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C18 Gu Mansion

Bai Yin walked very slowly, but fortunately, Gu Zhangning also slowed down. The two of them didn't say anything along the way.

Gu Zhangning had his hands in his pockets, which were two steps in front of Bai Yin. He was neither too close nor too far away from her.

The driver downstairs was already waiting. When he saw Gu Zhangning and Bai Yin come out, he came over hurriedly to open the door, "Sir, Madam, should we go straight home or to the old house?"

Bai Yin was a little tired from the journey and sat in the car without saying a word.

"Let's go home. It's fine if I return home later." Gu Zhangning followed him into the car.

Bai Yin looked into the void and thought for a moment. "Let's go back to the old dwelling. Third Uncle is back. I haven't even gone to take a look, so I can't bring myself to do so."

Gu Zhangning looked at her and did not refute her.

The driver drove the car in the direction of Gu Mansion.

Gu Zhangning got in the car and closed his eyes to rest as well.

In the past, when the two of them sat in the car, they were both silent. However, this time, Old Zhang felt that something was wrong.

Halfway through the car, Gu Zhangning's phone rang again.

He took it out and looked at it for a bit before hanging up.

Bai Yin didn't look at him, but remained in a daze.

The phone rang again a few seconds later.

Gu Zhangning picked up unhappily this time, "Speak."

The other side seemed to be shocked by his tone and said submissively, "Boss, you haven't come to work in two days. There are some documents that you need to sign."

Gu Zhangning hung up without saying anything.

Bai Yin had already gotten used to his appearance.

The Gu family's second young master was truly worthy of the name "young master." His temper was truly terrible.

It didn't matter what kind of life he lived at work. As long as he was in a bad mood, he would care about everything else.

However, he was not in a good mood at all.

When the car passed by the business street, Gu Zhangning suddenly stopped.

He pulled an old face and said, "Wait a moment."

He pushed the door open and walked out. Bai Yin had no time to see him disappear in that direction.

Gu Zhangning returned after waiting for about 20 minutes in the car.

After opening the car door, he threw two handbags to Bai Yin, "Your clothes and shoes have been changed."

Bai Yin looked down and saw that she was wearing the same pair of high-heeled shoes and professional suit she had worn before entering the hospital.

She took the handbag and opened it. It was a set of casual clothes and sneakers.

She thanked him with her slippers. "Thank you."

Gu Zhangning chuckled, "It's not for you. If grandpa saw you, a patient who just got discharged, the one getting scolded would definitely be me."

Bai Yin didn't say anything else.

Since he couldn't change his clothes now, he could only wait until it was time for his old home.

Old Zhang drove. In order to lighten the atmosphere, he said, "Sir, you still feel sorry for your wife. You must be tired since you've been accompanying her in the hospital for the past two days."

Gu Zhangning leaned back in his chair. "I'm not over there, so I can't explain it."

The meaning behind his words was that he wasn't willing to stay in the hospital to take care of her.

Bai Yin looked out of the window, ignoring his words.

The car finally stopped not far away from Gu Mansion. Old Zhang and Gu Zhangning got off, while Bai Yin herself changed into a new set of clothes.

It had been a long time since she had worn casual clothes, and this time she still felt a bit uncomfortable wearing it.

The clothes Gu Zhangning chose for her were so soft and pink that she didn't feel as if she was pretending to be tender.

When they arrived at the Gu Mansion, the old man was obviously very surprised. He looked at Bai Yin, blaming her for not being able to hide the pain in his heart, "Why are you out of the hospital so quickly? The doctor said that you need to take care of your injuries properly.

Bai Yin laughed. "The hospital's disinfectant smell is too strong. I'm not feeling well and want to go home to recuperate."

The old man quickly sent Bai Yin back to her room to rest and had the kitchen prepare some soup for her.

Gu Zhangning followed her into the room. It was the same room as before they got married. There weren't many things inside, but it was very tidy.

Since Third Branch knew that Bai Yin was coming, they didn't want to disturb her. However, Third Branch's wife carried her grandson over for Bai Yin to see.

Bai Yin wasn't familiar with the people from the third branch. She had only met them at her own wedding. They were all busy at that time, so she couldn't remember who was who.

Third Branch Madam carried a baby into Bai Yin's room, "Yin, you must be feeling better. I wanted to go to the hospital to see you, but dad told me not to disturb you, and Changning was fine."

Gu Zhangning, who was sitting on a chair at the side, stood up when he saw the person, "Third Aunt."

Bai Yin couldn't get up, so she could only lie on the bed and nod. "Third Aunt."

The Third Madam sat sideways on the bedside and said, "You must be severely injured. I saw dad coming back from the hospital that day and he looked bad. He said he wanted you to recuperate for a year or so."

Bai Yin smiled in an official manner. "It's fine. It's actually good that there's no major problem."

Gu Zhangning didn't know what to say, so he just carried the baby in the third wife's arms.

The little child looked as if he was carved from jade, his big eyes blinked as he looked Gu Zhangning in the eye.

Gu Zhangning had a cold appearance, and when he didn't have any expression, he was a bit gloomy.

The child looked at him before turning his head to look at Third Wife who was sitting on the bed chatting. His lips were pursed, as if he was unhappy.

Gu Zhangning patted his back expressionlessly and shook it a little.

Fortunately, the baby didn't cry in the end.

Bai Yin felt a little sour in her heart when she saw Gu Zhangning's helpless expression.

Gu Zhangning had told her more than once that he wanted a child, but her career was on the rise, so being pregnant had a huge impact on her. She always wanted to push it back a bit, but fortunately, she was still young and couldn't wait for a few years.

But he couldn't wait any longer.

Gu Zhangning turned around and brought the others to bed.

Third Wife saw that Bai Yin seemed to be drifting away a little and touched her hand. "I heard from dad that you guys want a child. I know you guys are still young, and young people love to work hard for their careers, but women only have a few years when they are in their prime. As long as you're willing to work hard, it's not too late for a career like this …"

Bai Yin looked at the way Gu Zhangning was staring at the little milk baby and grinned, "Isn't it too late?"

It was already too late.

… ….

Bai Yin stayed in the old house until dinner time. Although she wasn't feeling well, she insisted on going to the dining room to have dinner with everyone.

In order to take care of Bai Yin, the kitchen had prepared a separate nutritious meal for her.

There were many strange faces on the table.

The lordmaster introduced them as most of them were from the third branch.

Bai Yin sat obediently on the chair.

Gu Zhangning, who was beside her, still took care of her even though he was still showing his face. He also occasionally gave her dishes that could be eaten lightly.

The little milk baby was hugged by its mother and sat opposite Bai Yin. Compared to the uneasiness it had when it saw Gu Zhangning, the little kid was very happy to see her.

The old man spoke up in time, "If Yin gave birth to one, she would definitely be so beautiful."

Gu Zhangning, who was on the side, poured cold water on his grandpa. "Grandpa already saw your grandson, why are you still in such a hurry?"

The old man wanted nothing more than to slap him with his chopsticks, "You little brat, am I worrying for myself?"

Gu Zhangning chuckled and didn't say anything.

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