO and His Beloved Wife/C15 I Seem to be Joking?
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Arrogant CEO and His Beloved Wife/C15 I Seem to be Joking?
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C15 I Seem to be Joking?

Perhaps he had already expected Bai Yin's reaction. Gu Zhangning's expression didn't change, but his tone became more serious. "Do I look like I'm joking?"

Bai Yin chuckled, but didn't have any feelings towards him.

She thought of the woman on her bed. Although she couldn't see her face clearly, she could clearly see the clothes thrown on the ground.

A woman who can dress up so seductively must have a healthy figure too, so you see, it's not necessary for her.

Bai Yin was a little tired, but she didn't want to stay too long in this matter. The two of them didn't look good, and things were already settled, so there was no need for that.

"Gu Zhangning, if I were to say that I am going to give birth to a healthy grandson for grandpa, I'm not the only one on this mission. My current physical condition isn't too good either. You can choose someone else."

Without waiting for Gu Zhangning to say anything, Bai Yin interrupted again, "Between us, we don't need to do this kind of experimental cat and mouse game anymore. Gu Zhangning, you don't need to play these tender and loving scenes for yourself or me to see, we really have no choice but to do it, we really don't have any other choice. I know that divorce doesn't have a good impact on you, if not, when do you think the time is ripe?

It was once rumored that the Gu family's second young master was going to fall into her hands for his entire life. She suddenly announced the divorce, and it was either that she, Bai Yin, didn't know what was good for her or Gu Zhangning was being hypocritical.

Therefore, he might as well find a suitable time to quietly muddle through this disgraceful matter.

Gu Zhangning seemed to consider for a moment and actually agreed with her, "Alright, since you've already thought of this step, I'll agree to your proposal. Gu Zhangning seemed to consider for a moment, actually agreed with her," Alright, since you've thought of this step, I'll agree to your proposal.

He added, "The state of the newlyweds."

Bai Yin heaved a sigh of relief. "Sure, I'll cooperate."

Gu Zhangning nodded and suddenly changed the topic, "Drink the chicken soup first. Even if it's not for the sake of having children, you have to do it for your own health. Otherwise, the outside world will tell me that the Gu family is not good for you.

Bai Yin looked at the bowl in her hands and stopped arguing.

Gu Zhangning knew that she never liked to eat soup, but now that he forced her to drink such a big bowl, he really suspected that this was his revenge on purpose.

Gu Zhangning seemed to be satisfied with her attitude as he got up and wiped her mouth with a tissue, "I just asked the doctor, he said that you can go out and have a look. How about it? I'll take you to walk around in the garden downstairs?"

Bai Yin lowered her head. "I don't want to go."

Gu Zhangning rubbed his eyebrows, "Don't be willful. I'm afraid that you'll get daydreaming while you're in your room."

I'm sorry, she hasn't found the time yet.

When she encountered something like that, she would normally need to randomly guess for a period of time. However, the heavens had helped her, causing her to immediately get into a car accident that wasn't too big or small. She was drowsy all day, or was tortured by pain to the point of wanting to curse.

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